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  1. Which begs the question: Why even bring it up here? You can't tell us anything. What's the point of teasing us like that?
  2. I'm sorry, but this thread is pointless. Here are the facts: 1. Every year, LEGO releases the quantity of OFFICIAL carded figures the will be giving away. 2. They also produce extra (carded and uncarded) that they give to MARVEL and DC for their giveaways . 3. LEGO also gives figures to people who suck up o them at their booth. I have had multiple friends attend over the past years who provided me with this info, as they got the figs these ways. Who knows how many are actually made.
  3. I think it makes perfect sense for this to be an exclusive. What everyone fails to realize is that these SDCC exclusives are ways for LEGO to make figures/sets that they wouldn't make otherwise. Everyone acts like they're being cheated out of something. In LEGO's eyes, they figure it's better to make a figure and give people the chance to get it than not make it at all And to the people complaining that this screws them out of a complete matching team, take note that EVERY other toy line used the orange Rocket. If LEGO hadn't done this no one would have cared about getting this version. (I never saw it mentioned before) It's because LEGO announced it that everyone seems to feel entitled to receive a version of a character that will probably be on screen for 15 minutes. I can't wait to see what this thread is like when the exclusive minifigures are announced.
  4. I'll be there. I will try to pick one up, and then promptly sell it on ebay to cover my costs. I kid, I kid. Seriously though, if get it you can bet I'll be keeping it!
  5. Seems like a Radioactive Man comic book to me! I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out.
  6. I'm sorry, I just don't understand your reasoning. The guy said "This is a new figure that will be out this year." If he meant in the game, he would probably have used "character" or "ability". Also after he said it, he kind of stopped himself and cut off his sentence. To me thos means that we will see the figure next year in a set and I'm excited for it.
  7. Yes!!! AS2 and GotG sounds awesome. And yes please do share the info and preorder dlc, but maybe in the thread for the game.
  8. New HULK Keychain! http://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-Marvel-Super-Heroes-The-Hulk-Key-Chain-850814
  9. Kevin Feige has stated that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are "gray-zone" characters. Fox can essentially use the whole mutant history of them with Magneto being their father, as long as they leave out any Avengers involvement. The opposite applies for MARVEL Studios: they can use them as long as they leave out their mutant origins. Whatever the case turns out to be, as Feige has stated, the script may change drastically over the next 6 months (before start of production). First draft scripts are rarely ever used. Infact, I believe Joss stated that the original draft for The Avengers included Wasp and a secondary villain. Who knows? All I can say is: IN WHEADON I TRUST!!!
  10. That's really cool!!! I love the design of the donut shop. What head did you use for Coulson?
  11. Don't forget that is just concept art. I'm ok with that look, but I wish it was in dark red.
  12. Hmm...interesting. Not quite sure what to think of it. The positioning of Thor is the same as in the digital render of The Quinjet http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Quinjet-Aerial-Battle-6869 which leads me to be suspicious.
  13. Welcome to Jurassic Park...

  14. I don't recall anything specific, but I assume that if LEGO is interested in doing sets from the show they will pursue the license (if not included in their current deal).