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  1. This here is a great post encapsulating everything regarding CS's viability currently, and you make some great points about space exploration's cinematic resurgence. Perhaps this may open doors for a conflictless space theme being feasible in hopefully less than a decade! Now why though, couldn't a exploration space theme be inspired after shows such as Star Trek or Lost in Space, being centered around a single starship crew and their adventures? Perhaps, how about a theme centered around a storyline involving a crash landed starship crew aiding in the liberation of an oppressed native alien race from extraterrestrial invaders? One certain thing about space exploration, is that it doesn't quite fall into the Star Wars realm of the space fantasy genre, therefore avoiding the cannibalization of Star Wars sales. Well, I thought Alien Conquest was clever. Simple, but clever. It nicely merged City and Space together with a Halo-esq military squadron verses comical, 50's style alien invaders. The theme's successor, Galaxy Squad, also seemed to take after Halo on a light, Juniors-esq note, but nonetheless, both use a very tired conflict based formula. Another route Lego could take a Space theme could be a Space/Racers crossover, inspired by the AFOL created GARC( Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit) genre. This would be void of the usual good guys/bad guys shtick. Here are some examples of the genre. http://www.brothers-brick.com/tag/garc/
  2. http://www.nerdreport.com/2015/07/24/details-on-the-fourth-lego-sequel-the-billion-brick-race/ Here's what the film's writer/director Drew Pierce said about it. “Modestly, hopefully it will be the biggest race movie of all time,” Pearce said. “Imagine doing a race movie but having the ability to do it with Lego. So part Cannonball Run, part Wacky Races but with a real working class Rocky style blue collar vibe to it as well.” “I came up with an original Lego idea, a completely standalone Lego movie, kind of out of nowhere. Then spoke to Phil and Chris and they’re exec’ing it. I’m directing that and Jason Segal and I are writing it. It won’t come out until so many years in the future that I might even be dead. It’s like 2019 that it’s coming out, and that will run along in the background of what I do which is hopefully write and shoot an original script."
  3. Like I mentioned in my earlier post below, the Ms. Marvel arms and torso mold could be reutilized for a JLA Plastic Man. I hope a Reverse Flash comes with dual molded legs, and that the red and yellow dual molded legs introduced in the Fun at the Beach set get presumably reused for Flash. A Thomas Wayne Flashpoint Batman in the same set would be icing on the cake also.
  4. I remember someone suggesting that Lego could be limiting it to only one non-licenced series a year to coincide with the number of the year ( S18 for 2018, S19 for 2019, S20 for 2020, etc.). Its a most silly and quite absurd suggestion, but it not only looks like 2018 could play out the same way as it did this year, but 2019 could be the same way. With the LM2 in Feb. 2019 and The Billion Brick Race coming in May the same year, only September allows us a slot for a non-licenced series, presuming both films will get CMSs. And S18 being a rumored costumed series doesn't help either.
  5. Though I think Lego could have gotten away with the S1 Spaceman gun used so many times for the S17 Space Hero, I appreciate the new one, though yes, its unfortunate no connectability was designed in mind for it. It's almost like a BrickArms gun. Nonetheless, I could see and hope for its reusage in a steampunk inspired CMF done in Metallic Copper. That would be cool!
  6. http://screenrant.com/avengers-secret-war-tv-show-disney-xd/ The fourth season of the Avengers Assemble show, entitled Secret Wars, will be premiering next month on the seventeen, with new team members Captain Marvel, Black Panther, The Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Vision, and Ant-Man joining. Something else Lego can maybe produce set material off of between MCU films, with the possibility of getting at least Black Panther, The Wasp, Vision, and Ant-Man in comic form.
  7. That's true, I do prefer the Beetle over the Mini Cooper, primarily due to its shape, plentiful Dark Azure bricks, and new arch pieces. I just thought the Mustang would be good reason to use the Ford licence more, though I'm more of a Chevy guy. Speaking of Chevy, if Lego were to do a classic Chevy Bel Air for Creator Expert, it could be done primarily in BL color Light Aqua, an appropriate rare, 1950's shade. Like how the Beetle supplied us with plenty of Dark Azure, this would be another nice car to provide us with a rare color, and also to utilize the GM licence elsewhere. Many other Expert/Advanced sets have done this before.
  8. Well, awhile ago, a Power Rangers project passed the 10K mark on Lego Ideas, and Lego afterwards clarified the licence is flexible/negotiable though Mega Bloks currently makes products for it. On the other hand, Lego banned Jurassic Park projects on Ideas for awhile due to a construction toy agreement with Hasbro for Kreo. Lego picked up this licence afterwards since Hasbro's agreement expired due to Jurassic World's release date delay. So, would it be out of the question for Lego to currently consider a Thomas licence if a Thomas Ideas project was submitted and successfully passed the 10K milestone? This is what I'm wondering about primarily.
  9. I should have clarified, I'm aware for the 2004-2005 Duplo theme, I just wanted to know if Lego could be able to share the licence with Mattel for construction toys. And also, would Lego possibly be currently interested in products for the licence? That last question I know is purely speculative, but thought I'd ask for opinions.
  10. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this topic, but please do move this thread if not. Is the Thomas the Tank Engine licence negotiable for construction toys for Lego? I know Mattel made products for the Mega Bloks brand and apparently still do, so could and would Lego do products for the licence currently, at least under the Duplo and/or Juniors themes?
  11. For WB, I suppose Joss's name in the credits will be a draw for audiences. But does this mean he could direct its inevitable sequel? He already is signed up for the Batgirl solo film, so perhaps he will already be tied up with that. Also, interesting to see Chris McKay signed on to direct a Night wing solo film after TLBM.
  12. From what it sounds like in the DC and TLBM threads, I could see us getting a Justice League anniversary party set like I mentioned in a different thread today, with Krypto and the Fortress of Solitude being teased. Also, does this look like a modified City police K9 dog for TLBM or could this be the potential Krypto for next year?
  13. Most plausibly, I could see a Creator Expert 1964 Ford Mustang Hardtop being done, one, to utilize the Ford licence from Speed Champions elsewhere, and two, because its boxy design would be easy to capture in Lego bricks. If continued a fourth year, I hope to see Lamborghini for the Speed Champions theme!
  14. Perhaps we could get a Justice League anniversary party set next year for a potential third TLBM wave, similar to TLM's double decker couch set ranging around $15-$20 in price, featuring some of the more obscure Leaguers. Still, these possible new dual molded arms are of the most interest to me, since they would be perfect for so much.
  15. Does it seem like to anyone that these concepts have lower dual molded arms (a.k.a. cuffs)? Black Canary looks like the most obvious example. Unless concept artists did not consider the current production limitations for minifigures, perhaps we could be getting a new type of dual molded arm?