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  1. I'll admit, I thought the little commercial I saw with the Highwayman stealing the other minifig's accessories was cute.
  2. It does feel a little "Final Boss"-ish, yes.
  3. Upcoming Dimensions and Star Wars, I think.
  4. That lady with the fin-collar looks important.
  5. They really like this new gimmick, that's for sure.
  6. I enjoy this thread a great deal, and would like to see the lists continue, but ultimately it's totally your call.
  7. Ha, maybe WhiteFang will put the Highway Man behind a spoiler tag in his review.
  8. Hahaha, that what I keep thinking of, too, whenever I see that picture.I just want to get on and have it slow-mo beat up a bunch of ruffians in the rain/mud.
  9. Sure am pleased with how this all worked out!
  10. "The Final Adventure Begins" sounds like you have to watch part 5 to understand part 6.
  11. Just the once. Mostly they're in mid- to upper-scale Agents-type sets.
  12. You're rad, thanks a ton.
  13. I'm not sure this is in the right spot, since I don't know what theme they're from, but I found some of those zombie sharks for sale from Chinese sellers, which makes me wonder if they are indeed a cancelled part of that PotC5 set, or an element of a heretofore unseen release.