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  1. Nice MOC, I met Catherine Tate and she was soooo nice :)
  2. It hasn't happened because the print on the head would have to be moved up, so I don't think there is one. I mean, the Holiday Batman was the only Batman to come without the white "band", but the eyes don't fit into the mask
  3. OMG, not 1, not 2 but 3 GARMADONS, a girl with a Unikitty shirt and a scientist with a Batman shirt!!! These are awesome!
  4. Yeah, I just watched it, but I have watched it multiple times before :)
  5. I wouldn't say it's that much of a spoiler. Plus who HASN'T seen the movie??????????? Will do :)
  6. That's what I was thinking, they could even have the GCPD Rooftop with the Batsignal
  7. They might even do a Gotham City set, although I think I would prefer a Wayne Manor, Larger Batcave (could be include in the Wayne Manor tbh) or Fortress of Solitude. Maybe even the Gala but I doubt it. *maybe it's not even TLBM
  8. Yeah, I suggested Grand Admiral Thrawn earlier :)
  9. Just noticed the girl with pink and blue hair on the blind bag aswell
  10. There is so many good DC customs to make out of these: -Apache Chief -Gotham Penguin -If Misako's hair was black then Katana -Green Arrow To name a few Possibly some League of Assassins characters and also King Shark.....
  11. September 1st is my guess
  12. I'm still hoping for this version of Garmadon in the CMF's but I doubt it now
  13. I was only going to get the entire ninja crew, Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon. Now I want everything
  14. Oh, I can't remember it in TLM, I haven't seen it in ages