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  1. hmmm... I love the big lego technic sets, but this... hmmm... i dunno... it doesn't really look awesome or appealing to me. then there are the powerfunctions... hmmm... is there anything new? something we havent seen before? nope, doesn't look like it. I do like the small details though, like the bear at the front think i'll skip this one...
  2. this giant set is amazing! love Lego's creativity here... not too sure my wallet wants me to buy this though...
  3. hmm... in my opinion, not a great set at all... I just don't like it.
  4. well i'm surprised to see a more complex design than I first thought. The rocket looks pretty nice, however, as such doesn't really appeal to me. Don't really understand why they're launching this set, honestly...
  5. this is a pretty nice set! I am surpised, though, that Lego is producing a set in this theme so soon after the last carousel. I guess they're quite popular...
  6. what a great model it's quite expensive though... 200 euro... hhhhmmmm....
  7. this is pretty nice
  8. hmmm... I'm not really blown away by this set, honestly. lots of details, lots of figs, but... it kinda misses finesse, style...
  9. I'm soooooo happy they picked this moc! several other mocs were pretty good as well, but this was my number 1! yes!
  10. I think it's a pretty cool moc. yeah... this ship is iconic, wish Lego would make a UCS -model ... yeah... never gonna happen. Space 1999 ... that's a long time ago...
  11. really great review Jim I think the tractor is brilliant As you say, the details of the model make this one of best and most realistic models. the crane... that sucks, imo. and needs a serious rebuild. The other PTO is not spectacular either. I love the wheels though... they look greeeeeaaaat!!!! ah yes... it's also a great parts pack... so I think i'll get it real soon
  12. ahhhh... UFO... looooong time ago... I first saw these sets on dislplay at the shopping mall, at around the year of release, I guess. I was very impressed, even though still in my dark age. I especially loved the large trans-yellow parts I did buy the sets a few years later when I was back into Lego. However, it wasn't this theme that got me back into the Lego world. I also didn't buy the largest set of the theme. IMO, that was not worth the price Lego was asking. I still have mixed feelings about most of the later themes of Space, on the one hand, it was the golden age of printed parts, like the brilliant computers, I couldn't have enough of, but i disliked many larger or weird parts that I could not use for anything else. I also was not a fan of the color combination... IMO, like many other themes of this period, UFO suffered from a faltering quality. To me, it looked like "the end of the line" of the traditional space theme. Soon star wars would take over, making these space themes obsolete, probably sooner than they deserved, but they were not the best ever, either
  13. Review

    great review!! I agree with you all the way: it looks quite like a real beetle, but it's just not ... ... spot on... But then, this is a very difficult design for lego bricks. I'm not sure if I could have done better or as good as this one. The thing that bothers me the most though, are the wheels. they look far too wide. they look too "heavy" for this playfull car.
  14. looks pretty nice i'm missing a classic horn though
  15. well actually I was thinking about the set's purpose as well. I imagine that a set like that attracts a lot of very young children who love this castle (the real one in the park), but are probably too young to build and play with this set. In my view, it is a playset, it's got lots and lots of potential for any kind of story. However, I think daddy will have to build it, and maybe warn his girl(s) about very small parts and that nasty consequence called "choking on them". Maybe they should print the choking hazzard really large on this box