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  1. I personally use a painted Qui Gon/Bard hairpiece. I can understand if you're a purist, but if you aren't, a bit of paint and this hairpiece work great!
  2. I use Delta Creative "Ceramcoat". It's pretty close to Lego's light flesh color. I found it at Michael's here in the US. Hope this helps!
  3. You have point, but they can recolor molds for Ideas sets, they've said it themselves.
  4. That looks awesome! Great job!
  5. *sigh* I'm so sick and tired of waiting for the next series and D2C to be revealed. Hurry up and show us, Lego!
  6. These look amazing! I my opinion wave 1 (house and series 1) were better from a Simpsons fan standpoint, but wave 2 is better from a Lego fan standpoint. That reminds me, I still need to get the house, haha. Also, Maggie's head is different than the S1 head. I think it's the same as the house one though.
  7. That Brainiac ship is brilliant man.
  8. That would be me. Totally called it. These sets look pretty great! A bit disappointed in the Hulkbuster, but whatever you know. I love that new Hulk, way more accurate than the past mold.
  9. Looks good man! Is that a Bat pun?
  10. I fully agree. It could easily be hidden on a shelf, looking perhaps as if they had built an moc of themselves. That'd be awesome.
  11. Now lets hope you're completely wrong once again!
  12. If they do reuse it, I hope it's in red to use for Zoidberg. I love the end of the Goblin's bio. I feel like that's actually true sometimes.
  13. Awesome entries everyone! Category A: #3 #4 Category B: #4 #5 Category C: #3 #4 Good luck to you all!
  14. Didn't see that anyone had made a topic for this, so I thought I'd start one. So what did everybody else think of the movie? I absolutely loved it, my favorite movie of the year definitely! It's a very hard movie to describe, you really just have to see it! (It should be a given, but please put any spoilers in tags, as I don't want the movie to be ruined for anyone. Thanks.)