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  1. You believe Mr. Nouget is scum but also that the source that told you he was town is right?
  2. But even with your source revealing their contradictory results the best test is to vote Mr. Nouget - doubly so, in fact, because we can confirm one investigator that way and potentially catch a scum. The only issue I still see is that your investigator is the one I inherently trust more, just because I can't imagine why a scum would lie so late into the day when the bandwagon was already a pretty sure deal. But unfortunately voting Nouget is still the best way to test them both.
  3. Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation. What do you think of the two investigator claims? To be perfectly frank I'm not even sure what you're claiming. Does your investigator have a different scum result we should be testing out? If no, then probably we'd still have to test out Ms. Clutch's claim...
  4. Geez oh geez, maybe we have some stuff to discuss tomorrow... I'm a little less sure about this vote the more I think about it. Mr. Nouget's lackluster defense is not what convinces me otherwise. I don't know why he wouldn't reveal things to the town - and before anyone accuses me of wanting him to out the power role that could clear him (I'm not suggesting that, don't do that), I'm just suggesting he could and should tell someone what his power role is, if he indeed has one. That way the scum can't claim it later, and if he flips town tomorrow we'll know he was telling the truth and anyone else would be a liar. Hopefully he has confided it in someone he trusts. He also refused, in private, to postulate about what the two investigators meant, because he doesn't "trust me" - which is fine. But he may as well postulate in public what it means: he's an experienced member of the studio, so his break down of what this could mean could be useful, and we won't be able to get it out of him once he's dead. Vaguely claiming a role but not offering any sort of thoughts to try to parse out tomorrow is a pretty classic scum sinking tactic. What gives me serious pause is the second investigator claim, which I guess I didn't fully think out a few hours ago, being a bit tired. Why would a scum (be it William or his source) come forth that late with an a conflicting report if Ari is so close to being lynched? It's almost unheard of for scum to put themselves in the firing line so early in the game to try to protect each other. Not impossible, I guess, but still strange - if Ari flips Burapamount tomorrow we'd get two of them for the price of one... which leads me to believe that the most likely possibility is that William was contacted by someone in the town... What do you think, Ms. Clutch. How are you so sure your source isn't misleading you?
  5. It seems for now my vote stays... I was planning on retracting it if a better option presented itself, but now we've actually got some information. To clarify an earlier point: I don't think roles should come forward (obviously?). Hopefully anyone with roles would know that and operate the way (they assumedly, if Clutch is telling the truth or not being lied to) they did today. I was just poking at Ari, who suggested we shouldn't be conjecturing on things because "the roles would hopefully be working behind the scenes" which he well knows is not a good strategy for the town - everyone should do their part while simultaneously the roles work behind the scenes. I almost instinctively distrust such good results right off the bat, but at the same time I can't think of any real possibility that this isn't working out... either way we look at it, it seems like a scum for a townie as a worse-case scenario. If Ari flips town we either lynch Clutch or their "informant". It could get muddy then too, I guess... Clutch seems more than willing to die for their allegation, though, so I feel we can trust her. We will have to see what happens tomorrow.
  6. Boy oh boy, maybe we should lynch her because she is quiet? Man geez oh boy wow lots of back and forth there. You will not reveal more than you need to, but there is nothing to be revealed? But you are very confident regardless? Well, then, Mr. Nouget, what do you say? We haven't heard anything from the night action people and we have nearly 24 hours left in the day with only one vote cast. It's very big of you to not vote for the person who voted for you, but unless we have some forward movement there's a good chance there will be a kill tonight, or a conversion, or whatever the Burpamount can do to harm us. Vote: Ari Nouget (Shadows)
  7. I'd actually argue that a vigilante is highly unlikely in this game. It seems unlikely Burpamount is unable to kill during the night, and having two potential deaths each night in a studio with only sixteen people would make for a quick depletion of numbers. Not certain, of course, but it seems unlikely. Oh man, oh geez, I never got around to seeing that one but it seems like a good writer wouldn't use the same exact plot device twice... but maybe. I think, for the same reason as the vigilante (size of the studio) that there probably isn't a conversion ability but then again apparently in that movie I would have been wrong to think that, so... Oh boy, I think you've got a real confusing point here! I guess it's not unheard of for this to happen, but it seems like a real weird work around for the more probable solutions... I also think Fosstud was a poor choice of a lynch. It basically leaves us today at Day One with nothing new to go on and no obvious voting patterns to go off of. I thought it unlikely a scum would not respond at all... as Mr. Nouget said hopefully the night left us with some action roles behind the scenes parsing things out, but even then we could have had action roles doing just that with one extra townie to even out numbers. Even a silent one "counts". And now everyone is able to sue the same defense in voting for him "a lynch is better than none". Easy play for Burpamount. Thanks for listing all the things people already listed! Agreed! Boy, oh, boy, bit of a slip of the tongue there, Mr. Brickcaprio? Hey there, Mr. Nouget, but why are you so okay with having lynched a townie? Did you really think a scum would not have a whole team telling them to respond? So should we all clamp up and say nothing, sir? That seems like a real good way to make sure no information is garnered for yet another day. I seem to recall you always encouraging poking and prodding, Mr. Nouget, in hopes someone slips up. Why the sudden change now?
