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  1. The lack of leg printing but ultra detailed torsos is bizarre, I just can't understand LEGO's thinking
  2. Wait, why are mods allowing leaked images? Isn't that banned?! Bah, whatever. Shame Dengar is unchanged from the Eclipse Fighter but the rest are delightful.
  3. Watch out - my Silent Mary was missing bags 4 and 5!!!
  4. Does a UCS BB8 mean the Falcon rumours are quashed? I realky dont don't need a UCS BB8...
  5. Albeit from only some angles, it does look great. Im left mystified that a $20 dollar set can feature leg printing and arm printing but a $200 set? Nope.
  6. Argh! Is there a way I can unsee that horribly lazy Two Face design? They definetly went with a better design!
  7. This must be deserving of a poll? Would be interesting to see which sets fans loved most. I'd say, with the exception of the pointless joker balloon set (just duplication), every set is excellent (although for different reasons). Lego have possibly delivered the most consistent theme ever.
  8. So, we're getting just the one set from POTC 5? Odd. I suspect other figures will arrive as Dimensions sets.
  9. The Goonies dimensions set has the dark tan piece - whatever it's called - needed to make a screen accurate hand.
  10. How would it save money? Printing one design costs no more than another - and the graphic designer isn't paid by the job, they're on a salary. These sets seem to have been rushed, Lego might be stretching its resources a bit thinly - Batman movie, Ninjago movie and Episode 8, I imagine everything else was a low priority assignment to be rushed through.
  11. I think it will be a fine display piece but it's strange that, of all the ships lego could release, why this? i'd have loved them to release that massive 1st rate ship from the first film - it would appeal to POTC fans, classic pirate fans and fans of classic naval warships. Win win?
  12. Quad jumper set looks great! Lot of fun packed into that one.
  13. Securra doesn't even get a proper update from the 2010 version. C'mon, lego, c'mon, new face print isn't enough
  14. I love the batwing but £100+ for a set with 3 figs? Gotta be a record!
  15. It seems lego has different designers for each theme and that those designers have a pretty big say in styles. Clearly, the team behind Marvel sets need to get rotated. When we have plain minifigs released in literally the same month as DC figs that are covered in glorious printing (and for the same prices?!), time for some changes to be made.