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  1. I think it will be a fine display piece but it's strange that, of all the ships lego could release, why this? i'd have loved them to release that massive 1st rate ship from the first film - it would appeal to POTC fans, classic pirate fans and fans of classic naval warships. Win win?
  2. Quad jumper set looks great! Lot of fun packed into that one.
  3. Securra doesn't even get a proper update from the 2010 version. C'mon, lego, c'mon, new face print isn't enough
  4. I love the batwing but £100+ for a set with 3 figs? Gotta be a record!
  5. It seems lego has different designers for each theme and that those designers have a pretty big say in styles. Clearly, the team behind Marvel sets need to get rotated. When we have plain minifigs released in literally the same month as DC figs that are covered in glorious printing (and for the same prices?!), time for some changes to be made.
  6. Absolutely. Pathetic. Compare these sets to the Batman movie sets...the designers weren't briniging their A game to this...
  7. Sarcastic 'yey' for our millionth snowspeeder's even a remake. Even UCS sets are now remakes. And still we have no Cloud City and limited AOTC sets...
  8. Dreadful. The minifigs are woefully plain at a time when The Lego Batman sets offer such interesting figs. As for the vehicle...did the designer even spend a solid hour on it?
  9. This might be my fav set from the film, to's just so unusual and daft and, well, fun. A great set from a great bunch of sets.
  10. 20 seconds later and the Kiss Kiss suit Batman is free of the key ring and a regular fig... ...can someone explain how a keyring is covered in printing on every possible surface (love this btw) but these Batman sets have given us a joker without backprinting and marvel figures seem to get blander by the year?! I don't understand LEGO...
  11. I guess if we take the episode 8 sets as LEGO's focus then this stuff is all just bonus content. So far the episode 7 and Rogue One sets have been as good as the source material allows. I was hoping for something more impressive - the January wave was hardly a classic either. Where's my new AT-ACT LEGO?
  12. that written in English or have I lost my mother tongue? Anyway, London toyfare is on the 24th, i.e Tuesday? Wonder what we've got incoming, much too soon for episode 8 leaks
  13. I'm floored at how good this is - that generic police officer wouldn't even get back printing in most themes, but here we get arm printing and dual moulded legs, in a new colour. Sensational!
  14. We'll get the classic 'I found this in their cache'. Oh. Again. 15 years running. Why doesn't lego just release their demos - albeit blurry to beat the bootleggers - in a structured way? We could provide better feedback and wouldn't be made to feel like lego thinks we're stupid. Okay we ARE stupid for paying these prices, but you know what I mean.
  15. The 2009 AAT was likely the same, I'm sure people can think of other examples. ...maybe our missing UCS snowspeeder is another. Feedback wasn't great and now we hear of a UCS Falcon... It's all just a bit tiresome though, a month or two from now lego will make tweaks and - mysteriously - better pictures will appear for us to tear to bits, then we get the HD images that somehow get 'found' on LEGO's oh so secure server...