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  1. That's an excellent idea. Likewise I hope it comes in brown, so I can make a Mei custom. Really these minifigures are making a number of Overwatch characters possible.
  2. I don't like how far out the new arm sticks out. I wish they'd done something more in the vein of the old robot arm mold, it could have been more versatile. Too, it looks very strange having one special arm and then one standard minifigure arm. I actually like the top part of the new arm, it really matches the movie. I wish the left arm had that detail too, but with a hand at the bottom.
  3. I'm planning on using the Leslie Jones hairpiece from the Ghostbusters (2016) set. It's not exactly right, but I like it better than that Orc hair.
  4. Boots, but I digress. As for Aquaman, I like the design and I actually really like the set. It's also nice getting a set without Batman, though admittedly it's a little strange seeing Aquaman carry a set on his own.
  5. I managed to get the Vulture set. His mask looks better in person, I'm upgrading my opinion from bad to OK. I really don't like that truck build though. The front is great, but the back half is awful. I'm thinking of turning it into a pickup truck.
  6. Could be a sign. Supposedly Lego Dimensions year 3 was going to feature more Scooby Doo before it was canceled. Perhaps Lego has sets in the works for next year.
  7. Awesome teaser trailer. The Green Goblin fighting Baby Groot? I'm sold.
  8. It's interesting that Spider-man 2099 has a blank spot on his legs where the printing stops, just like it would be on a real minifigure. I wonder if there's some possibility it's going to be a real minifigure. If there could be a store exclusive that we don't know about featuring him and Spider-Gwen that would be awesome.
  9. Same here. Printed boots just never look good, especially since they never bother to print the sides of the legs (Which makes me wonder why they bother to print the fronts since the lack of side printing shatters any illusion that these are boots).
  10. No, look at the side of the legs, they're black. These are black legs with gray printing.
  11. A clone head? Well, it could have been worse, they could have gotten rid of Batman's dual molded legs... Oh wait... I get that there's a budget for each set and sometimes they have to cut corners to include everything they want, but there comes a point where it starts to work against them. If it weren't bad enough that they cheaped out on Superman's legs they had to do it with Batman too. Granted, at least for Batman they recognized that people wanted the boots with printing, too bad the execution is terrible.
  12. Well, I like this Cyborg better than the New 52 version, but unfortunately it just doesn't stack up to the Lego Batman Movie variation (Which we'll probably never get). I don't particularly like his costume in the movie and I had hoped I'd like the Lego version better, but it has the same problem; the design is just too busy. Still, it's not a bad looking minifigure, just not what I want from Cyborg.
  13. I hadn't seen Batman's stubble or leg printing before. That makes me a little more forgiving. Still, I can' imagine buying the Knightcrawler. I'll buy Batmobile's, Batplane's, BatTrain's and BatBox's called Flying Foxes, but I would not, could not, buy another stupid Bat-Mech or whatever that thing is pretending to be.
  14. I am excited for Cyborg, he looks fantastic. As for Batman, I just don't care about getting another variant of him. Ultimately, it's just underwhelming. In this set we get one new character (Stephennwolf), two new variants and four recycled minifigures. Then, in terms of build, we get one new ship and then a modified version of a Batmobile we already have. It's not an awful set, but with the other sets that are out there it's kind of redundant.
  15. True, but in that case they had already given us several new characters, including the best Green Goblin variant and an amazing build. So no boots didn't really matter when the rest of the set was awesome.