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  1. THE INCREDIBLE BULK! I've listed 20 small tubs of parts sorted by colour/ type on gumtree. Bargains to be had! Rather than repost pics etc, here are the links to the ads with descriptions of contents, prices and pics. Basically $50 per tub for a good selection of parts (and in some cases, bulk lots of pricey stuff.) Large tubs still to be listed. Bulk listing 1 - 5 tubs of magnificence Bulk listing 2 - 5 more tubs of magnificent magnificence Bulk listing 3 - I think you can see where this is heading Bulk listing 4 - Yes, you got it. 5 more. Praise be! PM with any questions.
  2. Hi everyone, it is, I, Svelte - back from the long-dead at last. And yet I come bearing gifts for the canny Australian EBer. Basically I am selling off the remainder of my collection, which is mainly a mix of bulk parts, minifigs, animals, elements for landscaping and foliage, and some assorted sets. Exciting times! I am moving early March and need to clear out by then (in all sense of the words, ha!). I will be updating this thread every day for a week or so with new deals and pictures of the bulk items I have for sales (tubs! so many massive tubs!), but I do have some remaining sets which I am listing today, as below. Keep checking in for more deals! Some rules, please: Please don’t post in the thread just to say hello - but do send me a PM if you wish! Australian buyers only, with pickup preferred from Sydney - the more you buy, the more of a discount you get! I will mail within Australia via Aus Post satchel - no international orders (unless you’re staff, or special) Payment accepted via cash on pickup, bank deposit, money order or cheque - no PayPal The sets listed are without boxes and as described. This is a clearance sale, so chances are some parts may be missing but the sets I have listed below I am confident are all 95-100% complete. The prices are cheap for a reason - to move a large volume of LEGO quickly, so please don’t PM me asking if specific parts or sets are 100% complete or whatever. Also, if you buy a lot, I will offer you a discount, but please don’t bombard me with offers and counter-offers (prices are pretty cheap as is). MOCers will be interested in the small and large tubs of parts at $50 and $100 a pop I will be listing - I can tell you as a builder there will be some great deals to be had on large quantities of parts in basic and rare colours. Keep an eye out. Any other questions, please post or PM me! Today’s delectable selection of sets includes: Adventurers 5988 - Temple of Anubis - $80 - comes with instructions, minifigs and parts including rare Egyptian parts, rocks, tan baseplates, palm trees, printed sarcophagus 5938 - Oasis Ambush - $20 - comes with instructions, minifigs and parts 7413 - Passage of Jun-Chi - 2 sets x @$15 each - great if you have the giant kick-megablocks Dragon Fortress and want gatekeepers. Instructions, parts and minifigs for both. Agents ** Mixed lot of parts and minifigs for several sets, to be listed with photographs Alien Conquest 7051 Comes with all parts, minifigs and instructions - $15 Alpha Team 4748 Ogel’s Mountain Fortress - never released in Australia! - contains a rare 32x48 blue and white baseplate for winter MOCs, some small parts may be missing - $40 Atlantis 7978 Angler Attack - $10 - good for parts, some parts may be missing 7985 City of Atlantis - 2 x used @ $40 each, some parts may be missing, comes with instructions, one set has had stickers applied Great for modular builders 8061 - Gateway of the Squid - parts pack, comes with instructions but parts/ minifigs missing - $20 Castle 10193 MMV incomplete - say 85-90% complete - good for parts/ MOCers only - comes with instructions and unused sticker sheet, cows, some minifigs, plant leaves, medium blue bricks, it’s the smaller pieces I borrowed for various other projects - $100 8877 Vladek’s Dark Fortress - $80 - comes complete with all parts, minifigs and instructions for the black castle, but NOT the jelly