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  1. the problem is to make the cockpit really spherical. cutting out the wings structure let the design not spherical...
  2. thanks, i will try it
  3. hi, i'm trying to do a Tie_Defender moc.. and i ask to you if someone got a suggest or make the round cockpit
  4. hi, in this 2 months if i go to the LDD site, i can see the same gallery... i mean without updates from users... the last creation i can see is an airplane... my question is: the LDD gallery is closed? or what? really noone use the LDD gallery since gennuary 2017?
  5. finally i've finished the first prototype of the Tie_Boarding_Craft! now i'll work on the engines, but i've not idea how they will be... i need manage some parts, because for now the model is around 1000 pieces comment the result, please idont know how to post a image... the attachment space is around 100k... for this i give you the link of google drive
  6. For the Tie_Striker_Dropship i found this video
  7. I'm near to finish the Tie_Boarding_Craft... and for now it's near 1000 bricks
  8. maybe my english is bad... i was mean that: when the model will be complete, i will have the cockpit with 3 pin on the back, 2 upside and one downside, and i will connect the cockpit to the crew model with theese pins and the technic brick, floating for now... is the same thing u can see reading the instructions of the tie advanced in the 75150 set... i think is a easy type of connection of modules
  9. the floating technic brick needs to be there because i use the "module" method to create my crafts, or easy disassembling... in order to have 2 wings, one cockpit, one close cockpit and 2 crew module connected all together with technic pins
  10. here is the .lxf any suggestion for the structural design of the "crew module"? or any other ideas for a transport Tie craft?
  11. this is my first try to do the Tie_Boarding_Craft. is a prototype in two version: Tie_Striker based and custom 75150 cockpit design. the top is open for now because in the finisched design i want a cover to open and close for manage the troopers inside. any suggestion? i have the .lxf but i dont know how to post it...
  12. I think the canon is the Lucas vision of the Star Wars universe... the new Disney ships design is cool, but with different taste, different vision. maybe I used the wrong words when I said "non-canon"... sorry for that.. "not old school" maybe was a better definition anyway i trying to imagine an "old school" troop transport ship based on the Tie Series.. this is the main problem the Tie Boarding Craft is the nearest of my concept, but in effective creation, with minifig scale, i think is not properly easy to design to have 4 seats and a pilot... someone had created one?
  13. the Tie Boarding Craft is cool, is similar to Tie Bomber, but, in Lego design i can't find the way to put the 4 stormtrooper inside... the structure inside not allow to have a lot of space... the Tie Reaper is very cool, a bit "not canon" but i dont care... i will try to make this design and post the result... if someone create this before me, please post it. and if you all want post your ideas for a Tie-Transport, thanks a lot
  14. Hi, i'm working on a Moc but i got a serious problem: I'm trying to make a Tie ship (imperial ofcourse) that it can have 5 seats, one for the pilot and 4 for the troopers. i can't imagine how this ship can be built, i mean the main core... i have modified the Sith Fury Class Interceptor, the Tie Bomber, the Tie Striker, but noone o theese make me say "hell yeah, this ship is awesome!" if anyone have some ideas or can give to me a inspiration for make this moc, i really appreciate it. i use LDD for planning the initial design for the cockpit i think to use the 75150 design, and for now i not want to think about the wings (they are a second step for creating this moc) thanks to all the community for the help
  15. thaks for the reply! i opened the but not understand how to modify to gain the result i want... there is a tutorial or someone can help me (here or in pm) for learn the knowledges i need to do a good rendering with bluerender?