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  1. Ninja Misako and Papoose Lloyd are figs I could totally buy a set for, but I have no idea what set they'd come with.
  2. I have yet to see any of the new sets, but I accidentally exhausted my budget for them. Oops.
  3. I went to the Target nearest to me (but not the best one in the area), but they didn't have any new sets. Blew all my money on an unrelated item, so now I'm gonna wait a while.
  4. I'm pretty sure he's going to be a super-macho tough guy caricature. All frowny and "I'm too hardcore to smile". I am know a guy like that.
  5. Where the wind comes sweeping down the plaiiiiiin. Guess I'm going to Target in the morning since the sets are showing up in my state. See if I can find that Temple.
  6. Reminds me of Pixal.
  7. So.... Brick Boy and Brick Girl? Are they in-system? Compatible with other 2x4 bricks? Going to be impossible to "feel" 'em out.
  8. Catering table's just off to the side. She's all "Ooo, are those crab cakes?"
  9. It's the wrong colors, but the design is similar. Love the N-Pop Girl's hair and shirt. Is Ugly Christmas Sweater Zane's hair a different color than in the set? The picture of him from the Temple set, his hair looks pretty defiantly Tan, but the CMF looks White? Is AC/DC Cole's hair the same as the Temple set? Dunno.
  10. If the pink-and-blue haired girl isn't an important character, I'm totally re-purposing that hair.
  11. Jay's bamboo shoot is breaking. It's really weird to me that his agreement line from the trailer and overall worried design make him basically Lofty from Bob the Builder.
  12. That is a long tie.
  13. Haha, nice.
  14. Isn't that the missing female civilian, too?
  15. You're terrible.