knights or jelly knight catapults (ie castle and dark knights only) 8877 Vladek’s Dark Fortress - $40 - parts pack only, 50-70% complete - great for black, dark tan and dark red parts 6918 Blacksmith attack, comes with instructions, figs and parts $10 7199 King’s Carriage Ambush, comes with instructions, figs and parts, $25 7949 Prison Carriage Rescue, comes with instructions, figs and parts, $15 7950 Knight’s Showdown, comes with instructions, figs and parts, $15 ** Huge lot of older minifigs Castle Fantasy and dragons and such to be listed! City / Creator 4884 Wild Hunters - $40 95% complete - amazing source of rare tan and dark orange parts 4507 - Creator Dino - $40 - Dino only, missing a few small pieces but 99% complete. Doesn’t include other models. Raaargh! ** Various other small mixed lots to be listed Harry Potter 4750 Buckbeak - Hippogriff only - $10 4736 Dobby’s Release - $10 - instructions & minifigs 4750 Draco’s Encounter with Buckbeak - original instructions, complete with all parts and minifigs - $20 10217 Diagon Alley - Gringotts bank only - $80 - most polybags sealed, comes with instructions and stickers - never built! Great white, reddish-brown and pearl gold parts for modular builders ** Big bag of mixed minifigs also to be listed Indiana Jones ** Mixed lot of parts from several sets, mixed minifigs, and massive 7199 Temple of Doom minifig army to be listed Ninjago 2516 and 2258 - Ninja Training and Ninja Outpost - $10, may be some parts missing Pharaoh’s Quest 7305 - Scarab Attack - comes with instructions, minifgs and parts $7 7306 - Golden Staff Guardians - comes with instructions, minifgs and parts 7307 - comes with instructions, minifgs and parts 7325 - Cursed Cobra Statue - comes with instructions, minifigs and parts 7326 - Rise of the Sphinx - 2 x $40 each - comes with instructions, minifigs and parts Pirates of the Caribbean 4191 - Captain’s Cabin - $10 - comes with figs, parts, and instructions 4192 - Fountain of Youth -$20 - comes with figs, parts, and instructions 4181 - Isla de la Muerta - $20 - comes with figs, parts, and instructions 4182 - Cannibal Escape - $30 - comes with figs, parts and instructions 4193 - London Escape - 2 x @ $40 - comes with figs, parts and instructions - some parts may be missing, great for MOCers 4194 - 2 x @ $50 each - comes with instructions, parts and minifigs Prince of Persia 7569 - Desert Attack - 3 x new and sealed @ $15 each 7569 - Desert Attack - 1 x open with instructions, minifgs and parts @ $10 7570 - Ostrich Race - 1 x new and sealed @ $20 7570 - Ostrich Race - 1 x used with instructions, minifgs and parts @ $15 7571 - Fight for the Dagger - 1 x used with instructions, minifgs and parts @ $25 7572 - Sands of Time - 1 x used with instructions, minifgs and parts @ $30 7573 - Battle of Alamut - sealed parts bags 2-7 only, includes instructions but no bag 1 - $40 - great for parts hounds ** Also have a giant tub just of PoP parts which I will also be listing Space Police 5971 - Gold Heist - $10 - no instructions or stickers, some parts may be missing, does contain figs 5982 - Smash n Grab - $10 - no instructions or stickers, some parts may be missing, does contain figs 5985 - $50 - assortment of parts and minifigs only, no instructions or stickers, great for MOCers - say 70%-80% complete, does contain all the garage doors and trans blue pieces Star Wars 9496 Desert Skiff $25 complete with all parts, minifigs and instructions ** Mixed lot of incomplete sets and minifigs to be listed Coming soon! Bulk lots of parts - a MOCer’s paradise of rare and common parts, in all manner of delightful shades, from the basics (bley, red-brown, tan, white etc) to hoarded stock of rare colours bought in bulk from Bricklink (masses of dark tan, dark brown, sand green, pearl gold, dark green etc), or themed (lots of landscaping elements and amazing plants collection, whips, vines, green BURPs from the Vestas set etc) - need to take pics of these! I will be uploading something new every day for the next week. Enjoy!
