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  1. I received my prize too. Thank you CopMike for doing this amazing raffle every year.
  2. Hello! I want to present to you my newest MOC dedicated to the HP universe. Some characteristics: hуight - more then 50 cm; pieces - more then 3000; building time - about 10 days. The back of the model is realy boring. That's because I have not found the images of it. Sorry for the quality of the two next pictures. My camera have broken down, so I used my phone. There is an interior inside some rooms.
  3. Underwater Christmas! (have no time to create something bigger, so excuse me please)
  4. Yes, I was inspired by Doctor Who series. More pictures of Flickr.
  5. My ideal Christmas Gift is a letter from Hogwarts and different magic equipment (especially wand and Remembrall). But I'm too old to study in Hogwarts, also I wish I were a bit more young.
  6. The new doctor lands in two hours so it's time to show you two my sonic screwdrivers. The Tenth. The Eleventh.
  7. BatPod BatPod 2.0 The Bat
  8. Thank you CopMike! Great minifigs and funny box.)
  9. (79004, 79010, 21103x2).
  10. My entry:
  11. Some minifigs and parts from BrickLink.