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  1. That's a great point. Precisely why the Gargoyle was the only one I had any real use for from that series. Though I bought the Zombie Pirate too just because he was cool.
  2. My submission is for a dead horse suit. The costumed characters are a fun novelty 1 or 2 at a time, but too much for a whole series.
  3. As far as King vs Roman, it boils down to this: The Roman is great, and a wonderful army builder, but the King represents a long overdue update to one of the original classics. The crown piece that we had for 30+ years was woefully inadequate. the CMF king brought a truly stellar hair/crown piece to the game, and that is transcendent.
  4. This round is a good indication of how fun and brutal this game is going to get. We're all going to have to vote against some figs we love. The last 8 or 16 are going to all be really strong.
  5. Wow, it's getting tough. King edges out Roman Soldier but Frightening Knight crushes the competition.
  6. *sigh* If not for Itaria's CMF contest, I'm not sure what else is keeping me around here. There's nothing on the horizon for me in the next year+. I'm going to go work on my hot rod instead.
  7. I think we would all prefer that. Any suggestion aside from that is grasping at straws with the understanding that something is better than nothing.
  8. As discussed, eventual discounts do not necessarily = poor seller. The Exosuit also got a lot of good press, which is a nice intangible benefit that shouldn't be ignored. Seems to me that there is plenty of room for experimentation as far as that kind of thing goes. A 200-300 piece experiment set with some new heraldry but no new molds would be a low-risk chance to gauge interest. If it was even halfway-decent, I know I'd be in. It wouldn't even have to be something as novel as a MMV. Rehash the old joust like 6083, re-color the latest CMF king and queen and give us knights with new heraldry and everybody would freak out in the best kind of way. It'd also be an outstanding nod to the 40 years of Castle.
  9. The only one of those licensed properties that makes sense to me is Wizard of Oz.
  10. If I had my way, it would be for the new CMF/Ideas mashup where they release Robert8 CMFs. Hey, I'm a dreamer.
  11. That would be a cool departure for sure that I would welcome, but I don't think it's strictly necessary. Generally speaking, castle doesn't require too much in the way of super complicated builds. That said, the step up in build sophistication that came with Hobbit/LotR was nice. So I guess my point is, any level is good for me as long as factions and heraldry are on point.
  12. Forgive me, but I do think these concerns are unfounded. For the most part (there are always going to be unreasonable people) everyone understands that TLG has a line that they will not cross, so I don't think you have anything to worry about there. Any sets that they release that are more adult focused a realized either through their size, complexity, or subject matter that is acceptable for kids, but perhaps it may not appeal to them as much. To put it another way, I think we can all agree that we're not going to be seeing Game of Thrones Lego, ever. And that's just fine. @Nabii, Glad you're still in this thread. Your thoughts are valued. I see where you're coming from as far as age range and all of the factors that play into that, from build complexity to the level of fun and freedom designers get with older age products. That said, I do think that perfectly good Castle can be made for the younger ranges that can still appeal to all ages. For example, 2013 Castle could have been a big hit here based on the fact that the builds were fine, it just needed different heraldry. Kingdoms is a good example of this. But I suppose that is a separate and long-dead conversation that we don't need to rehash. I am curious about one thing that you've mentioned more than once: that we should be careful how we sound to the designers. For myself, and I think the majority of us, nobody wants to come off as a whiner or complainer, but we are passionate and we are honest. I'm sure that can be annoying to someone in your position, but at the same time, I think this feedback should be valued. While we may be a vocal minority, that doesn't mean we're spoiled brats. At the end of the day, we are consumers of a product we love, and TLG is fortunate enough to have good access to their consumer in the form of this and other forums. Telling a company what we would like to see is different than complaining for the sake of complaining. It's not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, and simply put, we have a right to vent our frustrations and I would hope that you and other Lego decision makers would respect that.
  13. Yeah, I had told myself that I wasn't going to vote for anything Simpsons or Olympics/Soccer and, well, that's all there is.