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  1. No ventral guns or hangers for TIE's? Those pesky rebels will cause no end of problems then!
  2. Police officer is in Lego Movie secret police garb, mischief afoot!
  3. Largest minifig set ever made! Holly rusted metal batman! 4,800 bricks!! its incredible...
  4. Minifigs are a bit dull compared with what we saw with the Lego Batman fact all these sets seem to lack that 'step up' I would expect for a film...
  5. I think more than 5 days is needed to determine that, they've just come out! This is clearly unrelated to demand which, in any event, would be at its peak now.
  6. Amazon has many of the new sets 20% off...5 days after release?!
  7. I think whoever designer the latest Wonder Woman set didn't have screen shots to work from - Ares looks...slightly different!
  8. Holy hell! It's here?
  9. That republic bumber is a sensational set! So many play features and the quality of the build looks great. Really impressed with the standard of the sets so far, they all look like a bit of thought went in to them.
  10. In a thread about rumours... anyway, sets are great! Terrific even! The walker looked a bit odd at first but that second picture really 'clarifies' things. Now for the rest!
  11. It would be nice is lego could agree on a style for these marvel sets - when you go from ultra detailed Spiderman via 'standard' Iron Man to 'basic' Vulture, in one set, I'm just not sure what's going on! As for Shocker, he looks like no one had much inspiration that day...
  12. Shame the arm printing seems to have vanished from these final designs. Seemed to be there on earlier pictures.
  13. Heligoyle is £29.99, only set I didn't get... I like the set, but that did feel a bit expensive. I do want that exclusive figure in that set so I'll crack eventually...
  14. Knighton Castle is £109.99 in U.K., it's in Smyths now... ...and it's glorious. Terrific display piece and loaded with play features (shuttle fits 5 figures!) The whole wave is excellent (oh, the Rock Climber is £49.99)
  15. There's a question - is The Lego Batman Movie sets the best lego has ever been? I can't think of a theme where almost every set without exception was so excellent and that's to say nothing of the figures - surely for figures there's even less of a doubt?