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  1. Funny, I have recently build an UDS, you can check how I implemented rotating bucket here:
  2. I have made a .io file for stud.io so everyone can build it. You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_52o8Yjx1kuZTU3QS0zQjdJaVU/view?usp=sharing I have discoveder during dissassembly that whole build would benefit from many optimalizations - the excavator base is just bunch of liftarms, the backbone of the truck is quite complicated too without reason (and better bracing as well). But I want to move on to another project, once I consider build "finished" I cannot work on it anymore as I have already full mind of upcoming project. i will also put it on rebrickable so you can check inventory (approx. 1850 parts). Tatra 815 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr
  3. I would suspect piston rods to be mounted wrong - this part:
  4. I have made video: It is such a pain to make video of manual model, but I think you can get hold of all major features from it.
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to introduce my truck with excavator. It is loosely based on Tatra 815 with UDS 114 (universal finishing machine). The real thing looks like this: I really like this type of excavator, its main advantage is high mobility because it can even go on highway. It is mainly used on road building and terrain shaping. My goal was to make pneumaticly operated truck, preferably playable by kids. I started with some blueprints and decided to use 49,5mm wheels that set my scale to roughly 21,5:1. I wanted it to look like an older truck, with low cabin and boxy design. The model features: - HOG steering by spare wheel at the back of cabin - Openable doors with decent details in interier - Fake V4 engine that is connected to rear axles, each with differential and with shock absorbers (~1 stud travel distance) - Pendular unsprung front axle with ackerman steering (~3 studs travel distance) - Pneumatic stabilizers that are able to lift the whole truck - Pneumatic jib with manual extension from ~40 to 68 studs - Manually operated bucket with 360° rotation The above is a result of many compromises - like V4 engine instead of inline 6 etc. It is not possible to fit larger engine into this scale, I tried mini fake engine but I didn't liked how it looks. What is most satisfying for me is the front axle with ackerman steering and pivot point nearly in center of the wheel. That allowed me to build very nice fenders close to wheel. The wheel doesn't touch it even in full turn radius and fully compressed. The rear axles are by Efferman, he used this design in his Kenworth crane. I really like it. Enough talk, some pictures: IMGP4963 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4964 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4965 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4966 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4968 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4969 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4970 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4971 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4973 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4974 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr The weight of the fully extended jib is pushing the thin pneumatic cylinders to their limit. I wanted to keep thin ones at all cost because they look much better. I have redid the jib like 15 times, ending with studded one that prooved the best abilities in terms of rigidity, weight and looks. The battery box is there as counterweigh only. I had several versions with PF - to run compressor (not enough pressure to lift fully extended jib), motorized jib extension (took too much space from the extension),.. so in the end I threw PF out, leaving all functions as manual. The stabilizers were also quite challanging due to the angle and size, at least they have no problem lifting whole truck. I hope you like it.
  6. Can anyone please tell me if by any chance rim 44292 fits with wheel hub 92909 please? Thanks +
  7. Sure, you are right, I forget it was mentioned here. I wouldn't consider 42069 "very large" but it is more probable than anything else.
  8. There is an interesting interview today in Czech newspaper with Milan Reidl (aka Grohl), designer of technic sets. Apparently the tracked racer (42065) is designed my Milan, the car chasis is his job as well. He also mentioned that a very large set designed by him will hit the shelves in August. So he is maybe designer of 42070?
  9. Yes the connection is very strong. The wobble is still there as claas tires are in my opinion too big for lego, but it is much better compared to stock solution. I would make some pictures but there is absolutely nothing to see. The film can be bought here in various thickness: http://www.jatagan.eu/en/make-a-knife/teflon/
  10. I have reduced the wobble in the wheel hub by using 0,3mm thick teflon washer between the hub and axle (on Claas hubs). Maybe the portal axles would require different thickness of the washer. Teflon is also more slippery so its win-win. I have bought a sheet of teflon film in size 10x10cm/0,3mm for about 1€ and cut the washers out of it.
  11. This is so awesome, your build inspired me in a lot of ways, I like the rear axle with suspension most and used that design in my current moc. I don't have enough parts for your build atm but I will surely build it in future.
  12. Sure, see attached picture, I don't mind the ratio, but a matching gear to the lego 8 tooth would be better in my opinion.
  13. Hello efferman, you have some very nice parts here. I would like to buy some gears from you but I don't know how they couple together either with your custom gears or with lego ones. I'm particularly looking for ANY two gears that would couple together 1 stud apart in diagonal way. Thank you very much.
  14. Wow very nice, this is so cool to see other people building it for real, very inspiring to make more MOCs and instructions, thank you!