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  1. I'm sorry if I came across as looking like I'm a part of lepin. It's actually quite sad that people have to fear Chinese cloners stealing their mocs nowadays, it's pretty messed up if you choose not to release the instructions, I respect your decision. I was just hoping to add this specific moc to my collection.
  2. Going to be building this soon. I'm getting all the parts before I buy the instructions, I'm going through my own parts first, I think I'm gonna substitute the red skeleton pieces for different colours. Great model, can't wait to build it -rogue
  3. Super excited for the instructions! They look very professional! Any idea on the price?
  4. Thanks man, also, what would you estimate the piece count being?
  5. pretty much exactly what I think 75192 will end up being, it's beautiful! any chance you can give a size comparison to the 10179?
  6. Spotted the hyperdrive in Canada. Confirmed 825 pieces and 129.99 Canadian (which equals to 99.99 usd comparing to other sets of its price)
  7. honestly I do. I hate coming across annoying but I just don't want to end up missing out on the instructions
  8. Where will you post updates on the instructions from now on?
  9. Really hoping the interior is in this. I own a 10179 and it would be really nice to have that millennium falcon right next to the new one with interior showing
  10. could anyone link the UCS millennium falcon coming soon thing?
  11. Ooo, definitely a day 1 purchase for me! Can't wait to display it next to my 10179 millennium falcon and my 75060 slave I
  12. What will be included in the instructions? Also will the instructions resemble the UCS millennium falcon, Death Star II, Star destroyer ect? Will they be 1 big book? Will they be multiple booklets?
  13. Alright. Can't wait to purchase the instructions, now I know why they are taking so long. Where will they be sold?