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    I am an AFOL who has been playing with legos for over 20 years. In college I started my own collection and having been adding to it ever since. I love Castle and Star Wars themes though will occasionally dabble in Mecha. The MK in my screen name stands for Missionary Kid. A title I am very proud of and one I hope to give my kids soon.


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  1. Guys, this is becoming general opinion discussion instead of rumor/future set discussion. Stay on target!
  2. Thank you to everyone who participated! Below are the scores: Rebels: Average Score per builder: 6.4 (45.1 total) Builders x2: 14 Total = 20.4 Empire: Average Score per builder: 5.7 (62.7 total) Builders x2: 22 Total = 27.7 Empire Wins! Highest Scoring Builder: Ninja Nin - Rebels (9.5) Runner Up: Goatman461 - Empire (9.3) The Rebels gain the following planets: Jedha Onderon Clak'dor Ryloth Akiva Talus The Empire gains the following planets: Tython Muunilinst Saleucami Scarif Rodia Brentaal IV Chandrila Takodana Jakku Lah'mu All Scores: Rebels: Jannik 7 Ninja Nin 10 Forresto 9 Cody Startale 7 MKJoshA 8 8-bit Ramen 2 MontyPython 3 Empire: Tariq J 4 goatman461 9 pombe 7 LucasLaughing 7 LEGORACER1 3 Puvel 6 Commander Beltar 6 Kodan Black 7 Brickwolf 4 Vaderfan2187 2 Thebreeze111 8 I'm working on updating the map still.
  3. Maybe you should both read the past few pages and the first page before getting yourselves chambered. Source does matter for our rumors and helps dictate what we should be talking about.
  4. I disagree. And to me, a license is just a piece of paper giving you permission to use a vessel the specifications of which depend on the class being bought. If I buy a fishing license, I'm not buying the fish, I'm buying the legal right to keep the fish I've caught. Same with a hunting license. Same with these ship licenses. If I buy a 4A license, I should be able to use it on any 4A ship I own, whether I'm building it new, captured it, or bought it. I'm paying to attach the license to the ship. You could argue about where the actual cost for the ship comes into play, but this is a game, not real life, and we just need to let the game mechanics work sometimes. I think Bregir's opinions are because he focuses on trade. Allow those of us who focus on capturing have a say!
  5. Congratulations Octan. You played well and you deserve your hard fought for win. May I ask who got 2nd place?
  6. Uh, when I mentioned what you quoted from me it was because the actual movie was coming out. That's very different from leaked set photos. If you don't want to see those, stay off the internet. Or at least don't open any spoilers.
  7. Thank you for your feedback! The head does have an odd feel to it. I wouldn't call it awkward, but I appreciate you telling me that you do! I'll have to work on that and the wheels if I do something like this in the future.
  8. You can talk about all of that. But for right now please don't talk about the last two since right now they have no pictures and only people's word that they exist. Give it a few days for this craziness to die down and then we can talk about TLJ rumors again, hopefully in a more civilized manner.
  9. Sorry we have to do this, but all the talk about fake lists or items that may not be fake but still don't have pictures needs to stop right now. This is a rumors thread, we can talk about rumors here. But no one wants to have to wade through pages of details for things that may or may not be real. So for now, please only discuss what we have pictures for until this can die down. If anyone ignores this, I'll lock the thread.
  10. I don't know the answers to all your questions, but in my experience parts don't sell out quickly from the time they first show up. Now, I wouldn't wait months, but you have a few weeks if not longer in my experience. Also, B&P orders do not count towards free polybag promos. Even though it'll say you qualified in your cart. You can get free shipping though.
  11. It's from the Batman Collectible Minifigure Series
  12. Definitely meets the qualifications for "place you could call home"! I like how you used so many old pieces, like the ooooold Stormtrooper helmet.
  13. I love your brickbuilt Aurebesh letters! Where's the dad's torso from?