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  1. I cannot believe you bought 9 42055's. Stunning build; the size is massive. Well done.
  2. Might I suggest a worm gear setup traveling below the compaction unit for the rear bin lift with a soft link to the underside of the chassis/body for torque transmission. I used one on my Axor a couple of years back (see here), and it saved me big headache as I did not have run the mechanics anywhere near the compaction mechanics. Otherwise it's looking great, and the generally shape will suit the design well.
  3. This is great. Well done.
  4. I'm so excited to see what you do with this. It looks great already. I love a good garbage truck, and your designs are great. I will be following this with interest. I have found the compactor part is the hardest, especially with three functions and a opening hopper. I'm interested to see what kind of design you use, and how you run the functions to the rear section.
  5. Thanks everyone. The folding rotors was an afterthought. I'm happy I added them. It's kind of the same scale. This one is meant to be smaller, so they might work well together. Yeah, that was an oversight I realized after I made the video. It does in fact work, but sorry I didn't show it. Glad you like it. You have influenced me in a number of designs, so now you should make a helicopter. I scaled the model on the S62 so the rotor placement is correct, but the cartoonish design is a result of the curved 3x11 panels, and the sliding doors. This moved the cabin further aft, resulting in the center of mass also moving aft. I like the way the design turned out, but it might be a pig to fly.
  6. It's been a busy month here in thirdwiggville. This time a little Helicopter MOC based on the Sikorsky S62 helicopter with additional turbines, and a Fenestron tail. Full gallery on Flickr. Features: main rotor connected tail rotor landing gear winch sliding doors folding main rotor Much more at
  7. I guess fuel efficiently standards are for everyone.
  8. I have cut one 24t crown gear. I regret nothing.
  9. Thanks @jorgeopesi and @Victor Imaginator. Glad you like it. @Jurss I look forward to the 7213 rebuild. I very much like seeing town sets rebuild in Technic.
  10. I like to take of the the wheels while building. Adding the hub parts to the rear only drives me nuts after a while. Hub parts are an easy modification. A 9L Panhard would work better for sideways movement, but in this MOC, it gets in the way of the steering. The 6L works well enough.
  11. I'm happy to see another project in the works, Erik. I support the project without a motor, though it seems like you are able to add it in. I think you made the right decision about the four functions in the gearbox. Working the winch and car lift separately will work well. I like what I see so far, so keep it up. I look forward to the final project.
  12. @proran thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your compliments. Hopefully future MOCs will continue to impress. Regarding the axles, the rear was a straight copy of my 8081 axle. The front took about 4 tries. It arose out of the desire to find a steering solution, that in a Mid-scale, does not run into the engine, or force it higher in the MOC. This was the motivation for the design. The longitudinal link solved many problems: it allows the drive axles to be uninterrupted, the engine lower, and a simple steering assembly. The front axle strength transversely was only required for the drive component of the axle. The steering is much more simple than a rack and pinion, and requires much less reinforcement. There is no need for cross bracing the steering parts.
  13. Time for everyone's favorite childhood vehicle, a Fire Truck! This one is modeled off of @HorcikDesigns fabulous Truck. This one takes his design, adds a little Renault, and some special features, and it's done. The manual truck has four wheel drive, with suspension based off my 8081 4x4, a I-4 engine, a link based steering system controlled by both roof lights, and a tilting cab with seating for four. Much more at thirdwigg,com, with a full gallery at Video is here.
  14. Awesome. I might need to copy this one too.
  15. Thanks @Rudivdk. I'm happy my ATS gearbox gave your design some inspiration. I hope to see this included in a full car soon. May I suggest a sedan? Again, well done.