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  1. Okay so as of last I checked in the US the event doesn't start till May the 4th actually. That's when we can get the R2-D2 promo. It also said special sale on items but so far all I saw was a like a key chain and a watch. Just wondering if I'm missing something or if we just start later.
  2. Yeah as mentioned there may be a new Millennium Falcon soon. But I've heard good things about the Slave 1. Also the Tie fighter has been out for awhile so you may get a good deal. If you like minifigures than the death star or even hoth(don't hate me) have decent minifigure collections, if you like models more than I'd save yourself a lot of money and not get these first. Personally I recommend buying an older set as you can get a deal and get it before it retires. I'd recommend you wait a week or so till the May 4th celebration and depending on your country you may get a decent discount. Overall Slave 1 is probably your best bet.
  3. Almost went with hovertank pilot, but I feel like I have to go with Han Solo
  4. Unkar seems pretty cool. U-wing pilots face is meh. Woodie warrior is decent. Snow Chewbacca almost got the vote, cool figure. Farr is decent. Teedo is good,but I feel like he needs shorter legs. A really nice matched round in my opinion I went back and forth a lot, even while I was writing this. Also if this is the last "Round 1" will we have a playoff between all the Round 1 champs in round 2? Winner: Unkar
  5. The latest Rogue One rebel battlepack
  6. Tatooine Luke looks pretty good, but it has to go to my man the Royal Guard!
  7. I don't think anyone could more shoretroopers! I mean if you buy the at the sale that saves 40%, then for further savings you could sell 3 Cassian Andor figures(assuming you wanted to keep one, and had no use for the others). On brick link they seemed to go for about $7 or so, at least the ones I saw. So say you sold them for $5 that's $15 right there. Then you could either sell the Erso minifigs or put the helmet on and use her as just a plain imperial solider. Plus the set comes with 2 extra blasters. So if you normally discard the stud shooters from battlepacks you have 8 extra blasters to fill your troops with. The deal is practically profit! Okay, well maybe not, but it's a labor of love. Good luck with the build! I'd love to see it when it is finished.
  8. Awesome! battle of Scarif is one I've planned on picking up, unfortunately it is on the last day. I may also buy Luke's land speeder I don't have any of the figures except C3-p0 and I probably won't find a better deal on it anywhere else. I was kind of hoping we'd get a few different deals. Especially since I just got that rebel pack, but that's good for those who want to army build. Just have to decide if I should wait to the last day to try to get the promo, or go in for deals. Maybe both
  9. Hello! 1. I'd say it hasn't really changed my perspective of Lego drastically. I think it is cool they give a chance to us common Joe's to created a set. Even if it isn't accepted, I think it's just cool to have a place to showcase your ideas with a shot(however small) at it becoming a real set. I just think its a really cool idea with opportunity for some awesome sets. I haven't bought any ideas sets yet, but they've all looked pretty cool. 2. I'd say it'd be pretty hard for them to make a mistake that would alienate me, and if they did it would probably be a major disaster on their end. Like if they choose to make a set about a theme I don't like. Not just like say a show I don't like or a movie, but more I guess something I disagree with personally. They've been careful to avoid controversial topics in any form so I strongly doubt they'd do anything drastic. 3. I wouldn't say more loyal, I'm just as loyal before as after. I'd say I'm more like that's a cool idea, maybe one day I'll submit one. 4. Don't really know much about it, i really don't keep up much with Ideas. Seems like a cool think. Final thoughts: cool survey! Good luck with the research. If you have more questions feel free to ask them here I'm sure many people will be willing to help.
  10. Kylo since you mentioned he has the helmet! That helmet(though I thought it was a bit bulky at first) is actually kind of cool. I imagine he comes with his light saber in this lineup which is also cool, though I wish it was a bit more accurate. Still amazing minifig.
  11. Good to know, thanks! Just trying to plan accordingly I don't want to buy they y-wing for $60 USD if it will be $36 later. Or spend a lot of money on a set and have another set I want go on sale, I'm a poor(well probably more cheap than poor) man . My hope is Krennics Shuttle gets the big 40%, that would be amazing. Though I doubt it. With luck it will be actual sets, and more expensive ones. Not like magnets, key chains, books, or dvds(nothing against those just rather have a set on sale). At the very least a microfighters on sale would be cool. But here's to hoping for better What do other people want to get a heavy discount if I may ask?
  12. So I read that most star Wars sets will be 10% off April 29th- May 5th, with one set being 40% off each day. Will we know which sets are going to be 40% off, or will it be a day by day thing. Because I'd like to jump on it as soon as I can, but I don't want to buy a set that will be 40% off the next day. Second question how quickly does the May 4th promotion(R2-D2 build this year) run for before it runs out. It always says "while supplies last", I imagine a lot of people jump on this deal, so are supplies normally well stocked to last the whole time with "while supplies last" as just a bit of clause just in case, or is it where normally after the first day or two they are sold out. (Accidently posted that in the a Future minifigs discussion by accident the first time, whoops)
  13. Wow nice build! And amazing lighting/effects!
  14. Eh, kind of a tough one, but not because I feel one is a lot better. Obi-Wan is mildly accurate, but that breathing apparatus print.... Both Leias are decent and pretty accurate. Jyn doesn't really seem that accurate to me, it's not a bad figure, I just don't see it as Jyn really. Poe is pretty good. The astromech seems pretty good. So overall I guess I gotta give my vote to R3-A2 , I couldn't tell you who he is, or anything about him in the slightest. But we need an Astromech on the leader board!
  15. Personally when episode 8 comes out I'm interested in Snoke, it would almost be cool if he was larger in some way, since supposedly he is taller in the movies. That would be near impossible. Also what about a new Count Dooku, I feel as if he is due to appear in a set sometime soon. Also a few more figures we need/I want: Commander Cody Boss Nass Magnaguards More Naboo guards/Gungan battlepack Ki-adu-Mundi Kit Fisto Kaminoians Possibly an Episode 1 Palpatine Nemodians