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  1. Lot's of progress! Looks hot, though I think it's lower than the original.
  2. Nice, but what's with the adhesive tape? Is it even allowed? How about using rubber rinds instead?
  3. Yup, it would be pretty much impossible to forget one of the builders who inspired me to get into Lego.
  4. Awesome model! It's good to see here one of my favorite builders.
  5. Making the mount strong is not that hard, just focus on vertical strength, then you can simply fix the angle with a single liftarm. But what you have so far is not a bad start at all, if you sacrifice 1 unit of ground clearance, you can reinforce what you already have by an 5L vertically placed beam. However, lifting the model is a whole different story. I have a very similar setup (without the angle) and the shorter 2L-wide pistons aren't able to lift the model. My situation is similar since in retracted state, the outriggers shouldn't stick out of the sides of the model. This means that the outrigger has to travel a lot to reach the ground, which means much smaller average force the outriggers can make. With a nifty linkage you can make the outrigger move faster near the retracted state and slow down when it's near the ground, but I can't see a way to integrate it into the model, and I think you will loose authentic look because of the cylinders would be placed in a weird way. But maybe someone who's better at linkages will have an idea, I will keep my eyes on this thread.
  6. Thank you for including the Simple Supercar in the HoF! The[url=""] Compact Excavator[/url], [url=""]Avtoros Shaman[/url] and the [url=""]Simple supercar[/url] has instructions.
  7. I'm shocked how fast some people can build... Awesome start so far. As for originality: For this contestl I prefer less original models. I want to see many common machinery.
  8. The face is very characteristic! It's going to be awesome.
  9. You went too far by joining the groups too early. I'm very happy that you want to build the model so impatiently, but you are making me (and maybe others) feel that the model is a mess. @Andy D: I'm not sure by now. I thought the build is straightforward enough with the groups too. The Ldraw file is more than less stepped, so it should be straightforward.
  10. Those errors you are having are very strange, since LDD doesn't let collisions to occur. That's actually an axle-pin there in that particular place. Is it possible that during instruction generation, LDD screws things up? And it's also clear that you are not following my advice about building the groups as they are , and after that joining them with the other parts. Anyway, I uploaded the current Ldraw file and the (hopefully perfectly) corresponding LDD file. [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url]
  11. Yes, the pdf version will have some small modifications for easier building. These won't affect the look and function of the completed model. But because I build something for the pneumatic contest, don't know when I'll have time. I have the digital file with all parts and most of it is already stepped, so maybe you would be interested in the ldraw file too?
  12. Your skills are improving very quickly. In a blink of an eye you'll become the Arvo brothers of Technic.
  13. Sorry, I only build models that look good in real life too. And I don't like those toyish "compact" machinery... I think I can squeeze everything in. Maybe I'll have to sacrifice some stuff (like the suspension, joystick, sideways movement of the excavator). But if TLG managed to fit everything into 8455, I think I'll be okay with a bigger model.
  14. [quote name='jorgeopesi' timestamp='1473487885' post='2654834'] I knew there would be backhoes with class tyres sure . It was the first thing I thought but a backhoe deserves more time that I had, it is like build a wheel loader and a excavator all together, it has to be perfect because it has a lot of linkages and movements that I wanted to represent perfect, so I decided for something more reasonable for the time we have. Good luck with it is a shame not being able to see their development, build it perfect because I have the same eye for machinery as others for cars . [/quote] Just Unimog tyres. The problem with Claas tyres is that there's no proper scale bucket for the excavator, as far as I know, and even the long cylinders would be somewhat off-scale. And the front bucket is a bit too "specific" (from the Volvo). And most importantly, too big and too expensive :) EDIT: Don't expect perfect linkages and movements as I'm not an expert in machinery and time is too short for deep research.
  15. Great progress. I'm building a backhoe for the contest, and actually for a pneumatic contest like this, obvious, straightforward themes are the best. I hope to see more common machinery in the contest. (I'm very curious if I can implement the small joystick controls in the cabin for the arm...)