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  1. Well maybe it's not being cancelled in it's entirety. Is it possible they're turning Dimensions into something else? The story is definitely strong enough they could do a video series or make actual Lego sets.
  2. It's rare I get mad at something Lego has done, but this is one of those moments. So close, so close... Who knows, maybe they'll do another line of Scooby sets with whatever proposed characters they'd already designed, at least that's what I'll be telling myself as I cry myself to sleep.
  3. I understood that, but the necklace isn't even the same color as it was in the movie, so it doesn't really work at all.
  4. So, Cinderella stole Marge Simpsons necklace? That's kind of weird, but no less weird than including half of Cinderella's pink dress. I mean cool idea, but why only the bottom half? Cinderella's dress color is still wrong, though I appreciate the sleeve printing around the top of the arms. The Fairy Godmother's coloring doesn't seem right either. All in all, two steps forward, one step back for the mini-dolls. Credit where credit is due, the build is a lot better. As for the Little Mermaid... I hate this set even more than I already did. A sticker of a statue, why? Where they afraid that if they included a gray mini-doll that children would be confused? That Ursula is terrible. Her lair is a pretty decent design though, like the color choices made here.
  5. Lego is constantly making one off molds for this theme, isn't it lazy that a classic villain like Vulture is wearing Iron Man's helmet but Yellow Jacket got a new, never used again, mold? Many of the new Marvel molds don't have this versatility you speak of. Lego set the standard, so it is lazy when they decide not to match it. I think it's still an okay minifigure, but definitely falls below the usual standard Lego sets for Marvel characters. In this case reusing the helmet only added to the underwhelming minifigure which lacked the proper talons and proper coat color. The van is definitely a bit lazy too. I feel like I've had so many Marvel sets with this van... The other Spider-Man set is perfect though. I love the build and the minifigures. Really, a solid set.
  6. New rabbit and new dog are awesome. Really I like this series quite a bit, a lot of unique pieces.
  7. Vulture reusing the Iron Man mask is a little lazy. His design is kind of bland to me in general, hopefully better photos will improve my opinion. The same Spider-Man in both is disappointing. I like the smaller set more out of the two.
  8. I don't know how to feel about these. On one hand Buttercup really looks like Buttercup, on the other hand she doesn't quite look Lego... The body just doesn't look quite right with that head. I don't know, maybe they should have just cut to the chase and done an Angry Birds styled mold for the whole minifigure. Beetlejuice is accurate, though a bit plain.
  9. It would be nice to get Egghead (he should have been included with the bat-signal) and Hugo Strange. Perhaps there will be more sets down the line. I'd like those Justice League members too. I love Cyborg's variation here, definitely matches his 80's costume. Too bad though, we likely don't have a chance at getting that one for a while since the movie version will be popping up soon. The others might have a chance next year.
  10. I ordered it, I had been meaning to try it out for ages and this was as flimsy of an excuse as I needed. I'm fine with that though, the only one of those I have is Unikitty, wouldn't mind having any of the other ones.
  11. I thought it sounded like her in Dimensions, but if it's not her than that shows that they at least went out of their way to cast someone who sounds similar to her.
  12. If anyone is really interested in seeing the separate pieces this Batmobile splits into they can check that out on Youtube as it's featured in Lego Dimensions. The only thing I'm not wild about is how the bike pops out of the Batmobile, I think the back looks weird as a result. On the other hand a Batmbile that can fit more than one minifigure is a rarity, so I think I can excuse the bike.
  13. That set is pretty awesome. It reminds me of the 66 skin of the Arkham Knight Batmobile. The price seems a bit steep, but at the same time it's several vehicles plus a rather large bat signal, so there is quite a bit included. I'm not wowed by the recycled minifigures. I wish they'd put the other Harley variation in this set instead. I might have to wait for a sale, too many sets on my list to begin with...
  14. So, they managed to get Will Arnett and Rosario Dawson, but not Micheal Cera? I mean he has to be the cheapest of those three already and yet they didn't use him, I feel like they're starting to cut corners. Archived sounds would have been better than the voice they're using in game.
  15. The book is in the public domain and as such all the characters contained within are up for use by anyone for any purpose. Now, Disney could potentially block someone's use if they were to use elements that are strictly unique to the Disney versions. For example, the Wizard of Oz is in the public domain and as such anybody can make a movie, however the ruby slippers and green skin of the Wicked Witch are movie only elements, thus WB owns those elements, meaning that any other studio wishing to use them would have to license them (as Disney did with the ruby slippers for the sequel) or create a similar product that's just different enough to avoid copyright problem (as Disney did with the prequel and the slightly different shade of green for the Wicked Witch). The Mad Hatter as he appears in the Batman world shouldn't have any copyright problems. His costume takes heavily from the books and in characterization is basically just an insane cosplayer, so Disney wouldn't really have any rights to that interpretation. Perhaps he wasn't included for other reasons, maybe they were worried he'd look too similar to the Penguin due to the similar costumes.