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  1. To me the villains look like their part of a navy that wears funny hats.
  2. I figured, I would say hi to you guys, I'm not able to build, (because of being in the military) but I every so often still check Eurobricks, Happy New years guys.
  3. I just bought Arkham Asylum from Toysrus for $149.99 by price matching the Lego Catalog, you can also price match with the lego web site.
  4. Just picked up the Scarecrow pizza set from Walmart and the Phantom zone Polybag from Target.
  5. The villains in this wave are great, but the vehicles are not very good, when compared to the first and second wave, for example, compare Jestro's headquarters, to Fortrex and there's no comparison, Fortrex is a far better set in almost all aspects, except maybe the minifigs.
  6. What I think is interesting about the vermillion, is that all their stuff is made up of metal and snakes, which makes these villains able to shape shift(to some extant), because they can go from vermillion soldier, to vermillion invader, to vermillion monster all the way to Iron Doom.
  7. Three things I'm wondering, #1 are the Batman villains master builders , #2 where does the phantom zone fit in this movie and #3 why aren't there more DC heroes in the sets, because we know that the Justice League is in this movie, because we saw them in the trailer.
  8. So far, the sets I'll buy are the Mr.Freeze set, the Joker balloon set, the Scarecrow pizza set, arkham and maybe clayface ( I wish this set had more minifigures, or a minifig of clayface), all the other sets, have good minifigures, but thats it.
  9. I think in hands of time, the twins are the leaders of the vermillion, because their shirts have the vermillion symbol on their chest, also, we know that the vermillion are made of a bunch of snakes and armor, but I also think their vehicles are made of a bunch of snakes and part. As for Kai and Nya's parent's, I think they were forced to make the vermillions weapons, armor, parts for vehicles and even the Iron Doom itself.
  10. To me, it looks like the Jokers makeup is supposed to be marker.
  11. Here's a thought on the hands of time sets and who the vermillion might be, what if during day of the departed, after the ghost portal closes, another portal opens up sending the ninja back in time to the serpent wars, this would explain why the vermillion are dressed in helmets with snake heads and why theres snakes every where.
  12. After see the video for arkham, I think I'll probably, buy one and a Mr.Freeze set.
  13. So far I like three of the sets, vermillion trap, dragon wrought and disastrous dusk, from the blurry pictures of the vermillion I saw, it looks like their demon samurai, then the other villains are snakes, a medusa with snakes attached, a big medusa like snake man with a samurai helmet, a giant version of that snake man with the hands of time attached and two rogue ninja controlling it. ,
  14. From what I can tell, it looks like the corrupted shields are bringing statues to life and there are also at least two storm themed villains, an evil cloud and the female one on the chariot , as for the ultimates, the chest of the mech opens up to put a whole minifig in.
  15. Hey guys, this is probably my last post here on Eurobricks, for sometime, because I have joined the Army and I will be to busy to post anything, but if any of you guys want to use my character, go ahead.