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  1. The printing on his leg makes it look like he had an accident. I think Filch "filched" himself.
  2. Maybe he is wearing rubber gloves.
  3. I am glad the minifigs will be flesh. I love flesh. Once you go flesh you'll see how ugly yellow is.
  4. Who says the ice river carnival has to be fantasy. I just hope the scene is big enough to allow a LEGO set.
  5. Well the 3 obvious ships are: The Black Pearl, The Flying Dutchman, The Queen Anne's Revenge (POTC 4) As for the new movie, they will have zombies, mermaids, and I heard talk of a carnival taking place on a frozen river, So here is hoping for period clowns.
  6. I just can't wait for the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Video Game from Traveler Tales.
  7. It looks like the same plastic that the camel and ostrich looked like when Prince of Persia was first announced.
  8. I think the hair/hat will look amazing when it is finished product and the belt is printed so I would assume this is official.
  9. General Pirate of the Caribbean Theme Discussion The following discussion should be in this topic: The previous 2011 wave of POTC sets. Upcoming sets with no official images, potential sets. Wish lists - what sets you hope will be in the next wave. Discussion solely about the story, character, and other movie related information belong in the relevant movie topic in the Culture & Media Forum. Silent Mary? Set Number: 71042 A close up of the likely shark in the set. Edit by Admiral Croissant (30.08.2011) (Thanks to OKY:) Queen Anne's Revenge Set Number: 4195 Set Name: Queen Anne's Revenge Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean Sub-Theme: On stranger Tides Year Released: 2011 (April) Price: $119.99 (USD) €119.99 Purchased at: Toys R Us (Western US) Pieces: 1,097 Minifigs: 7 Extras: Blackbeard Card and Poster The Fountain of Youth Set: 4192 The Fountain of Youth Theme: Pirates of the Carribean ~ On Stranger Tides Figures: 3 Parts: ??? Price: £20.99 €27.99 The Cannibal Escape Set: 4182 The Cannibal Escape Theme: Pirates of the Carribean Price: £26.99 €39.99 Figures: 4 Parts: ??? The Captain's Cabin Set Number: 4191 Set Name: The Captain's Cabin Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean Sub-Theme: On Stranger Tides Release Date: April 2011 Pieces: 95 Minifigs: 3 Price: $11.99 (USD) from TRU €14.99 Special Pieces: Globe, Round Map Tile, 2 Ships in the Bottle, Sword Sling Isla de Muerta Name: 4181 Isla De Muerta Theme: LEGO System / Pirates of the Caribbean Year: 2011 Pieces: NA Minifigs: 4 minifigures Price: USD$19.99, GBP NA, SGD$50.90 €27.99 Resources: Brickset, BrickLink The London Escape Set Number: 4193 Set Name: The London Escape Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean Sub-Theme: On Stranger Tides Release Date: April 2011 Pieces: 463 Minifigs: 5 Price: $49.99 (USD) retail €64.99 The Mill Set Number: 4183 Set Name: The Mill Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean Sub-Theme: Dead Man's Chest Release Date: April 2011 Pieces: 365 Minifigs: 5 Price: £40.99 UK €49.99 Whitecap Bay Set Number: 4194 Set Line: Pirates of the Caribbean Release Date: April 2011 Detail number: ??? Minifigures: 6 Links: Brickset; BrickLink; Peeron; Bricker. Price: $99.99 (Can. dollars) €79.99 Black Pearl Name: Black Pearl Set Number:4184 Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean Pieces: 804 Minifigures: 6 Ages: 9-16 Year: 2011 Price: 99.99 U.S. Dollars Mini Black Pearl Year Released: 2011 Set Name: MINI Black Pearl Set Number: 30130 Number of Pieces:[/b] Actual 47+2, Bricklink 47+3 Minifigs: 0 Price: FREE with The Sun paper Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow's Boat Name: Jack Sparrow's boat Theme: LEGO System / Pirates of the Caribbean Year: 2011 Pieces: 22 Minifigs: 1 Price: USD N.A, GBP N.A, SGD N.A Resources: Brickset, BrickLink Voodoo Jack SparrowName: Voodoo Jack Sparrow Set Number:30132 Theme: Pirates Of The Caribbean Sub-theme: On Stranger Tides Number of parts: 4 Minifigs: 1 Is this Disney's new theme? it was posted at FBTB which was taken at ComicCon. New info: Reviews 4194 Whitecap Bay Review #2 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge 8141 Isla de Muerta Review #2 4191 Captain's Cabin Review #2 4193 The London Escape Review #2 4182 The Cannibal Escape Review #2 4192 The Fountain of Youth 4183 The Mill Review #2 30130 Mini Black Pearl 30131 Jack Sparrow in Boat Review #2 30132 Voodoo Jack Sparrow Review #2 4184 Black Pearl Better pictures of all the sets LEGO PotC Video Game Trailer Special sets Jack with wooden head Jack on a raft Mini Black Pearl Link to LEGO PotC X-Box game demo/ Game Review New sets 4184 The Black Pearl 30133 Jack Sparrow
  10. Fenrir Greyback is up. It will be cool to add to put the werewolf head from the monsters game on him.
  11. I read that Flitwick old was the same Flitwick young by a Harry Potter Website.
  12. Why is Flitwick the only Professor with Professor in front of his name. It should say Filius Flitwick.
  13. Hello and welcome I also am from California.
  14. I called one Toy's R US and the sales rep said her contact said it should be showing up in the next quarter. Then I called another TRU and they said they have 4 sets. So I raced over there and picked up The Battle for the Dagger, and the Small set with the Assassins. Also Prince of Persia is included in the Buy One Get One half off sale that is going on there.