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  1. And they still come in red in red models like 42029, why TLG is doing this, they obviously have to make them in purple for such sets! I cannot distinguish them from 15L beam
  2. Geez that is the last thing on that mold that should be changed. How about making it 1L, that would save much more plastic
  3. No this is regular blue, only seen once in 42024
  4. Really nice build so far, I think the string for bin lift is OK, regular liftarms would be too chubby imo, maybe thin ones might work fine Btw. that amount of blue 5x11 panels , I desperatly seek them but they are very rare and expensive as hell
  5. It seems you were not the only one as BL is swarmed with this color already, which would be strange given this color appeared recently and it is available in no more than 4 sets
  6. Full inventory of 75532 Scout trooper is available at BL: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemInv.asp?S=75532-1 There are some interesting re-colors like drive ring extension in black: And axle with pin hole in DBG: For me the best news is re-appearance of #2 connector in DBG, 2 pieces are in this set, this color appears after 11 years!
  7. Yes Uwe Wabra is designer of 42070. I think he is the (technic) designer that is currently longest time with TLG
  8. My corner: 20170608_095853 The problem is that some small drawers are completely full. I will have to reorganize some of them, moving parts in colors I don't use away to currently empty drawers in top left corner. There are roughly 7k parts there, tires and pannels are stored in table drawers. I don't keep any models assembled, so I don't have any display shelf.
  9. Regarding the point 7) about the gearbox - This kind of gearbox with electric switch to select rotation direction is in my opinion better for such model, because the main play feature of it is to push it around on carpet, occasionally stopping to play with crane. Because the motor runs only when actually engaged, you save batteries. On the other hand, play value of BWE without motor switched on is very limited. Otherwise very nice writeup, I'm periodically checking rebrickable if I already have all the parts for this truck and I'm getting close, I miss no more than 10 parts, some of them crucial tho.
  10. The complete range of 7-11-12-14-16 and 19 is available in red and black only, that is why I avaoid them. They are scarce and expensive. Luckily they are only cosmetic and easily replacable with custom pneumatic hose. I think panels are the biggest issue, new cool panels are released in weird colors and some basic colors appeared once or twice in past ~7 years (like yellow #5 in 3 sets in 2010 and 2011). Lego used to release suplemenary packs of usefull parts (like styling pack 5220), it would be cool to see them again.
  11. I disagree, because for serious MOCing you need much wider parts pallet. Take a look at medium blue - it is missing some crucial liftarms like 4x2 and 9L. It would be cool to see some suplementary sets released with new colors - a pack of complete range of liftams in large quantity, the same with panels. Otherwise the mocing potential is very limited. I think the 42070 would look good in regular blue as well and it would nicely expand blue panel range as it is very limited.
  12. No 42050 and 42059 are medium azure, i believe dark azure on 42070 is first appearance in technic VTOL jet 42066 is medium blue, just like 42022 or 42036
  13. I don't think we will see smaller diffs ever. It would mean either making smaller gears that would fit inside (not imo possible as 12t half bewels are already very small and fragile) or making it as closed system without possibility to dismantle (not likely as it would be expensive). With or without diff, I will probably buy the fire truck anyway - it is in basic colors and I don't have these baloon tires yet.
  14. The engine is at the back of the truck so the position of the bewel gear makes sense. I really hope the diff is there...
  15. There is tan 20t bewel gear visible in this picture: it is placed exactly where differential would be so I guess there is one. I don't see why the ground clearance would be an issue, diff is OK even with 49,5 tires