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  1. Hello guys! As far as you remember May 1945 was the last month of ww2 in Europe. So I decided to make a lego ww2 stop motion about the battle of Berlin. The stop motion itself is not ready yet but I 've made a trailer.
  2. Hi there! For those who knew LCM brick show
  3. Still remain a little chance to revive... but little... Got accused in spam. Which I never did...
  4. Hello everyone! I think some of you might heard of me before, I made Stalingrad lego films, Walking Dead and a lot of other stopmotions. But yesterday I still don't know how but my channel was deleted... So there is no anymore such channel as "LCM brick show". I had about 20 000 subscribers and about 5-6 millions of views :( Now I start from the very beginning starting to reupload videos to my new channel... I really need your shoulders right now... If you were subscribed to LCM brick show please subscribe to my new channel Today I added first video - old one - Mongols attack European castle.
  5. Hi there! My second part of the Lego Arcade Game - inspired by FK Films. Mortal Kombat with the door and in the game ))
  6. Hi guys! I was inspired by FK films and decided to make my own Lego Arcade Game video I think it's funny, check it out
  7. Hi there! I've finally did 5th part of my ste-by-step reenaction of The Walking Dead - now we gave Daryl! Looking forward to see your comments!
  8. Hi there! I've finally made English language part of the Walking Dead lego stop motion! As you know I make it STEP BY STEP as in a real TV show. So this part is the beginning of the 2 nd part 1 season. Check it out... and yes, I know that Rick had too many rounds in his gun ))) P.S. For those who missed 1, 2 and 3 parts - you can find links at the end of this video
  9. Hello! I've made episode 2 of my Lego Minecraft Movie! Check out how Steave survives the night and then fight his worst nightmare in the middle of the day! ))
  10. Hello everyone! Hope you have a great Friday evening! )) I've a made a first part of my "Minecraft the movie" film... Big adventures begins! Hope you will like it )
  11. Hi guys! Check out second Star Wars joke in Big Bang Theory ))
  12. Hello, how's it going? Just made a very short joke video - big bang theory, Sheldon and Amy talks about Star Wars
  13. Hello guys! I've finally finished my Lego WW2 stop motion! I know that a lot of people tried to make ww2 Normandy D-Day landing but I wanted to make my own... Yes, it's based on "Saving private Ryan" movie but I had to make it for my lego war films collection )) So it's you turn to say if this one is a good D-Day lego stop motion or not :)