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  1. Thank you all for you comments. For now blue is the only colour but when 42070 comes out a black version will be possible. I may even switch to black as all the panels (except 42056 wheel arches) will then be available. I would like to see my corvette and stratos built in black.
  2. All done. I had to remove one of the motors to make room for the receiver. I'm going to have to buy a BuWizz.
  3. I moved the lights just half a stud in and made room for pop up lights... ...then I saw how much the lights on the real car move and I wish I hadn't bothered.
  4. Yes but no crashes, with just L motors it is not very fast. I can already see away to do opening clam shells and doors. The bonnet is too low for lego shocks but there would be room for a torsion bar set up. Not sure about the lights yet. Which part of the wheel arches need improving? The angles or maybe less space around the wheels? Here's where I am now.
  5. It is RC, using LiPo, Servo, V2 and 2x L motor. So far the doors and clam shells don't open, the lights don't pop up and there is no suspension.
  6. ^oh yes, but I build 'em strong. Crashing is part of testing. Standard 500 Abarth 500
  7. ^Cars with red stripes are always faster than the cars without red stripes! (See flickr video) IMG_1580 by James Tillson, on Flickr
  8. Photo Instructions for the Zombie
  9. Thank you. Only 1 buggy motor needed for this little one. The were the lowest traction tyres I could find, I want it to slide around. Its only 450g, I haven't triggered the thermal protection once, even on carpet. Its at the bottom of the first post. I had to put some rake on the chassis to stop the buggy motor hitting the ground. I made a standard model with a narrow track, AAA battery box, V1 IR, servo, 1x M motor and a diff but no castor and no rake. It is slow but more fun to drive as I don't crash so often. Fiat 500 1 by James Tillson, on Flickr
  10. Here is my Fiat 500 Abarth. Just like the real car it has the motor hanging out the back. It uses V2, LiPO, servo and a buggy motor. It is 450g It uses a direct drive from the fastest buggy motor output, no diff and plenty of positive castor. It has a tiny turning circle and will over steer. Video coming soon.
  11. New video with instructions:
  12. Thank you! I removed the horns. I updated the video, it now has photo instructions.
  13. All done. This version is much simpler than the originals. I will make photo instructions soon. IMG_0934[1] by James Tillson, on Flickr
  14. I have all the bricks, if I can have access to the instructions I will build it. The RC Grand Sport is almost done. I wanted it to be simpler and lighter, the pop up lights, suspension, roof, opening doors and interior are gone. I'm using my favorite PF combo (LiPo, V2, Buggy motor and servo) the performance was amazing but is dropping off now the exterior details are being added.
  15. I had a look at the render (WOW, great work BTW), I think the door is right, the problem is with the roof, it doesn't slope up at the front so it runs through the top of the windscreen. Maybe the lower pivot on the roof structure is one stud too far back?