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  1. I use Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Word to create my custom stickers, than I print them onto Papilio Inkjet Glossy Photo Film. Because the photo film is white, the biggest challenge is color matching the background bricks. Here are some examples. 20160616_091410 by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr 20160616_092312 by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr One of my favorites, 20160619_091602 by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Note the Hazmat placard, 20160522_144047 by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Sal WFB, WI
  2. BrickOCD, why not either add a plate on tomp if the brick with the fishing line in between. Or stack up two or three plates with the line in between, no drilling needed. Sal WFB, WI
  3. Thank you SylvianLS. I finally got it to work using rebrickable. It took quite a bit more work, but once I get used to it, I am sure it will be easier in the future. Sal WFB, WI
  4. Actually it is quite accurate to the real thing. It is meant to access the pallet from the side facing the camera. The wheels (black 1x1 dots) ride up and over the bottom board and through the pallet (or just before the last board without sticking all the way through. Than the handle pumped to raise the pallet off the ground by lowering the front wheels. A real pallet jack (yellow hand truck) doesn't typically does not fit under the sides of a pallet. The fork holes usually aren't large enough. Sal WFB, WI
  5. I tried to Upload the following model to my Bricklink Wanted List. I got an error message that briefly appeared on the screen before disappearing. The message read something to the effect, "the file could not be uploaded because one ore more parts are invalid or do not exist in the Bricklink library". My problem is Bricklink gives no indication what parts are good and which are "invalid", so I have no idea how to correct the file so I can upload it and order the parts. Does anyone know how I can find out which parts are "invalid" without having to upload each part individually? Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions, Sal WFB WI
  6. My only concern would be the one you linked dows not seem to mention if it is plastic safe. Many of the Labelle lubricants specifically say they are safe for plastics. Sal WFB, WI
  7. That happened to me. When I purchased 10 packs (500 ball bearings) a few weeks ago, I got an email saying the bearings were back ordered but they would send a PCB board as a free gift and the bearings would be sent when they came in. I recieved the ball bearings about a week after I recieved the "free" PCB board. The bearings actually came well before Ebays estimated delivery. Have a little faith and give it a couple weeks. Between EBay and PayPal, you have plenty of recourse if they don't arrive. Sal WFB, WI
  8. Look into Labell Industries lubricants. They are specifically made for model trains and RC cars and are plastic compatible. Sal WFB, WI
  9. They look great! I like the dump trailer you made. Dose the dump trailer dump? If so, can you post pics showing it dumping please. Sal WFB, WI
  10. I just imported a model into LDD Manager 125 and it says part 15573 (Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with 1 Stud with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper)) is not available in Black, Tan, an Yellow. I checked Bicklink and it is available in all three. I don't know if this is an error in LDD Manager or some other issue. On a side note, is there a way to check for updates to LDD Manager, or do you need to check the link in the first post manually? Thanks, Sal WFB, WI
  11. Congratulations on your first book! And I would love to buy a copy if you ever pursue getting it published in English. Sal WFB WI
  12. Thanks CrispyBassist Here is my version of the Hayes bumping post that I jus did tonight. Hayes bumping post by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Hayes bumping post by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Hayes bumping post by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Sal WFB, WI
  13. Great model! Just one question, where are Chief Ryback and Commander Krill? :) Sal WFB, WI
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing how to build that one. I have designed a Haynes one a while back, but never built it. We have two abandoned Spurs behind our shop that the owner had us clear the trees and brush from. One of the tracks has a bent Haynes. I thought of asking the property owner if I could take it, if it wasn't so bent. It would make a heck of a piece of yard art. Some railroads also stack old ties at the end of seldom used tracks, or put piles of ballast at the end of an industry or storage track. Sal WFB, WI
  15. Try contacting Bricksonwheels on Flickr. In the description for the pic at the following link, He mentioned having 30.5mm drivers 3d printed for a UP Big Boy project.