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  1. That would be amazing! Going off your AAT idea, I'd like to see one at $25(same price as the republic tank) and have a similar selection of figures like 1 pilot, 1 regular droid, 1 clone, and either a special Jedi or even a separatist commander(Wat Tambor or someone similar). That would be cool.
  2. Senate commando, though tie pilot looks great
  3. Interesting use of those pieces! Way to be creative!
  4. Hmmmmmmm I really like Poe but man I find the first order trooper amazing. So uhh man this is hard. But First order trooper
  5. Just saw this today and I'm super glad I did! Amazing work. Definitely original! I love it.
  6. Flame Trooper, hard choice between him and the Tusken but I figured since the later was winning I'd go with the trooper. I kind of miss the old Tuskens though.