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  1. I like the bunker, it looks really fleshed out and complete. The speeder updates are good, but a bit underwhelming. The minifigures are pretty plain, but I might get this for the Tusken Raider. I hope C3PO ends up getting updated printing. The Skiff looks pretty awesome, a definite buy for me. The Sarlaac is maybe a bit blocky to me, but at the same time an upgrade from the last version.
  2. I actually like the Batjet, other than those awful lavender pieces (hopefully those aren't final, they look so out of place). The Harley Quinn set looks decent too. I'm hoping her hair isn't a rubber piece (though I'm heavily prepared to be disappointed). Does anyone know if that's a new hair piece on that guy? They should really create some new leg molds for the mini-dolls, there is just not enough variation here. Otherwise, the designs aren't bad.
  3. Well... The structure of the Frozen palace isn't bad, it gets the overall shape of it right this time, but I feel like it repeats some of the previous mistakes we've seen with the Frozen sets. Like the previous version, the colors aren't right. Quite simply, there needs to be far more trans pieces, which hopefully will be corrected in the final product. The other, but bigger, problem is just that it's flat. For the Arrendale palace you can kind of get away with a flat facade because the style of the building is supposed to look flat to a degree (sort of like a Mary Blair illustration), but that just doesn't work for the ice palace. They needed depth and angles on the front of this and this just doesn't have it.
  4. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1474338926' post='2661310'] Has to be like the tiara or crow pieces [/quote] That's what I've been figuring based on how far it rotates. I'm hoping they give us pictures of the back soon. [img][/img] The shape it has in the Dimensions pictures seems pretty similar to her ponytail here, so I'm guessing the hairpiece for the cowl is also a ponytail.
  5. Yeah, I was confused when we first got pictures of the lowrider because it looked like the hair was in different positions. But then today when the new pictures dropped someone on Reddit brought it up and yeah, her hair is in completely different positions. There's no way Lego would create multiple cowls with different hair positions. So it seems this is indeed two separate pieces. I really have to give Lego credit for this one. The hair won't block the cape like the old cowl did. Too, we'll be able to create some interesting action poses. And for anyone who just wants to display the suit (like in a display case as in the animated series) they can likely just take the hair off (Assuming it's a peg connection of some sort, which given the rotation and the size of the piece would pretty much have to be).
  6. So, Batgirl's hair is able to swing back and forth? That's pretty neat. I'm guessing it's attached via a peg. Hopefully we get pictures of the back of this cowl soon.
  7. Finally, a story pack I actually want. It'll be nice to play in a world that's a more fleshed out Gotham. I'm not a fan of the Gotham/Metropolis combo for the DC portal. Interesting to see two minifigures in a story pack. Makes me hope that a few of the others get the same treatment.
  8. So, already there's 3 different ways to get Batgirl. I'm happy about that.
  9. [quote name='Blondie-Wan' timestamp='1474288708' post='2660644'] New parts were [i]never[/i] going to happen for this, and I think the hair molds chosen do work well. [/quote] They are well chosen. As close as possible with what's available. I understand why they can't do new molds, but I think that's something they need to change eventually. In a way it makes Ideas sets seem like the ugly stepchild of the group. The regular sets get all the new molds while the Ideas sets are stuck with the hand me downs. At the very least they could have included a new piece in the CMF just so it could be used for this Ideas set. [quote name='Blondie-Wan' timestamp='1474288708' post='2660644'] Them not having them was probably a limitation of the production time for this set (and Ideas sets in general) being allocated in a factory that doesn't have the capacity to do arm printing (and/or the machines that do arm printing being solidly tied up with more mass-market specialty minifigures like the blind-bagged ones). [/quote] That probably true, but I think they should have put arm printing above leg printing in terms of importance. Not having the stripes on the arms kind of ruins the look of the coat. I would have gladly traded his leg printing for correct arms.
  10. [quote name='Blondie-Wan' timestamp='1474246520' post='2660353'] Ooooh, the minifigures look [i]great[/i]! Granted, they also look exactly like how I expected them to. It's a shame some people here don't appreciate them, but oh well. They certainly look how they ought to, anyway. [/quote] It's a weird art style. So, it's even weirder to see it translated to Lego. I can understand why people have had the reaction they're having. Accuracy doesn't necessarily mean it's aesthetically pleasing. Too, I can't help but think maybe people were expecting something different, the Yellow Submarine Beatles are definitely different from the real life people. Even being familiar with the movie I was expecting something different. Ringo should have had printed arms. Some new hair molds would have helped too. These more generic pieces with printed sideburns don't exactly work that great. Too, Paul's coat might have been better as a clothe element.
  11. So here's a few updates for anyone interested. [img][/img] Here's the factory with the new rounded window piece. I have to say, this is one of my favorite new pieces, it really gives a nice variety to windows. Too bad it doesn't have a trans piece to put in it though. [img][/img] I've been trying to update the minifigure designs. I'm still tinkering with the hair. I think I might end up using Fred's hair for Augustus (I'm not entirely pleased with the piece I chose for this render). For Veruca I changed it to Wonder Woman's hair. It's not exactly the right style, but it doesn't cover the torso printing like the previous piece I was using. [img][/img] This render I did as part of a tribute to Gene Wilder (Which can be read here: [url=""][/url]). Ultimately when it comes to printed pieces for the chocolate room I think just the two lollipops and two mushrooms (Orange one is in the back and not seen). As for the minigifure design of Willy Wonka I changed the leg printing to be done in the style of the Dr. Who minifigure. Side leg printing would be nice too, but that's been rare. I photoshopped the Doc Brown hair and top hat together. I know Ideas doesn't make new pieces for sets, but I did anyways just for fun (And maybe to encourage the Lego designers to consider a piece like this... Hint Hint). So that's it for now. I'm still working on updating the other characters and of course drumming up some support. I did get an official Lego comment since I hit 100 supporters in 60 days, so they added an extra year. Oddly though only like 60 days were added. So I don't know if that's a mistake or if I'm just misinterpreting the official comment. I might end up messaging them to straighten that out.
  12. I really like the molded belt piece. For Robin I think it's okay it's printed, his belts are usually more sleek anyways than Batman's utility belts. Plus the new mold gives Batman a little extra height. Plus now Batman's belt can be stolen by villains. I hope this becomes the standard from now on. We've had dozens of Batmen over the years, this might be a great way to refresh the lineup. I'm hoping we get this belt piece in tan and gold at some point.
  13. I don't see why anything beyond archive audio is needed for HP. If they were intending to use him in the main story of the game or give him an original story for a level/story pack than I would agree getting the original actor back would be needed. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. Peter Capaldi's character was a part of the main story and his lines couldn't be accomplished using archive audio, hence the need to get him. There were several franchises in year 1 that used archive audio, so it's only to be expected that this would happen with year 2 as well.
  14. Those minifigures... So little improvement. I'll be getting Han's hair and Leia's torso. Past that the rest doesn't interest me even a little.
  15. [quote name='Numbuh1Nerd' timestamp='1472184571' post='2644747'] I just hope she doesn't JUST have stretchy arms, because I want regular ones for a more default look. [/quote] They could include an extra torso with normal arms.