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  1. I too would be interested in the venom.
  2. Romulus strolls over to Mizuki. "Hello again."
  3. Romulus notices a letter drop in front of him "Another lottery? I didn't win last time, but hey, always worth a shot right?" Romulus signs up for the lottery "I've got Z-Mail."
  4. A tired, weary and ragged looking man stumbles into the hall. He straightens himself up before heading to the bar area. Romulus grabs a random drink and downs it before pondering whether to visit the market or not.
  5. B&P, Flare and Zakura, I understand my inactivity caused a massive issue in the quest and I apologize for that. I do however echo the sentiment about the plot and the lucky die, which was nearly impossible to actually get.
  6. I am so sorry B&P and Zakura, I have been doing my GCSEs so had literally no time to post.
  7. OOC: For the next 10 days my posting will be far more limited, I have examinations. "We either take it head on or we don't take anything."
  8. Romulus quietly walks towards the door and tries to peer in.
  9. Romulus realised the guard was too far from his sword length, and throws his trident at the fleeing guard.
  10. Romulus grabs him and cuts his head off with Combrys.
  11. Romulus repeats this action, but pulls the guard towards him once he is dead.
  12. Romulus repeats his actions from the previous corner
  13. "Open the window and kill him then push him further in."
  14. Romulus listens to see if he can hear any form of alarm.
  15. Romulus hides so he can see anyone coming round the corner. When the guard walks round the corner Romulus grabs him and kills him with Combrys.