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  1. Thought they had the licence, and lost it to Mega Bloks?
  2. Skylor, Ash, & shade pack's "Call for Availability" on the website. That went fast.
  3. I'm pretty sure that if they had gone with a pre-existing villain faction, a lot of fans would be howling about how they "misrepresented" or "didn't do justice to" that group. Like if all the skeletons were just disposible background whatsits, some people would be like "That movie sucked, Krazy didn't even get any lines and was totally stealing a hotdog cart which let me tell you makes NO sense because..." With new guys, you don't care how they behave.
  4. That link set off my anti-virus before loading all the way, so maybe you could just tell me what I'm missing.
  5. Got my kid a Corn Man. Grabbed a second at random and it was an Elf Maiden, and it turns out neither of us really want her.
  6. Thought that was kinda the point in both The LEGO Movie and in The Ninjago Movie. The villains all get dark or neutral boring colors, and the heroes all get exciting and bright colors. Something something the psychology of character design... You get my drift.
  7. Kind of recall this being a Loony Toons gag back in the day, and definitely remember it being a thing in Who Framed Roger Rabbit!?, but I dunno why the Elf Maiden gets paired with it.
  8. If my trailer-fu is as good as it used to be, I'd guess that the raid seen in the trailer is closing of first act or beginning of second.
  9. Temple's got the versions of the ninja I want, and the green Dragon's got the Garmadon variant, sooooo...
  10. My usual Minifig-hunt TRU closed down. Didn't go in for the Batman CMF's, so I missed all the warnings. Whoops.
  11. I'll admit, I thought the little commercial I saw with the Highwayman stealing the other minifig's accessories was cute.
  12. It does feel a little "Final Boss"-ish, yes.
  13. Upcoming Dimensions and Star Wars, I think.
  14. That lady with the fin-collar looks important.