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  1. I said new arms like the ManBat arms, not the same exact pieces. The wings on the bat arms wouldn't work for the webbing wings at all, it would have to be a new piece. I would prefer the arms be a little bent as minifigure arms are always a little bent.
  2. Perhaps we'll get new arms like the Manbat arms for one variation. That would be the perfect way to represent the web wings. Granted, now that I've said it, I've doomed us to getting a crappy plastic cape that goes on his neck.
  3. That's okay, I'm just glad someone linked it, I had completely forgotten too... It's a standard sized wall poster, so it's fairly large. Unfortunately that was as good of a picture as I could get without buying the poster. The posters were all rolled up and sealed in plastic, I merely took a picture of the poster as it was shown on the cardboard display box the posters were in. If they decide to put up the poster in the regular display racks I might be able to get a better picture, but that would require the workers at this store to do their job, so no guarantee's.
  4. Oops. I uploaded that but then forgot to post it here! Oh well, it was found either way. If anyone wants a closer look or wishes to have this image hanging on their wall, this is actually a poster available for purchase. I found it at Walmart, even at $5 I'm not much of a poster guy, so I just snapped a picture and went on my merry way.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see Montoya in the Scarecrow set, there's a heavy police presence in this theme after all. It would be nice to get Hugo Strange, Black Canary, Hawkgirl and the Wonder Twins from that poster.
  6. Nice build, and super happy to get Lando. I skipped the last A-Wing, this one I think I'll buy. Now we just need a Cloud City version of Leia and Lando and I'll be happy.
  7. It kind of makes me wonder if maybe they originally were supposed to be included in the Arctic Roller but were pulled and thrown in with the Batmobile to make it more appealing. Honestly I don't like that Batmobile at all and I'm kind of wondering how much appeal it has given that we've had like a dozen previous variations. For as few minifigures as this has it better be on the cheap side...
  8. Many times shorts that release with a movie will be contained on that movies home video release. Potentially it could be released with TLNM home video release too, but there's no reason it couldn't be released with Storks as both are WB properties.
  9. I'm guessing this means Starfire will be an actual minifigure. I mean we have Cyborg, LBM Robin, TTG Raven and Beast Boy, so it would be strange to not release her as a minifigure since everyone else got one. I guess they could do the character switch thing like they did with Ghostbusters, but that would be weird for a single character... Hoping we get a better hairpiece if they do release her. Though, I wouldn't mind a complete redesign altogether (there are a lot of different costumes for her, something different might be nice). I have to say, not excited for Powerpuff Girls. New head molds don't sound that great to me (didn't like the Simpsons ones at all), but it'll be accurate to the show I guess. Three characters with not only similar powers, but similar designs, doesn't exactly sound like that great of a fit for this game. Sadly I'd almost prefer the PPG villains as minifigures over the actual Powerpuff Girls...
  10. We could always get it with the Blu-ray, or in a polybag as a promotion. It's just too good of a variation for them to not give it to us somewhere. It's already my favorite Harley variant.
  11. Really like Barbara Gordon, when I saw that police hat in the 2017 city sets I figured it would be used for her. The pink Batgirl is definitely bizarre, but I'll get her too. Commissioner Gordon is maybe my favorite, just perfect. Nurse Harley is pretty awesome too, very Arkham Asylum. This makes me wonder where that skirterd version of her from that banner is going to appear. Store exclusive maybe? Red Hood is awesome too. The rest I'm not particularly in love with. They're all well designed, but many of them are characters or variations I have no interest in. Still some I'll pick up just for the pieces (the robes, lobster, rubber ducky and some of the minifigure parts for sure). I'd like to say that the Arkham Joker is the most disappointing one. It kind of depreciates the Arkham set to release this version here, if only just slightly.
  12. At this point I'm just hoping they're working on a LD2. Because DLC's for another year and a half clearly aren't going to work. This game seems to become more unstable with every wave.
  13. Iron Man's mask used 3 times between 2 sets... Anyways, that jet is super average, as is that Cap. Ms. Marvel is pretty interesting. Though I think her right arm should have had some printing too, as her sleeves don't go all the way down to her hands (at least in the pictures I'm seeing). Hopefully they included a regular torso too, or will somewhere down the line. This is a good innovation, but all I can think is that Lego has to do a Fantastic Four set now. It's almost teasing not to at this point.
  14. Really love Battle on Scarif, looks like a great build. The only other set I'm interested in is Duel on Naboo. I actually like this version of Maul and really didn't want to buy the last set he was in. The build is maybe a bit too simplistic but I really like having a playset for a smaller price point, so I can live with the build being what it is. My only real issue is Obi-Wan's hair. If they were going to completely recycle minifigures they could have at least thrown in a different hairpiece. I mean Finn's hair in that color would have been better than this same hairpiece that we've had for years. There are just so many other options. I'm almost to a point where I'd like to see that hair phased out completely.
  15. It would be awesome if they gave us the CW Flash. Who knows, maybe they'll give it to us as a polybag or something (Since that's what they did with Green Arrow).