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  1. Done as soon as Manatee-B reached my shore.
  2. Thanks! I'll be working on it.
  3. Ok. here's what I received. Am I missing something? (I'm not into this movie and its sets)
  4. It seems like my B-Manatee has swum the fastest! I'm not spoiling the prize, but I'm very happy about it. Thanks once again to Copmike and everyone at Eurobricks.
  5. Here's my entry: "Honey are you OK? Are you OK? Are you OK honey?"
  6. My guess: This piece with a sticker. And a possibly new version of this piece (now with studs) where you put "photo" tiles (or is just this old piece?)
  7. I had low expectations, and still I am disappointed. Uninspiring and uninspired sets.
  8. @Mencot: Elves and Santa, either see previous posts or look here.
  9. Don't forget Steph's beach house, and Livi's house.
  10. Remember these are preliminary pics, so some figures are just place-holders.
  11. I agree with almost everything you said. I saw the pics earlier today, and while I think that a lot of them COULD evolve into something interesting in their final version, there is not even one set that I currently want to buy.
  12. I wonder if anybody at TLG remembers how 2015 seasonal sets looked like. There's not one 2016 set that looks better than its counterpart from one year ago. Some are average, some are just awful.
  13. In Italy it's not a rumor, it's a fact: Lego Batman Movie CMFs will cost 4 (four) Euros each, instead of 3 (three).
  14. I guess Klaus-Dieter took a look at a retailer's catalogue. I have seen no pics at all; just set names and numbers.
  15. My bad. There was no pic so I thought it was 2017 set. 10727 is a 2016 set. Yet I like tkatt's idea