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  1. The old one is compatible. Sorry for the wrong color, it's an old style in the schematic (LDD doesn't even let the new one mesh there).
  2. Oh my, how stupid my left version is... Sorry for that, it doesn't even work.
  3. Sorry if it was mentioned already, but why don't you just use idle gears here: In the version on the left, the axles on the sides are fully static. If you have already tried these version, then sorry, they may not be the best (it's possible that they would introduce more friction, but it's hard to tell). But this could simplify things a bit.
  4. It's a blackhole only if you are a collector type and aren't disciplined to disassemble if you want to build a new one. The original poster seems to have a clear goal, which is not collecting. I'm into Legos again since 5 years and I still have only the bottom of a cupboard filled with parts and a few models on the top of it. The money I've spend on this hobby since 5 years so far is about 1600 Euors.
  5. I submitted the model to IDEAS, please support it if you like it! As for polishing: I usually loose inspiration once I call a model finished, so it's not likely I will polish this one any further, especially since the buckets would stay the same. Thanks for the comment anyway!
  6. Thank you, Blakbird! I will make some photos of the tubing, I'm not sure when I'll have the time though.
  7. Do these custom-built clutches preserve their clutch force over time, or will they have less friction? Is it a reliable construction (repeatability)?
  8. The LDD version is done. The pneumatic parts are replaced with brick-built dummies (all of them are grouped one-by-one). The wheel hubs of set 8070 are not included. The model has 1593 parts, not counting tubes. For some reason, two pieces of part 32250 (3x5 halfbeam curve) couldn't be placed on the front loader beam (it seems that the collision mesh of the big curved panels are slightly bigger that in reality). Parts list (not including pneumatic parts and the hub): I will fix errors if I find any.
  9. I think it looks pretty good. I like it more than most other pullback sets.
  10. I think the wheel is simply made of a regular rim ("facing" inwards) with a regular tire. The rim cover is actually a sticker. I'm on the fence with this model. I don't like models that rely too heavily on stickers, and I can't imagine how this model would look without them. Maybe it would be just as awesome (so it doesn't rely on stickers), but I can't tell (for example Brunojj, your BMW looks awesome without stickers too, that's easy to imagine).
  11. Thank you for the comment! It's not likely that I'll make proper instructions, but I will make an LDD version with parts list.
  12. Nice axles, but they look a bit over-complicated. You are aiming for rigidity and stiffness, but the bottleneck is not the A arms but the hub itself. I fear that you are adding weight for no significant gain.
  13. Thank you for the votes and congratulations for all the contestants!
  14. I actually prefer models that are more "in system" than models with funky angles but flimsy connections. This looks much more mature than the Vampire (sorry about the comparison again. Many builders, even a few and very popular of the other "masters" reuse their ideas much-more, even to a point that IMHO makes many of their models feel easily designed and redundant. I never felt this with your models). The comment about the stacked beam was a bit strange, since we are talking about 3-4 beams and done is a neat way (no stepped edges, no stone-wall feeling). The roof is lovely, overall the proportions are very good.
  15. That's awesome! I wanted to build this model for the SBrick contest, but I wasn't up to the task. The body sculpting is awesome too.