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    Lego castle, Vikings, the Roman minifigs from the collectible minifigures series, and other medieval themes, like LOTR and The Hobbit. Star Wars is cool too.


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  1. Torald partly listens to his former party member rambling on about the why of questing. Only partly, because he is tired and thirsty. Torald thought back to the times in the far north, in the unnamed regions far away from here. It was cold, harsh, hardly anything to eat. Only the strongest survived. He used to protect the weak, only to see them perish nonetheless. Growing tired of that, Torald traveled south, and came across Eubric and the Hall. He could finally protect again, this time not in fain. That was his purpose, his cause. Torald doesn't let the motives of others get in his way to help the weak. With that thought, Torald fell asleep, satisfied to remember his cause.
  2. Well, Ezeran, Peteldan, good luck on your quest. I'll be here, keeping your chairs free. He walks to the bar and orders more ale.
  3. Torald follows Ezeran to the notification board and scribbles his name down. Torald signs up for Quest 158
  4. Torald gladly accepts the Heavy Armour. Thanks! Torald looks at Petaldan and Ezeran. That new quest, sounds interesting. Are we gonna give it a try?
  5. Aahh, that is a shame. O well. Hmm, that Heavy Armour sounds interesting. Torald rumbles around in his pockets, fetching the grand total of 130 gold. He hands the gold over to Petaldan with the words Would you be so kind as to get it for me?
  6. Yeah, git gud. Wow, the 7th? I would be up for that! DS does have some very cool aesthetics, and the dark tone to everything should make for an interesting quest.
  7. Torald raises his pint. To friendship! And not killing eachother!
  8. So, everyone dies over and over again? Sounds fun But yeah, very cool idea!
  9. I'm getting a little tired, but still good to go. I learned how to actually use magic, to focus on the gems, but not too much, let energy flow, not too much again. I learned how to restrain myself, to stay calm in stressful situations. I learned that not everything needs to be solved with magic, that I don't go around shooting fireballs into the sky just for fun. Basically, to stay calm, think about the situation, using magic only when necessary and not excessively.
  10. Trying to stay as calm as possible, Torald reached in his pocket, rumbled around in it and pulled forward the Emerald. Focusing on its energy, branches shoot forward from a nearby chair, grabbing the reflection and securing it tightly in the chair. Might want to look away, Petaldan, this might not look nice. Torald grabbed the Topaz, focused on the gem and lightning came forth from Torald fingers. But just as they were to hit the reflection, the lightning faded. He couldn't hurt the young knight, even though it was just a reflection. He tried again, failing once more. Thinking about the situation, Torald kept the reflection bound to the chair, not hurting it anymore. He is stopped, he can't move anymore.
  11. Yeah, that would be great, 3 magic using guys, with different backgrounds. Sounds like the stuff of legends! And yes, please. That would be lovely. It seems you know him better.
  12. What do I fear most? That is a tough question... Torald sits back in his chair and thinks for a good long time. I think I fear losing people I care about most. You know, losing very good friends, that stuff is hard. Yeah, losing people is what I fear most. Also, is there anyone who wants to sell some items, like a nice cloak or something? Torald asks, to no-one in particular and everyone in general, in a weird attempt to change subject. Exposing himself doesn't feel all that great.
  13. I might be interested in said Cloak. How much do you ask for it?
  14. Aye. I am a Battle Mage, still in training. Torald doesn't fully understand the meaning of Vindsval's words, but I'll do my best, I'll try my hardest.
  15. No need to apologize. Happens to the best of us. Torald picks up the Aquamarine. He can feel the cold energy of water flowing through it. He puts the Aquamarine and the Garnet in his pocket. Deal. You can have that hammer, I'll take these fine gems. Thanks!