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  1. [quote name='Kolonialbeamter' timestamp='1458393487' post='2505580'] Just a recent sample (part in question is some flex hose): If I uncheck 'Don't generate includes' in LDD2PovRay, I get this: 'Unable to generate necessary includes. Part ID "16709" is not supported by the current brickset version.' [/quote] This part (16709) was really removed/changed in recent brickset. There are two workarounds for this error. First (really simple): Delete all generated includes, LDD2POV-Ray will generate needed includes again. Advantage: it's simple. Disadvantage: you will not be able to render old pov files without converting corresponding lxf file again, because there might some missing includes, since the include files are generated only during conversion and only for bricks in lxf. Second (almost as simple as the first): Modify ldd_brickset_index.xml in includes directory. Look for <ldd_16709 brickset="?" library="?" /> and remove that element. The converter will stop trying to extract this part from the brickset. I will make a fix in the converter to support this case and avoid interuption of the conversion. [quote name='Kolonialbeamter' timestamp='1458393487' post='2505580'] And if I check the 'Don't generate includes' option, Pov-Ray reports a parse error: Cannot open include file ldd_60166.bin. [/quote] This checkbox has only one purpose: to avoid generating includes during repeated model conversion. For generating includes it is necesary to open LDD brickset. But when LDD is running, brickset is locked and cannot be opened. When you need to adjust a model view or do similar minor change in your model, it is anoying to open and close LDD repeatedly just to allow conversion. So this checkbox might be helpfull.