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  1. This looks massive. It's cool to see my gearbox in the MOC. I just made a better version that can handle high torque, which might be useful for your project Good luck ..!
  2. Can we still see the picture somewhere ? It seems it had disappeared from internet
  3. Thanks Thirdwigg ! Simply because it's one of the best place to learn building great MOCs.
  4. OMG look at this : 8 millions views on a stolen video! Seriously, this is awful. this need to be removed immediately from Youtube. I still don't understand why people do this.
  5. This is beautiful, he got the shape of the real car so perfectly and much better than me. Unfortunately, he didn't show the car rolling. He should definitely tell us a bit more about it here on EB.
  6. Oh I see. I think I will go for something like Jim and Kevin Moo pictures for my next instructions.
  7. Thanks for building it technic_addict ! It looks greats with these 5L beams above the wheels.
  8. I attached it to the gearboxes I have designed and it works perfectly. The lever use to hung up if you move it slowly. Yes, bands would still make better mechanism. Do you have some pictures of the shifting system you have used ? It would be interesting since it seems to be working really well.
  9. The shifter actually goes back to position without touching it :
  10. I just found a way to do a shifting system witch doesn't use any rubber band. Basically , it's the same system as my Porsche 919 but I replace the bands by these connectors. Some people don't like having bands inside a car (including me ), so this allow even more possibilities. The system is really reliable and works really smoothly. Instructions :
  11. Exactly ! Unfortunately, pictures of his original system aren't anymore available.
  12. This depends a lot. Personally, I don't care much about using my ideas in others MOC. I often got mails asking me it they can use my gearboxes in their MOC. I always answer Yes, and telling them that they don't even have to mention me. Actually, what I don't like is this : I use to search "charbel lego" on Youtube sometimes. I saw this about a month ago. He actually copied what I did and then wrote in the description : "inspired by Charbel". Look, even the music and the shots are the same !
  13. You are totally right, I used your 90° limiter and NLF77 shifting system ( actually, the shifting mechanism was created by NLF77 on Techlug almost 4 years ago, piterx improved it )