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  1. A great set, delighted to now own it. The 'play' features are cleverly integrated, a nice touch. The front panels were tricky to position...for the Lego designer, they are shown as misaligned on the box! C'mon guys! Just needs a bit of careful placement, isn't hard!
  2. You're getting 4 sets costing more than $100 and minifigs in 'basic' sets getting the premium treatment - let's not pretend Lego didn't throw everything at this theme
  3. Is the snowspeeder available to VIPs today? Not showing up yet as available on the lego site.
  4. Indeed, at that price we are talking about something astonishing - but if it's not then it would be impossible to justify the outlay
  5. Premium Star Wars set - no arm printing Throw away promo item from Lego Batman - arm printing thanks Lego
  6. Ever noticed that, in the vast majority of cases, rumoured sets tend to come true? You'd think credible stuff would be drowned out by lies and nonsense. I'd say a UCS Falcon is now a certainty. I think the Mods do an amazing job of shutting down the trolls and allow the rumour mill to be a positive experience. I notice the UK price of the Death Star is now even higher at a mind blowing £409. The Falcon can't be less than £500-£600. Just be really really good, then I'll be able to justify the price...
  7. Mech is rather basic compared to the 'real' thing...
  8. Bring back back printing you cheap buggers! This wave could best be described as 'boring'...
  9. I'm just not missed out a second time. Whatever the cost, if it's a good model then I'm getting it - not as if it will be cheaper years later!
  10. *looks at Wonder Woman then looks at almost any Marvel fig* c'mom! Are these sets even made by the same firm?!
  11. Sorry to hear that the stretch of the Sahara you are marooned in can't receive bricklink or eBay orders BUT can get boxed 2017 Star Wars sets. I'll never understand the Saharan postal service and their quirks!
  12. I don't want to like this set, I want to be annoyed at ANOTHER snowspeeder - we've even had a UCS one before! - but darnit, this is a quality design and no fan of good lego could be that disappointed. Okay, the price sucks, but otherwise...yeah, need to get this
  13. The lack of leg printing but ultra detailed torsos is bizarre, I just can't understand LEGO's thinking
  14. Wait, why are mods allowing leaked images? Isn't that banned?! Bah, whatever. Shame Dengar is unchanged from the Eclipse Fighter but the rest are delightful.
  15. Watch out - my Silent Mary was missing bags 4 and 5!!!