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  1. I have it and it's a nice alternative to the extremely overpriced 2007 model. It's extremely easy to mod the gaps in it, if you're worried about those.
  2. Well, that was the worst 'break' ever. I couldn't keep myself away, not because I enjoy the moderating (I don't, in case you can't tell), but because this is the best place of LSW news (unfortunately) and the Review Index is a fun read.

  3. If you're wondering why I'm not one here, I'm taking a break. I'm tired of how heavy-handed the moderating is here.

    1. VaderFan2187


      :classic: well at least you're voluntarily taking one

  4. If you can't give us a source and no one can find them, I'm inclined to believe they never existed.
  5. I just checked, they're not there. I'm assuming he meant the potato-quality pictures from a week ago.
  6. I think it was taken down. It had a picture of someone on here saying that there was no confirmation of the Falcon. In a comment on the picture CM4S said, "Here's me confirming it."
  7. Here's his confirmation:
  8. I just reread FBTB's and it seems their main gripe is that it's a retread which isn't a problem for me, as I've stated before.
  9. I didn't think you were, I'm just tired of people trying to change my opinion on the set. The first sentence was also kinda meant to be a joke (heresy, Inquisition, get it?). Sorry if I came across as harsh. I've seen pretty much every review out there, including yours and Brickset's, which are two of the harshest I've seen, but I still like the set. I can absolutely see why it's received the hate and if I'd started collecting earlier I probably would hate it too. I don't have anything in the set (minus a DF.9 turret from Hoth Attack and the 2014 Snowspeeder, but I think those are good additions to AoH) and so it's good set for me. I've seen the back and I will agree it is hideous. However, since I will probably be displaying it facing forwards, I won't see it. I may still mod it to have the circular appearance on the back though. The back of the hangar, again, I won't be seeing so it's not a big deal. I will also agree that the set is not UCS, but that badge is really meaningless to me, so I don't really consider it.
  10. Oh great, here's the Inquisition. Let's go one by one: Not a big fan of it but it makes sense, I don't like it and plan to fix it, tauntauns were kept in pens and it's a decent place to put it, not going to see it so don't care, I actually do like the small cave, not going to see the back so don't care, easily removable, I plan to get rid of the missiles and the size works for the figure selection, I actually do like the recolored Snowspeeder since it's consistent with my other one, not going to see him since he'll be in the Snowspeeder so it's not a big deal to me, it's not a big deal to me. The one I can agree with is the absence of Leia. It's really dumb to not have her, but it's not a dealbreaker. To be honest, I prefer to have named background characters (Toryn Farr, K-3PO) over named lead characters. The lead character will inevitably be remade, but it's not a guarantee for the background characters.
  11. Only bought 5, so this is everything I have from this year. 6. Hoth Attack - It's not terrible, it's quite nice actually, but it doesn't feel very substantial. 5. Vader's TIE Advanced vs A-Wing - It's a really nice set, but with it being split between two ships, it doesn't feel like a $90 set. 4. Resistance Troop Transporter - It's a really nice ship and it would probably be 1 or 2 if I was a big fan of TFA. 3. Krennic's Shuttle - Look really good, and has more room than you would expect. 2. Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter - I love Eta-2s. 1. Clone Turbo Tank - I have the 2010 version, but I think this one is better. It's sturdier and more detailed with better minifigures. I do wish it could be a little bigger, but it's still really good. Honorable Mention: Assault on Hoth - Heresy, I know. Unlike everyone else, I don't actually hate this set. I don't think it's a great set, but I think it's decent, esecially for someone like me who has very few Hoth sets. I will agree that it's not really UCS though. It's an honorable mention because I don't have it yet. If I get and hate it, I might update this post.
  12. The A-Wing and Desert Skiff are fantastic. I guess it won't be a cheap wave for me after all. Pass on the Landspeeder though. I've already got the cantina.
  13. I have the Flash Speeder and I think it's a really good set. The 2 Naboo guards are excellent, and there's plenty of room to add more guards into the speeder if you have them.