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  1. thanks a lot! when i build my own i'll post the result
  2. this Batmobile is awesome!! cool, functional and not too big... my villains minifigs will be in fear for this :) and you are awesome to share your creation in ldd file... but the brickshelf link said "This folder is not yet public." my villains are laughing for this
  3. seeing the picture... it seems the creator used the "Windscreen 6 x 4 x 2 1/3 Bubble Canopy with Handle" ( and has cut off an half part to got an half bubble you think my intuition is right? if not... i dont understand what part theese windows are
  4. hi, the lego ideas page is erased... i have one question: what part you used for the "windows"?
  5. thanks for your comment!! this is the main "clean" design project... for the jungle diorama it will look dirty and scratched I used the blue color... for not reason... now i try to do in medium blue Edit: I checked on bricklink... and i can't do the van in "medium blue" or other blue tone... because some parts, as the doors hinge exists only in "blue" tone
  6. Hi, I made this moc because i love the Tv Show "Lost" and want make a little diorama with the van in the jungle For inspiration I started to the VW Van (10220 set) but it isn't in minifig scale... than I searched some mocs but the most used techniques for recreating the van are a bit different from the original design or are very ugly in my opinion... some days ago I found on the closed official LDD Gallery one project and i love it, simple, smooth and very similar to the original VW Van... ( after a couple of days redesigning the moc for make more strong the structural connections and changing some detail, i finally fninished the van ofcourse i will change the "tile round 2x2" in the front with a personalized one showing the "Dharma logo" 1 by Rusty B., su Flickr 2 by Rusty B., su Flickr 3 by Rusty B., su Flickr 4 by Rusty B., su Flickr You can see some other pics on my Flickr What do you think? comments are welcome P.S.: I want to change the doors with a singular sliding door... but for now i have not a good idea to recreate it mantaining the clean design and the proportion..
  7. the problem is to make the cockpit really spherical. cutting out the wings structure let the design not spherical...
  8. thanks, i will try it
  9. hi, i'm trying to do a Tie_Defender moc.. and i ask to you if someone got a suggest or make the round cockpit
  10. hi, in this 2 months if i go to the LDD site, i can see the same gallery... i mean without updates from users... the last creation i can see is an airplane... my question is: the LDD gallery is closed? or what? really noone use the LDD gallery since gennuary 2017?
  11. finally i've finished the first prototype of the Tie_Boarding_Craft! now i'll work on the engines, but i've not idea how they will be... i need manage some parts, because for now the model is around 1000 pieces comment the result, please idont know how to post a image... the attachment space is around 100k... for this i give you the link of google drive
  12. For the Tie_Striker_Dropship i found this video
  13. I'm near to finish the Tie_Boarding_Craft... and for now it's near 1000 bricks
  14. maybe my english is bad... i was mean that: when the model will be complete, i will have the cockpit with 3 pin on the back, 2 upside and one downside, and i will connect the cockpit to the crew model with theese pins and the technic brick, floating for now... is the same thing u can see reading the instructions of the tie advanced in the 75150 set... i think is a easy type of connection of modules
  15. the floating technic brick needs to be there because i use the "module" method to create my crafts, or easy disassembling... in order to have 2 wings, one cockpit, one close cockpit and 2 crew module connected all together with technic pins