  3. Closed!
  4. The 2004 version also has fleshies figs The 2007 figs are fine, but the Castle itself is a poorly assembled mish-mash of badly chosen parts that is boring to look at, gappy, and <insert that tiresome argument>.
  5. No, it won't. Why? Because the 5378 is a hideous abomination. Seriously, apart from the greenhouse, it's awful
  6. Thanks for the amazing review, Ras-amatazz! I must admit I was surprised that the 2 newspaper tiles were printed - I was sure they'd be stickers. The figs and animals are all great and I do love the overall design With this, the Alamut set and the Kingdoms Castle, it's been a great year for Castle fans. I do think some of the colour tweaks on my version are better, like making the interior roof beam of the dining hall which holds the chandelier solid tan, and I think the exterior roof works better as a mix of sand green and dark green rather than the official version of black, sand green and dark bley. But these are easily fixed. Thanks again for a lovely review!
  7. Haha! CP5670 converted to the CITY side! I am glad you like this set. Months later, the Green Grocer still remains my favourite of all of the modulars, but the Emporium does hold up pretty well. It's great for parts, too - perhaps the best of all of them. Built it looks quite dense but all spread out you can see just how much goes into this building. I agree about the weak grip of baseplates - what I'd like to see in a tiled floor is some compromise between smoothness with a few select studs thrown in at different points for fig positioning.
  8. NOW UPDATED WITH MORE PICS! The amazing Ras 74 brings us the first-ever review of the new Harry Potter flagship 4842 Hogwarts Castle! Click on the pic to view this amazing review in our LEGO Licensed forum.
  9. I've bought sets from both the Europe and the US and its a mixed lot as to what's pink and what's not. For example, on release in June from Europe I bought the large Castle - which was fine - and 2 of the smaller Prison Carriage sets - both of which were dodgy. But I recently bought another large Castle from the US and both the white-on-red prints were pink. But the Advent Calendars I opened recently (from Europe) were both fine. I never heard official confirmation that they fixed the pink issue on the horse barding either - source? The last time I requested replacement torsos they did send them promptly - I just sent another round of requests. It is very frustrating.
  10. Magical MOCspert Matn brings us the latest in a series of stunning Harry Potter themed creations - this time, a wonderful Hogsmeade Station! Click on the pic for more views and to discuss this creation in our LEGO Harry Potter Licensed forum!
  11. Yes, that's why SW has 2 wave releases and 2 S@H Exclusives per year amounting to almost 20 sets a year, including the most expensive ones Just buy 3 magnet sets and stick them in a stocking with a few blasters and crates. The price is the same and in a normal Advent Calendar you get 8 or 9 figs anyway at most with small accessories. Are you doing your own again this year hewman?
  12. Thanks for a beautiful review! I must admit, CITY hasn't grabbed me this year but I did pick this up when I first saw it. The helicopter is nice without being too small or too large (like the Coast Guard monstrosity) and the limousine is such a great concept that you have to love it even if it's not perfect.
  13. Noice work, ISC! Conceptually it's a bit of a stretch to fit the Spartan/ Pharaoh in there, but you make it work I, like everyone else, adore the little beach towels. Too cute!
  14. Lovely work! I especially love that greenhouse.
  15. Yes, there's a disparity, evident even in the Advent calendar. But there are equal numbers or more of the Dragon Knights in the 2 smaller sets which does make it easier to bump up their numbers. I do find it a bit silly that the Prison Tower Rescue has only 2 Dragons but 3 Lions (including the princess) - it should be the other way round. What really bugs me are two things: 1) There is only 1 type of printed shield per faction - in the Fantasy line, the Crownies and Skeles both had 2 types of shields (this is even before the Troll wave was released.) 2) The nice printed Dragon Knight armour is only in one proper set - the most expensive one! - which makes it very hard to build up these bad-megablocks. Apart from that, you could spin-off a 'third faction' of Pink Knights that suffer the crappy white-on-red to keep things interesting