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  1. I was going to post these two in the other rare part thread, but I think these fit better in this topic since they are more of an oddity to have rather than parts. I just acquired two retailer catalogs. Me thinks I probably shouldn't have these in my possession. 2010 LEGO Retailer Catalog by Chris Rozek, on Flickr 2012 LEGO Retailer Catalog by Chris Rozek, on Flickr More photos of pages in my Flickr stream.
  2. I consider my collection on the smaller side compared to some of the members in my LUG. I have close to 400k parts and countless sets. Takes up half my basement. So its hard to tell what a small collection is. Depends on what you're comparing it to.
  3. There are ways to smooth out the creases. You can use an iron, but you have to be very very gentle with it on very low heat. You would put the poster on a rigid piece of cardboard, put a bedsheet on top, and iron on top of that. Essentially you're using the weight of the iron and super low heat to get rid of the crease. My method is that I will let the iron warm up a bit, turn it off, and use the residual heat to iron with. It's not a perfect method, but it will help a lot to get out the worst creases.
  4. Oh hey, another Modulex fan! I dont have any to sell at the moment, but can help you track down any rare parts you might be after!
  5. I do a bit of everything. The large boxes that can be stored flat, I have a empty shelf in my guest room closet where I put them all. Punch tab boxes and common small sets get recycled. And rarer boxes like ideas sets go in the guest room closet as well.
  6. I read "Baby's first metal" as Baby Metal. I love this group!
  7. I keep a bunch in the trunk of my car, but forget to grab them every time I go to the store. So I just buy new ones!
  8. I have 5 very large mosaics built and not one requires glue. I have full trust in the parts to not lose any clutch over time. I still have sets built from the late 90's and they are completely fine and haven't lost any clutch power. You should be fine with not gluing.
  9. Thanks everyone! This was a fun build! I actually tried to make the hood studless, but I liked the look of the studs more, that's why I left them. Still makes the truck look like LEGO, versus a Matchbox car.
  10. This is my attempt at trying a different scale of MOCing. I wanted to test myself in how much detail I can cram into the smallest scale vehicle. I chose to do a semi truck because I figure it was the smallest vehicle I could make while still having lots of detail. The inspiration for this scale comes from a fellow NILTC member, Karl Paulsen, A.K.A. Eilif here on Eurorbricks, and his layout of mini scale town. His town linked here: http://www.eurobrick...pic=131115&st=0 .I talked with him and I wanted to contribute to his layout with a vehicle or two. Here is my first try: LEGO Semi truck by Chris Rozek, on Flickr LEGO Semi truck by Chris Rozek, on Flickr LEGO Semi truck by Chris Rozek, on Flickr LEGO Semi truck Size Comparison by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Comments welcome!
  11. This layout was kind of the goal to see how far I can push the boundary of the Friend's/Elves themes! Turns out they can be quite a violent crowd!
  12. There are a couple variants of hair that I used from the Project Diva games that I felt that the hair piece was a good one to use. And thanks, it took me by surprise that I got my figure on TBB! Also, I went to a MikuEXPO as well! Best concert I have ever been to!
  13. Hey Thank you for the critique! Helpful advice! The Sleeve parts are actually electrical heat shrink wrap! I would have probably used that hair piece, but I didn't have one and I kinda didn't want to pay that much for a hair piece or two just to cut them up. The one I have on the figure, I have tons of them. Also, I was looking at using that skirt design, but I didn't like the final outcome of it. Plus the Nendoroid figure I was working off of had a more multi layer type skirt.