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  1. I don't have one myself but I know a guy who does and he said it's one piece. Then why did they choose to mould the shark helmet to the armour despite the fact that they're producing the armour separately for the puffer figure?? Also, the armour sticks out a fair bit so having the octopus ontop would stick out even further. They're moulded. Trust me.
  2. It's one piece. 100%.
  3. My local sainsbury's sorts them out for you. So all of one minifigure appears grouped together on the side of the shelves. For the batman series I just bought every third pack and got no repeats because of this ordering that they do. Not sure if it's intentional though.
  4. Zane is the best. Reminds me of my 9th and 10 grade history teacher from back in the day. He even went camping with us when we did our DofE expedition.
  5. I love all of these. Except lloyd. That's just lazy.
  6. I love this narrative. When you get the figures, you should make it into a web comic. In other news, everyone seems to be focusing on the yet to be revealed girl with the pink hair on the cmf packet but you're all missing the lloyd figure in his ninja garb- which seems like an odd choice as that figure is in no way exclusive.
  7. I'll be getting all of those figures except for the guitarist. I'm also second guessing whether or not I should get Zane's tank. Now that we have clearer images, I don't love it as much. But it will be cheaper than I anticipated.
  8. But TLBM hardly acknowledged TLM so I hope that they do the same here.
  9. Is the lady with the new orange hair mould Ivy Walker or is it the little girl? Personally, I could see it being the former. It'd be great if it were.
  10. I don't like musicals. Period. Also, I'm hoping that TLM2 is not canon with TLBM. Hopefully Ninjago can deliver.
  11. Looks a little messy to me. I'll have to pass in favour of getting the bounty, fire mech and ice tank.
  12. As someone who studied archaeology at an amatuer level, I really love this. You did a great job at capturing all of the sites featues. Great stuff all around.
  13. I think that is why they split the masks into 2- So that you can either display the ninja with their hair and bottom half of their mask or the whole hood.
  14. Do you mean fly as in actually fly or as in a child holding it in the air and running around the room??
  15. To me, this is the only bad set of the entire wave. So far at least.