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  1. I think it was the 8880 to me there was a step when you had to add the B-pillar subassembly and several pins have to be clicked simultaneously and it was a pain to insert. Also I screwed the differentials once. As I recall the suspension wasn't easy to assembly either: the parts had to be stressed or something. And pneumatic models are hard too, sometimes the instructions don't show how to root the tubes properly.
  2. I also advise to build some others' MOCs (there are many good quality instructions for free) to get a hang of how sturdy other cars are. You don't need to design rock-solid chassis.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I corrected the LEGO thing. Yes, the main reason I created the site was to make my stuff more accessible. For example if someone looks my name up in google it's hard to distinguish others' models from my models (yup, I did look myself up) I will include it in my signature but I still correct mistakes and collect some feedback.
  4. Hi all! I made a portfolio site on blogspot to collect all my stuff in one place. This is not really a blog and I don't want to document all the stuff and work in progress projects here. It's not made public yet. I don't want to make you proofread the site, but if you have any suggestions or notice mistakes (typo, grammar anything), please comment here or send me an email (through the connect form on the site ). The picture lightbox is my own implementation and I'm new to javascript, so feedback on that is much appreciated.
  5. That is sweet! Honestly I didn't like the contest idea at all but your entry made me rethink.
  6. The whole model is impressive but the chassis is the real marvel for me. And not only the mechanical but, but the whole look, colors, etc.
  7. I would say the models look awesome together but clearly Bruno's models look much better...
  8. Awesome report and pictures. The model well deserved to win, the I'm still amazed and excited seeing its chassis.
  9. Will you make pictures with white background too?
  10. [/img] tags are left at the end of the links. Anyhoo, in one hour I would be able to stick a pin inside a beam.
  11. Would you share some details about the bug? Just for us bug-report-loving amateur programmers.
  12. Oh, my telehandler has instructions too:
  13. It was not all fun, and being alone is not fun by itself (before Finland, obviously I wasn't a foreigner and I wasn't completely alone, yet I felt more lonely and very confined). I still can't explain why, but being an "alien" AND being lonely together was the great experience (in general. obviously I was feeling down many times, especially because I wanted to be successful and to settle down in Finland). Dunno, felt like being the main protagonist of an epic film. I also had the opportunity to think a lot and learn some things about myself and my thinking processes. I was still in my dark age, I only made some computer games (you can check some of them on my youtube channel).
  14. I couldn't find my place in the world some years ago (still can't but learnt to live with it) but I wasn't self desctructive at least, so I went to Finand to live. I lived there for almost a year without friends, anybody, without work etc. This one year of feeling foreigner and sometimes being in complete solitary was a fun experience. I can only recommend it.