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  1. Here's an update. The gearbox has been placed, and the general body work parts are done.
  2. Back to building here in Thirdwiggville. This time a simple helicopter. So, should it be US Coast Guard Red and White, or Royal Navy Red and Grey? Maybe you can convince me to do the Yellow and Red, but that is unlikely as it's been done.
  3. I like the video, including the fade-ins for each progression of parts. But the fade-ins for the words are confusing and distracting. Can you make the words more on-off-on.
  4. This is excellent. Well done on all the complicated functions, and the complexity of the cab with all the various styling elements is very sharp.
  5. Awesome thanks @LvdH. I'm not at a place to check the LXF file, but it looks correct. The bottom of the chassis under the cab is only a pair of 1x4 and 3x3L liftarms, which looks correct from your image.
  6. I'm not sure this warrants another thread, but I made this little rolloff dumpster truck. The little homage to set 8065 only has one function. More can be found at Enjoy.
  7. @agrof Perfect! Now my head feels a little more stable. Those are the perfect parts.
  8. I love it. But every time I look at it, I get confused. Which side is the front? Which side is the top? Maybe you need to add some horns and a snout so my mind doesn't implode.
  9. I vote no. I think there is enough room, and we have had some good planning time with this size.
  10. This thread has been a true joy to follow. While the final result was something different than I expected when it started, I very much like the final design. It reminds me of some of the greats (8865, 8880, 8448); functionally focused, with enough bodywork to give it shape and lines. The suspension is well thought out, both front and rear, and is not missing any feature. The gearbox is stunning, and focuses on functionality and reliability, rather than flash. I was not too keen on the open wheel wells at first, but they really grew on me, and it matches the project better than any other option. This car is truly set apart. Regarding the presentation, I appreciated you bringing us along with your build; the challenges and the resolutions. It was great to watch this come together. It was great see all the many great ideas that contributed to the final design. I look forward to your next build. This will definitely end up on the Top 17 of 2017 list. Great job.
  11. Sorry to bump this thread, but instructions for the Volvo FE are now available on Flickr if anyone wants to pick up some small LEGO trash around the house. The part list will be posted to Rebrickable soon. Enjoy.
  12. Oh my goodness. Yes! The crane was what I was missing with your dump truck. I'm glad the crane has been added, and the styling is stunning from the cab to the wheel arches. Great job again.
  13. Good to see you back and building. Fun little MOC.
  14. I'm always happy when I see a Unimog project. While I liked the body work of the 4000 better than they 4023, the movement of the engine was a good decision from MB. It will be great to see your interpretation. Keep up the good work.
  15. Thanks for the new contest. I am getting a little confused as I think about how the winner will be selected. Are we building the coolest robot, or the one that would win in a competition against other entries? Does one win the theoretical competition when the other bot is destroyed or immobilized? Will voting be based on the model or on the theoretical competition? Does the winner need to be able to destroy all bots (if there are 50 entries, won't it get tired? )? Maybe some info about how the voting will be structured will help me.