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  1. Thank you all for comments! Yes, the transparent bricks hold basically because of these bricks.
  2. Great prospect! The idea of such a photo is brilliant. You did it very well! What are the legs made from? Are these just ordinary 2x2 rounds?
  3. Hey, everyone! Several years ago having bought this small set I started thinking of creating a scene based on this episode. I love Gollum and making his home was a pleasure for me!) Firstly, I wanted to concentrate on the rocks above the lake but then I decided that theunderwater world of Middle-earth is far cooler) Other photos can be found here. Thank you for your attention.
  4. The sets with big figures of Thanos and Darkseid were exactly 59,99$ each. It means nothing but I hope we'll see Bane's set with this this price, too)
  5. Noted this wonderful moc before watching the movie and back then I thought that it demonstrates the scenes from the trailer of RT very well. And now... I still think so!
  6. Thank you all for the replies. It is really important to me to know the feedback.
  7. Just amazing. These two are full of interesting ideas. At first sight couldn't understand what is your sidewalk made from. Must admit that deers look very alive!
  8. moc

    Fabulous design! The usage of the hoses is great.
  9. Hi, everyone! I've just made the moc I should have made three years ago. It's so fantastic to return to your old plans! Other photos can be found here.
  10. Looks really good! This rock part in the back does the job.
  11. Yes, it all was about strange appearance of Yoda. His back should have such detail on it, because it helpes him to jump cool in the duels.
  12. Hi! This is my second MOC, which based on "The attack of the clones". Scenses from the movie: Some bonuses. On the first photo there's my first episode II MOC. And on the second and on the third photos there's a version with new-style figures. Thanks for watching!
  13. A bonus photo)
  14. Thank you for the replies! I'd tried to make it bigger, but I didn't have enough green and orange parts...