  8. Oh geez oh man. I really think we need a lynch today, but I don't like lynching someone who has said nothing, because boy oh boy the Burpamount people would be absolutely yelling at Fosstud to say something behind the scenes... and because of that I think maybe Fosstud is a member of our own fine studio and Burpamount is just trying to get an easy first day lynch on him... But having no lynch worries me a lot too, and I think everyone who spread around votes should be considered very suspect. We almost definitely don't have a Vigilante in a game like this, so likely tomorrow we will have a dead townie on our hands, and without a lynch equally little to go on, putting Burpamount in a really good position to have us waffle away another day.
  9. As pointed out, this was not the first bandwagon vote. I had already started a bandwagon vote against Me. Foley. Is there some reason you weren't eager to join that bandwagon? Oh no, oh no! Seems you have misunderstood! I felt I had to vote for someone who had already been voted for - spreading out votes to everyone on a first day isn't much use because it doesn't reveal any information. So I wanted to vote for someone already had a vote, to see who would and wouldn't clamp on. Out of all the people who already had votes no one is more or less suspect than anyone else, so yes, why not the one who voted for me!!
  10. Oh no, oh no. Are you saying my speech is bad? I've never thought about being an actor, but I sure wouldn't want to not be an actor, so hopefully you think my speech is okay and you mean someone else has horrible speech. Hm, a little strange to build a case against Brickie as a lurker and then voting for Mr. Fosstud. Why give Mr. Fosstud the benefit of the doubt after saying he "at least has the excuse of not seeing the thread" while Brickie has no offered excuse? Wow oh wow! We've got six votes for six different people, which I think is a big ol' no good. As Mr. Foley said a Day One Vote may not always be right, but at least it's something to go off of, and the nasty folks from Burpamount are likely to try to get us to spread out our votes so we don't know what to do tomorrow. I'll Vote: Finn Foley (Tariq J) because he voted for me, the big meanie. Sorry, geez, just business, okay?
  11. Oh pooh. Without being able to leave set how am I going to get anybody their coffees?? Does anyone need anything else? Anything from on set. no one stand up. I can grab anything for anyone. A pizza slice? An oil can?
  12. Oh boy oh geez go out to get some coffee for everyone and another one bites the dust what a day what a life! Okay, well, what to do but get some coffee okay who ordered coffee? I'm sorry but I didn't get any whiskey not sure on the rules there. Eek! Oh geez...
  13. O golly gee oh no, okay, Gopher here, friends call me Goph, hope I'm not late to help y'all out I'm really looking forward to catching the big bad killer Iger was like my own papa, okay, oh gee, feeling a lil' bit nervous with a killer on the loose okay well okay here we go! Anyone need coffee?
  14. 1) Took a long hiatus, but I think I'm ready to love (mafia) again. 2) Yes! I can commit - life had been crazy but is slowing down thankfully, and I'm looking for a game to throw myself into. 3) Production Assistant. Gotta work my way up from the bottom, baby.
  15. "That's exactly the trouble." Boomingham casts his eyes around the Hall. "I spent a good number of years making all sorts of new friends. But where have they gone?" "Oh, you know, little bit of this, little bit of that." Bobby's eyes glaze over. "Had to take some time to chill out with the family, you know. Celebrate a birthday and all that shiz. Been a pretty tight time but I think I gotta go do some new adventuring you dig?" "My man!" rasps Bobby. "How's it hanging? Like I was just telling this lil' chica here I'm looking to get back in the game. Seems like a good time too." He loses focus for a second and wanders over to the quest board, signing up for Quest #158. He jerks back over to the heroes and snaps his head up, as if he hadn't left at all. He tries to smile. "Gotta get going again. Been a bit down in the dumps, you dig, ain't been having no luck with them ladies or any dudes at all for that matter, know what I mean, getting a bit lonely with only the family to tick the clock with. Lonely was never good for me but it's real bad now, with..."