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  1. They look great! I like the dump trailer you made. Dose the dump trailer dump? If so, can you post pics showing it dumping please. Sal WFB, WI
  2. I just imported a model into LDD Manager 125 and it says part 15573 (Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with 1 Stud with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper)) is not available in Black, Tan, an Yellow. I checked Bicklink and it is available in all three. I don't know if this is an error in LDD Manager or some other issue. On a side note, is there a way to check for updates to LDD Manager, or do you need to check the link in the first post manually? Thanks, Sal WFB, WI
  3. Congratulations on your first book! And I would love to buy a copy if you ever pursue getting it published in English. Sal WFB WI
  4. Thanks CrispyBassist Here is my version of the Hayes bumping post that I jus did tonight. Hayes bumping post by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Hayes bumping post by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Hayes bumping post by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Sal WFB, WI
  5. Great model! Just one question, where are Chief Ryback and Commander Krill? :) Sal WFB, WI
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing how to build that one. I have designed a Haynes one a while back, but never built it. We have two abandoned Spurs behind our shop that the owner had us clear the trees and brush from. One of the tracks has a bent Haynes. I thought of asking the property owner if I could take it, if it wasn't so bent. It would make a heck of a piece of yard art. Some railroads also stack old ties at the end of seldom used tracks, or put piles of ballast at the end of an industry or storage track. Sal WFB, WI
  7. Try contacting Bricksonwheels on Flickr. In the description for the pic at the following link, He mentioned having 30.5mm drivers 3d printed for a UP Big Boy project.
  8. I think it looks really good so far. If you want to lengthen the train, it does not look to difficult looking at your screenshot of the videogame. I think you could make the section with the two vertical 1x black tiles longer to allow you to cross the tiles. My only other suggestion would be to lower the double arch above the front driver wheels to just above the wheel if possible. Than if possible, add a curved piece behind that in place of the inverted slope to more match the screenshot. Other than that I think it looks really good!
  9. From the November LEGO Store Calendar from the USA S@H site: FREE Exclusive Gingerbread House with purchases of $99 or more! Offer starts November 27, 2015, valid only while supplies last. Limited quantity available. Offer valid on item 40139. See a Brick Specialist for details. Sal WFB, W
  10. And a ward an saying "what say you Fuzzy Britches?" Lol! Klaus Dieter, what color was the garbage truck? Hopefully the same green and whit as the last one. I am deffinately interested in several of the 2016 sets. I can't wait for prelim pics! Sal WFB' WI
  11. Oh, ok thanks for the info. When looking at their website, they did seem a tad expensive. Sal WFB, WI
  12. Great layout as always!! I especially like the"happy little trees". I hope when you are placing the trees around the layout you say "maybe one lives right over here, and maybe another one right over here," LOL. Are you using the Kam-Konnect tables you were looking into previously? I am curious how you like them for LEGO layouts. Keep up the great work. You guys are an example of what all us other LEGO Train fans can only dream of and strive to achive. Sal WFB, WI
  13. I can't wait to get it in to brick as well. I am currently LDD'ing a whole bunch of Maintenance of Way equipment. Once I get them all mocked up in LDD, I'll start ordering parts and building them. I will post pics of the finished models in the Train Tech Forum. Sal WFB, WI
  14. GallardoLU, it is a somewhat big plow. It is actually for a train MOC not a city vehicle. Here is the finished LDD model. ballast regulator Snow by legoboy3998, on Flickr And the real think in action. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I may look into that. The two constraints, as far as the bottom edge of the plow, are the half stud offset every other stud, and that there needs to be a space to allow the railroad rail to recess slightly for clearing the snow. Sal WFB, WI
  15. Thanks Mariko and PastVPresent for your advice. I actually completely forgot about both of those LEGO sets, even though I have both. I ended up playing around in LDD and I think I came up with a pretty good solution. Wedge Plow 1 by legoboy3998, on Flickr Wedge Plow 2 by legoboy3998, on Flickr It does not sweep back quite as far as it maybe should, but for now it should work. Sal WFB, WI