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  1. Your police car is fantastic! Great job! I wish LEGO sold one just like it for their Batman sets!
  2. I think that guy is Alfred in some type of Bat-costume!
  3. Just looking at the different pictures regarding the new Arkham Asylum, I am willing to bet that the security station goes in the opening right inside the large doors to the asylum. Makes sense the security stand would be in there. I'm sure that is why it looks bare because they are showing off the different parts but that it actually goes right inside the front doors. I like all the sets revealed - the Batcave is a little lower on my list except for the new Bruce, Alfred and Penguin. Really like the minifigures.
  4. Hi, all: I'm on Xbox One. Finally was able to download the five available DLCs last night. Question: is it only supposed to be five? Or is it six as there are six packs released? There was only one download for Adventure Time and it said it was the Adventure Time Level. Just wondered what you guys knew or thought. Thank you!
  5. @ TheLunabrick: I, too, am very exicted for the Mission: Impossible level pack! From the very little demo footage I've seen, it looks great! Probably my most anticipated pack of the first two waves (with Sonic being right there, too).
  6. I hate to ask, but is Commissioner Gordon coming in any of the sets? I am greatly looking forward to a new version of him...
  7. I counted 27 fun packs in Season One, with 6 level packs, 4 team packs and the stater pack. So it looks like less characters overall for Season Two but my hope is that things are even more in-depth than they were with Season One (which I very greatly enjoyed).
  8. No release dates yet for E.T. and Gremlins. Ghostbusters story pack; Adventure Time level and team pack; Harry Potter team pack; A-Team fun pack; and Mission: Impossible level pack are all due out on September 27! Looking forward to them!
  9. Does anyone know when, or if, the Ant-Man DLC and the Captain America: Civil War DLC are coming to the Xbox system? Thanks!
  10. You have to go into space and then the new levels will be scattered throughout the map.
  11. The only knowledge I have about Ninjago and Chima is from LEGO Dimensions - which I suppose means I don't know very much. However, both of those Adventure Worlds were fantastic to me. Chima was beautifully designed with areas for each of the different animal tribes (including the sunken areas). Was really a lot of fun to explore. As was Ninjago. Greatly enjoyed both worlds in the game.
  12. Lyichir, the upgraded invisible jet allowed me to target the gold pad under Wayne Tower (unlike Benny's spaceship which did not have a targeting mechanism).
  13. Darth Wayne: If you are talking about the gold square on the bottom of Wayne Tower, the only way I could get there was to upgrade Wonder Woman's invisible jet to the second upgrade as it can destroy gold objects. None of the characters (like Cyborg of Venkman) were able to destroy it for me. I was going to wait until Superman came out but ended up obsessively needing the gold brick. Ha
  14. Dimensions is got me into watching and becoming a huge fan of Doctor Who, too, and I greatly enjoyed the Dalek Extermination of Earth and Doctor Who's involvement in the outcome of the game. Plus, having a physical LEGO Doctor Who and sonic screwdriver is a terrific! I am looking forward to the mid-March release of the next wave - Midway Arcade and Aquaman will help rack up the remaining gold bricks (at least until Slimer) and Superman and Stay Puft will wonderful minifigures to add to the collection. I am anxious to see what the Midway Arcade level and world will be like....