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    Genres such as Art Deco Architecture, Dieselpunk, Sky-fi, Retro Comic Strip Space, Classic Space, Adventures, and DC Superheroes (the only licensed theme I probably care about next to Indiana Jones).

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  1. An Atlantan Warrior! Cool, can't wait too see your upcoming work!
  2. Lots of love so far for the Rocket Boy! I didn't think much of the figure initially (as with all costumed characters) until we saw the torso print.
  3. It's great to see the new curved arch piece done in red, since that part is one of the reasons I loved the Beetle (along with all that Dark Azure)! But other than that, yeah, what is it about it? Something's lacking in the model which for some reason looks blah. Oh, I just noticed the text above the windshield reads Brickston.
  4. I frequent the site Screen Rant for film news on occasion, and I saw this opinion piece arguing why TLBM is the best Batman movie ever in fifteen reasons, which I thought made some very good points. http://screenrant.com/why-lego-batman-movie-best-film/
  5. That is one great value! A $30 set with 494 pieces at 6.1 cents a part. WOW!
  6. Hey, I really like the rounded back and front "grill", gives the starfighter an automobile sort of look.
  7. Oh, well, I don't know anything. That is just my guess, but I really couldn't see the D2C being a Fortress of Solitude type set.
  8. My guess would be that it would only be a $20-$25 minifigure heavy set, similar to 2015's Double Decker Couch for TLM. It perhaps would have 5 to 6 figures composed mostly of more obscure Leaguers such as the Wonder Twins and Apache Chief.
  9. Ha! That's quite... different. It would be interesting to see more crossover craft like this.
  10. I was contemplating two particular ideas for Creator subthemes today, one of them done for Expert sets but not for regular sets; the other never before done for either. The first idea would be for a locomotive subtheme composed of sets hovering around the $50-$70 range. For example, such a set within this subtheme could hypothetically be a 3 in 1 build including a tank engine build, a shunter diesel engine build, and a steam tram build. These sets would include no track but still be done in the "L Gauge" scale, and would include instructions for modifications of the builds to incorporate Power Functions. The second idea would be for a mini medieval village modular subtheme, made up of sets around the $40-$60 range. They would each sit on a 16 by 16 baseplate as a modular standard and usually be only two stories tall. They would each feature two to three minifigures who, although the Creator theme does not usually do this, would be original designs/new prints. The figures would widely range across feudal classes, from peasants to merchants to nobles.
  11. The S3 Pilot and S3 Space Villain are definitely all time favorites for me!
  12. Hey @ScotNick! I was just looking at your expired Ideas project, which is a most excellent model that did have some good headway as far as support goes. Would you ever again consider submitting another project? Particularly, I really think your model of the LBSCR E2 tank engine (Thomas's locomotive inspiration) may be successful on Ideas.
  13. Well, this now makes a lot of sense! In a press release for TLNM sets, Lego stated that Garmadon's walking shark mech (presumably) would be released as a set for December this year, effectively placing the winter 2018 wave a month ahead for release for Christmas. Many are speculating the same is being done for the third TLBM wave.
  14. Also, Dimensions was used as an outlet for licenses that projects Ideas rejected were based upon. Now we seem to have no such outlet for future rejected project licenses. But maybe we'll just have to wait and see.