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  1. My Battle of Scarif finally came in the other day, after it was backordered on May 6th. For the 36€ sale price, a nice enough set, but not worth the full price.
  2. Picked up the latest Rebel battlepack at the Lego store last week and got the R3-M2 polybag. Also grabbed the latest Lego Star Wars magazine with the (rather neat) Vulture Droid mini model.
  3. Krennic's Shuttle Microfighter. It's very cute, but my Microfighter shelf is starting to get crowded.
  4. The most recent issue of the Lego Star Wars magazine, with a mini model of Vader's TIE Advanced. It's pretty neat.
  5. Sweet! That snowspeeder already looks miles better. I've also updated my X-Wing a little, by swapping its canopy with the U-Wing's. Not perfect in either case, but an improvement to both sets, I think.
  6. New Y-Wing off Amazon for 52€. Further improvement over the already fairly reasonable price. It's nice. Some pretty clever building going on in the cockpit section, I did not realise the sides angled in like that.
  7. It's a TIE Reaper. Wasn't named in the Rogue One Visual Guide because they didn't pick a name until after that book went to print. Could be pretty sweet as a future set, or as a mod of the Striker set.
  8. Snatched up a February issue of the Lego Star Wars magazine for the Ghost mini model. It's pretty cute. A new Imperial battlepack is also on its way here, for yet more Stormtroopers and Death Troopers.
  9. I definitely have older instances of both of those parts without the word Lego on them. They just have a copyright "©" on the left side of the trigger, and a number on the left.
  10. It's been a while since I last posted here, so a couple things have piled up: Imperial Assualt (Hover)tank, U-Wing (fullsize and microfighter), AT-ST, Krennic's shuttle, Y-Wing microfighter, another of last year's Imperial battlepacks, and the A-Wing pilot polybag.
  11. Got the 75149 X-Wing for a very reasonable 65€ and the Rebel and Empire battlepacks for 10€ each. Also picked up the X-Wing mini polybag at the Lego Store a while back and got the TFA poster on that occasion.
  12. It is almost perfectly scaled to the VW T1 Camper, at 1:14. Those two should look great together.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's a new piece, can't seem to find it on Bricklink. Looks it's 5x5 studs and one brick tall, a smaller brother of sorts to 87559. I hope it'll get made in other colours, Beetle colourswaps would be awesome.
  14. Ooh, choice of three number plates, very neat!
  15. Like, they rotate as a play feature? Interesting. In any case, it seems they haven't really been shown in their most flattering position. You're right of course about the difference between the Rebels and ROTJ A-Wings. Ordinarily the sides of the ship (white in the classic design) have curves, while the centre part (red) is a straight wedge, but Rebels makes that rounded as well. So perhaps curved bricks are more appropriate here than they have been before. Width though, I'm still not sure about. From the right angle, the movie ship is much slimmer than you'd otherwise give it credit for, but again Rebels changes things and makes it wider and flatter. (Which, just on the side, is curious because the McQuarrie design they nicked the colourscheme and guns from is actually sleeker and longer than the final one.) It's strange, on paper Lego seems to be doing the right things but I can't help thinking the actual model looks off. Anyway, I do like your MOC. It might be the colours, but it looks a lot more tied together than the set. Fewer studs probably help too. You may well be right about the engines, I hadn't picked up on that. Definitely too far apart, which ruins the ship's arrowhead shape a little. I wonder if that'll be possible to fix. The fins look fine on the box art, but at least in the photos I've seen from NY Toy Fair, they're much flatter than that, 45° or more. Hence me blaming the people building the sets, not the designers. But if engines and fins do rotate (Maybe for landing/putting the ship down? Can't spot any landing gear on it) that should indeed not be a problem.