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  1. It's an overall mess, nothing better to describe BvS. After all the massive hype this movie has gotten, it heavily fell flat on its face and the negative reviews it has been getting are more than justified. Incoherent plot/storylines, cringe-worthy amateurish slow mo scenes (ugh), out-of-place musical score, oversaturates CGI making the overall visuals look unnatural and fake ala-300, and don't even get me started with the annoying Lex. I feel the movie tries too hard to copy the dark tone of the successful Nolan Batman movies and tries even harder to separate itself from the lighter tone of the MCU, which deflates the whole movie experience of one key element - FUN. If ever you're going to watch try to come to the cinema with very very low expectations.
  2. [quote name='BigEl' timestamp='1450492677' post='2413628'] It was a 3 out of 5 for me. Too much copy paste compared to the originals while at the same time not enough new and original elements. Its more an hommage than a real new beginning and that was simply not what I was expecting. I have to say the first hour or so was phenomenal with great build up, but after that and a certain "reveal", the movie just kinda fell flat for the rest of movie with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 scenes. [/quote] THIS. Too much of a copy of Ep.IV. Felt underwhelmed overall except for Rey's parts in the movie. An average movie at best, better than the prequels but not as good as the originals. Maybe due to overhype and too high expectations. Looking forward for an [i]Empire[/i]-sque Ep.VIII to redeem this new trilogy.
  3. [quote name='Ultron' timestamp='1450418620' post='2412825'] Can I just say that Rey is the Star Wars heroine that we've always deserved but Lucas failed to deliver? I loved her so much. [/quote] This is probably the best part of the movie for me, she was quite a badass in the end and I was really rooting for her at that time. Going forward I just hope the story will go a different route. No redemption for Kylo Ren ala Vader. No sacrificial death by Luke like Obi Wan. And please no Ewok-like creatures. And pls. do something better about the Phasma character other than getting pwned by a janitor stormie.
  4. TFA was quite disappointing for me. Recycled storylines, forced pacing, tried too hard to be nostalgic, unconvincing acting, annoying lensflares, boring lightsaber duels. Overall meh. I guess my misatake was I expected too much and got overhyped for this movie.
  5. Hello fellow LSW fans! This thread was created to provide a venue for all your questions regarding our beloved Lego Star Wars. Instead of creating separate question-topics, this thread should be able to accomodate all your questions, with our resident LSW masters and experts always on hand to provide insightful answers to your lingering questions. Even you might be able to answer someone's question. So if there's something bothering you or there's a question you've been wanting to ask but can't find the way to ask them, feel free to post them here - you'd be surprised to get the answers right away. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Original Post] I don't know if this issue has been raised before but I've observed that there seems to be a lot of new 'question-topics' being started in the past couple of days. The problem with this is that these are populating the SW forum and bumping down more post-worthy topics (like Oky's Toy Wars, ACPin's MOCs, and other MOCs as well, just to name a few). Thus, I am humbly suggesting if we could have a single topic dedicated to all the member's questions regarding Lego Star Wars, which I believe will solve this problem - consolidating these separate questions in one single topic and thus saving more forum 'page-space' for other topics. If this has been done before or there is an existing topic for this one, pls. forgive my ignorance. EDIT: Sorry for the typo in the title. ]