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  1. Remember these are preliminary pics, so some figures are just place-holders.
  2. I agree with almost everything you said. I saw the pics earlier today, and while I think that a lot of them COULD evolve into something interesting in their final version, there is not even one set that I currently want to buy.
  3. I wonder if anybody at TLG remembers how 2015 seasonal sets looked like. There's not one 2016 set that looks better than its counterpart from one year ago. Some are average, some are just awful.
  4. In Italy it's not a rumor, it's a fact: Lego Batman Movie CMFs will cost 4 (four) Euros each, instead of 3 (three).
  5. I guess Klaus-Dieter took a look at a retailer's catalogue. I have seen no pics at all; just set names and numbers.
  6. My bad. There was no pic so I thought it was 2017 set. [url=""]10727 is a 2016 set[/url]. Yet I like tkatt's idea
  7. Set names and numbers 10727 [url=""]Emmas Eiswagen[/url] (Ice car) 10734 [url=""]Große Baustelle[/url] (Large construction site) 10735 [url=""]Polizei auf Verbrecherjagd[/url] (Police on manhunt) 10736 [url=""]Annas & Elsas Eisspielplatz[/url] (Ice playground) 10737 [url=""]Batman gegen Mr. Freeze[/url] (gegen = Vs.) 10740 [url=""]Löschtrupp-Koffer[/url] (Firefighter suitcase) 10746 [url=""]Mias Pferdestall-Koffer[/url] (Stable suitcase) 10747 [url=""]Andrea & Stephanies [/url][url=""]Strandurlaub [/url](Beach vacation)
  8. More set names 41310 [url=""]Heartlake Geschenkeservice[/url] (Gift services) 41311 [url=""]Heartlake Pizzeria[/url] 41312 [url=""]Heartlake Sportzentrum[/url] (Sports center) 41313 [url=""]Heartlake Freibad[/url] (Lake pool) 41314 [url=""]Stephanies Haus[/url] (Stephanie's house) PUPPIES 41300 [url=""]Welpen-Meisterschaft[/url] (Puppy championship) 41301 [url=""]Welpenparade[/url] (Puppy parade) 41302 [url=""]Welpensalon[/url] (Puppy salon) 41303 [url=""]Welpenspielplatz[/url] (Puppy playground) 41304 [url=""]Welpenpark[/url] (Puppy park)
  9. German set names 41181 Naidas Gondel und derdiebische Kobold (Naidas gondola and the Thieving goblin) 41182 Die Gefangennahme von Sophie Jones (The Capture of Sophie Jones) 41183 Der böse Drache des Kobold-Königs (The evil dragon of the Goblin King) 41184 Airas Luftschiff und die Jagd nach dem Amulett (Airas airship and the hunt for the amulet) 41185 Magische Rettung ausdem Kobold-Dorf (Magic rescue from the Goblin Village)
  10. Set names CLASSIC 10703 [url=""]LEGO Kreativ-Bauset Gebäude[/url] (Lego creative building set) 10706 [url=""]Kreativ-Box Blau[/url] (Creative Blue Box) 10708 [url=""]Kreativ-Box Grün[/url] (Creative Green Box) 10707 [url=""]Kreativ-Box Rot[/url] (CreativeRed Box) 10709 [url=""]Kreativ-Box Orange[/url] (Creative Orange Box) CREATOR 31054 [url=""]Blauer Schnellzug[/url] (Blue Express) 31056 [url=""]Grünes Cabrio[/url] (Green convertible) 31057 [url=""]Helikopter[/url] (Helicopter) 31058 [url=""]Dinosaurier[/url] (Dinosaur) 31059 [url=""]Straßenrennmaschine[/url] (Road racing machine) 31060 [url=""]Flugschau-Attraktionen[/url] (Air show Attractions) 31062 [url=""]Forschungsroboter[/url] (Research robots) 31063 [url=""]Strandurlaub[/url] (Beach vacation) 31064 [url=""]Wasserflugzeug-Abenteuer[/url] (Seaplane Adventures) 31065 [url=""]Stadthaus an der Parkstraße[/url] (Townhouse on Park Street)
  11. Set names 41143 [url=""]Berrys Küche[/url] (Berry's kitchen) 41144 [url=""]Suzettes Reitanlage[/url] (Suzette's Reitan location?) 41147 [url=""]Annas eisiges Abenteuer[/url] (Anna's icy Adventures) 41148 [url=""]Elsas magischer Eispalast[/url] (Elsa's magic ice palce) 41149 [url=""]Lego Disney Princess 1[/url] 41150 [url=""]Lego Disney Princess 2[/url]
  12. I've seen no pics, but I can list set names and prices 15 € each: Mercedes AMG GT3, Bugatti Chiron, Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H 35 € Ford GT 2016 + Ford GT 1966 50 € Ferrari FXX + wind tunnel (galleria del vento) 100€ Formula 1 Mercees AMG Petronas
  13. Some names were already out... 10 € sets: 41305 Lo studio fotografico di Emma (Emma's photo studio) 41306 Lo scooter da spiaggia di Mia (Mia's beach bike) 41307 Il laboratorio creativo di Olivia (Olivia's creative lab) 41308 I dolcetti dell'amicizia di Stephanie (Stephanie's friendship sweeties) 41309 Il duetto musicale di Andrea (Andrea's musical duet) Sadly, no pics, just names. As far as I remember, puppies subtheme consist in 2 x 5€, 1 x 10€, 1 x 20€ sets
  14. No pics, but at least I can bring you set names and Italian prices: 10 € = La gondola di Naida e il goblin ladro (Naida's gondola & the goblin thief) 20 € = La cattura di Sophie Jones (The capture of Sophie Jones) 30 € = Il drago malvagio del Re Goblin (Gblin King's evil dragon) 40 € = La barca volante di Aira e l'inseguimento di .... (Aira's flying boat and ....'s pursuit) 60 € = Salvataggio magico dal villaggio dei goblin (Magic rescue from the goblin village)
  15. That's good. Sadly, your local prices aren't.