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  1. Finally finished my beetle. It is still slow with a terrible steering lock but I am happy with the looks.
  2. That looks like fun and I like the use of the panel for the tipper truck. I would like to see a video too. No, somebody else already did it
  3. L motor turns slower than M motor so it would go (even) slower with an L. The model is based on the 1955 version, it only had 30hp anyway. There is room for a buggy motor when I want to make a fast one. I had another go at the back window, the back of the car is more curvy now. [/url]
  4. Totally agree. Steering is set but that window will have some attention this weekend. I'm using the steering parts from 42021 with the wheels from 42024 as it put the pivot point a little way inside the wheel. I will rebuild the chassis later when I'm sure where all the anchor points are. All of it I think as I've never seen anybody else use any.
  5. I'm still working on the beetle. It has 1 motor for drive but I think it is fast enough.
  6. ^photoshop or real? I made some progress but I'm going to check the scale before I do any more.
  7. IMG_2293[1] by James Tillson, on Flickr Its way too wide now. I'm going to see if I can take 2 studs out of the width.
  8. I have started this many times before but this is the furthest I got. I'm not scaling it, just letting the parts dictate. Some of it looks more like the New Beetle and I'm tempted to change it to a 2001 RSi. I'd also like to do a white "Herbie" with a buggy motor.
  9. That's exactly reaction I wanted. Thank you
  10. All done. The new video in the OP shows how it works.
  11. I found that using a train speed controller for driving looks more realistic due to the slow response times. I also added a ratchet to the drive that allows it to free wheel and only go forward - please somebody tell me a hovercraft can go backward, I'm getting fed up of retrieving it from corners. IMG_2185 by James Tillson, on Flickr
  12. Thanks, I couldn't be revolutionary with the colour, hovercraft are almost always white. Lift and props are connected by a differential, I just had to make it easier to lift the body than spin the props.
  13. I've been planning this for a long time and now I've finally got it all working. Lift and props are powered by an XL motor and a RC train speed controller. Drive comes from one L motor. 4 wheel steering and rudders are by servo.
  14. Thank you all for you comments. For now blue is the only colour but when 42070 comes out a black version will be possible. I may even switch to black as all the panels (except 42056 wheel arches) will then be available. I would like to see my corvette and stratos built in black.
  15. All done. I had to remove one of the motors to make room for the receiver. I'm going to have to buy a BuWizz.