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  1. You could always work 'in parallel'. That is what I do with my kids whenever we get a large lego set. One person uses the printed manual, the other team members build various 'sub-systems' based on PDF instructions on tablets (iPad), usually available on the lego website. It might not be as much fun ... but that's how we clear out the kitchen table in one evening.
  2. I'd have to agree that the older 'studded' sets were more 'difficult' to build. These include both the 8880 supercar and the space shuttle 8480. There, the build steps were in 'layers' and it was often difficult to 'see' the differences from one step to the next. There, it was 'imperative' to collect all parts for each step, to make sure none is forgotten. Plus, the 'studded' look made it very difficult to 'discern' the drawings.
  3. You're absolutely right. The instructions did get updated and look fine. Though I think the front cover (POV render) still shows gears with an incorrect offset. Not many people would notice those as well. Also, I somehow have an LDR file and it has the incorrect offset in it as well. one would notice that of course. There is an AKiyuki Rainbow Wave module? ... I thought such module was done by someone else, but he was 'inspired' by Akiyuki. Can you put the link to the module you're referring to?
  4. Also, what's with this part? It used to be rather cheap but now, because of Akiyuki's modules (invisible lift & planets), it's about $0.30 each? Supply and demand again?
  5. I was going through some of the instructions (commendable work, Blakbird et. al.) and I found a tiny/minor error in the cup-to-cup module. The five gears to the right are placed 1M higher than they should be, and as such, they do not mesh with the center gear. This might have been addressed before but, just in case. Cheers.
  6. Nicely done, thank you. I've seen technic sets evolve over the many years and I'm not sure I prefer the 'paneled' look. I'd rather have the lines somehow 'defined' yet an open interior with a lot of functions. Bu, that a whole other discussion. Also, I wonder how this compares when sat next to 8450, sizewise. The pictures below are not to the same scale, obviously. Anyone has both and can take a photo? Incidentally, the color schemes are 'close': light blue + black vs. Turquoise + black. vs.
  7. For 'spring' suspensions, there are few parts as shown below. It all depends on how long ago you started buying lego and how many parts you have collected. Some parts came up in single or few sets (e.g 8448, 8466) and are more difficult to get. The whole list is here: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?catType=P&catString=141
  8. The blue piece came in the Mindstorms Vision Command (below) and other sets. It is just connector and works well with another part. + I have not found much use for the blue part over the years. Maybe the best way to see how many of these pieces (in OP's original post) are used is to build the camera support module (you do not need the camera), that has pan/tilt, in set 9731
  9. There are few options for suspension arms and spindles, though only very few exist in LDD. SO, what is the exact issue you're facing: What parts exist in LDD? ... or what options are there in real life?
  10. About 200k for Technic. Double that if I include Non-Technic (e.g. Classic, Friends, Elves, Ninjago, Bionicle, Chima, FLL ...). Just like NYChase, I think it's about time to offload and recoup usage of one bedroom.
  11. As to understanding why it works, it's just few sinewaves (projection of blob trajectory onto horizontal plane) whose frequencies are slightly off ... at times they're in phase, at others not, and then anything in between. I'm tempted to do an LDD model and would appreciate few static shots. A while back (~10 years) I bought 10 differentials from Lego.edu with big hopes/dreams to do something useful with them. This project is just it. Where else can you use that many differentials? Well, maybe this marvel and the Lego Antikythera (can't find the link now)
  12. Nicely done. The only concern I would have is that the tracks typically do not generate enough friction. As such, maybe some rubber inserts (as those that came in the EV3 Extension Set) might help here.
  13. This would be my most sought-after set. Alas, not looking seriously these days, but still has a spot for it next to my other cars (not as many as BlakBird's though). I was not much into collecting back then, but this set was on sale on TLG for $100 only, for several weeks. Of course, this was before the entrepreneurs from eBay got on board with hoarding/collecting/investing/speculating in Lego Technic.
  14. LOL ... typo corrected. I meant 8043 and 8455. Though, maybe it's true I can't pick from 8043 and 8043, because I have 2 copies of the set Also, we see many such topics ona regular basis. I think this topic should have a 'voting' section, so we get to see what's the all-time favorite set.