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  1. Hahaha, that what I keep thinking of, too, whenever I see that picture.I just want to get on and have it slow-mo beat up a bunch of ruffians in the rain/mud.
  2. Sure am pleased with how this all worked out!
  3. "The Final Adventure Begins" sounds like you have to watch part 5 to understand part 6.
  4. Just the once. Mostly they're in mid- to upper-scale Agents-type sets.
  5. You're rad, thanks a ton.
  6. I'm not sure this is in the right spot, since I don't know what theme they're from, but I found some of those zombie sharks for sale from Chinese sellers, which makes me wonder if they are indeed a cancelled part of that PotC5 set, or an element of a heretofore unseen release.
  7. Maybe they're trying to keep one of the designs a secret in order to generate more "Gotta get them all" hype for the younger crowd? Like "Get that last one and find out what he is!" type of thing?
  8. Well, there's a thing that I need to own that I didn't know existed an hour ago. EDIT: It's starting to look like this is a prototype of something that was going to be included with the Silent Mary PotC5 set, but was nixed sometime in the past 2 months, and that sucks.
  9. I don't remember a leaked zombie-like shark piece. What did I miss?
  10. Yeah, the guy who posted the first pic has Ash and Skylor (-lar?} with their respective hairpieces on in his photostream. There's a bit of bitching that Syl(oa)r's hair is the wrong red, but whatever. Still looking for a set number, just sayin'.
  11. Oh, yeah, the coats from the beginning of Brotherhood of the Wolf. Maybe I will pick one of those up, if they look like that.
  12. Going back to that accessory pack for a second, the Instagram user who posted the initial pictures has posted several more, including a more zoomed-out picture of the back of the box. Gotta ask: Why does the copyright legal notice in the bottom right talk about Nexo Knights and not mention Ninjago? Really just looking for a set number on it.
  13. Weird that the Highwayman is not revealed. Hope he's not some gimmick like Mr. Gold.
  14. Whoa, that's pretty cool!