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  1. Your building is simply great! The raised baseplate and the different houses fit very well. I particularly like the first picture (sooner or later I'll steal your bridge and the windows )... it reminds me seventeenth-century buildings, half houses and half castles, where Italian and Spanish noblemen lived (mainly in Lombardy and Southern Italy)
  2. Thank you for your comments! I'm satisfied by the overall result, even if the facade isn't exactly as I designed it at first. The most challenging part were surely the mechanical connection between the grindstone and the waterwheel and the design of the roof (keep it together was quite a challenge!!!) Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing it!
  3. Gunpowder for La Royale - Small Factory - License active
  4. "As you required in your letter, Monsieur Rimbaud, I invested the sum you sent in this powder mill. The property of your brimstone quarry outside the town provides us a regular flow of the most expensive raw material and, even if we still have to import saltpeter and coal, the profit margin is extremely good. Moreover, to avoid dangerous sabotages, I required a continuous watch." "You have been prudent as usual, Renè. We produce gunpowder in the New World, without additional import cost... that means more and cheaper gunpowder for our navy, and someone will probably be disappointed. Nevertheless, I think that our enemies will not dare directly attack us here... we should provide a small escort to the shipments of raw materials too. And what about water?" "The water we need comes from River of the True Faith so, except during severe droughts, the mill will keep working. But..." "But?" "Monsieur Rimbaud, I've been loyal to your family since before you were born, so I'll take the liberty of being completely frank: are you sure that investing in Astrapi, a relatively insignificant colony hundreds of miles far from our motherland, is a good idea?" "I understand your doubts, old friend of mine: you fear I will waste all my holdings on a godsforsaken island... but don't worry, I'm not looking forward to going broke: Astrapi is in a strategic position and, if the settlement grows, will become a fundamental resupply place for Oleander fleets east of Breshau, so I'm sure that my bet will soon be rewarded. Now, what about visiting the interior?" Here is were gunpowder is produced: sulphur, saltpeter and coal are grinded together by the heavy millstone; the powder obtained is then sifted and stored in barrels, wet with alchool to minimize the risk of explosion. Proportion of the three components and dimension of powder grains define the explosive power of the powder (the smaller, the stronger); the back wall seems so unstable because actually it is: in case of explosion it would direct the explosion towards an uninhabited area (in this case the river).
  5. Honestly I wouldn't like to be in the governor's shoes... even in seeing the doctor I probably should say shoe! Great foretress and excellent forced perspective!!! I'd love to see the whole building
  6. Nice building!!! The (not so ) forced perspective is very well done and the last scene is very funny and completely unexpected
  7. Wonderful fighting scene, Ayrlego! The battery is simply great, and the custom uniforms are very nice... Not to mention the texture of the beach!
  8. Thank you! In truth I've been offline for a while and this is a littorio Free Build to introduce my character again I'll be on the deck waiting for you!!!
  9. "Once you take the King's shilling, your first pay, you become a soldier. For at least three years you'll serve our country aganist our enemies, whoever they will be. Honour your vow and you'll be rewarded with glory, respect and regular wages; defect and you'll be court-martialled. I'm not an officer of that kind always calling for salute and impeccable uniform, but I require absolute loyalty towards me and towards your comrades. I personally selected you among those who wanted to enlist... I know that you are a good sailor and a good fighter, and also that in the past you were on board the Fantome, a ship "slightly" suspected of piracy. I think you are the kind of man we need to defend our colonies and our interests in the New World... Am I mistaken? Today you are considered a pickpocket and a loser... Are you ready to become a respected defender of our Motherland?" "You are not mistaken, sir! I'll do my best to clear my name and serve Oleon aganist our enemies!" "A fine speech, some money and the promise of a fresh start... - thought Tristan, looking at the new recruit- That's enough to turn a group of lowlives and beggars into a formidable fighting force". He led into battle men of this kind, when he was a young officer garrisoned on the troubled Western Border: scoundrels with a bad reputation and a past full of mistakes, but with their heart at the right place and surely more guts than the average regular soldier. "Yes- he thought while the recruit took without hesitation the King's shilling- these are exactly the men I need". Soldiers and sutlers storing supplies A cavalryman leaving the camp Soon the military unit will be trained and equipped. Until then, probably I should choose an appropriate name for it!
  10. Wonderful battle scene! It's quite sad to see a brave Eslandolan commander killed by Marderian rabble, but their battle line and the charge are both great, not to mention the minifigures you chose... Great job Capt Wolf!!!
  11. Thank you for your feedback! To be honest I'm quite proud of my photographs since most of my previous pics were completely out of focus Thank you!!! I'm actually building a powder mill powered by water, but it'still a work in progress... I'll post it as soon as possible!
  12. Brimstone extraction outside Astrapi - Small Factory - License active
  13. Sulfur has been used for centuries in several sectors: while alchemists consider it (together with mercury and salt) one of the "primordial essences" constituing matter, physicians use sulfur in skin treatment and to prevent the spreading of contagious diseases (i.e. disinfecting a room by fumigation); modern science, additionally, is discovering more and more possible uses of this element in industrial processes. What makes brimstone extraction a real paramount, however, is gunpowder production; coal and saltpeter can be produced (even if the latter requires long and complex procedures), but sulfur can be obtained only digging it in volcanic areas: for this reason large deposits represent one of the most precious and fiercely disputed mineral resources; up until now, in the New World, no real brimstone lode has already been discovered and most of the gunpowder is still imported from the motherland. In the uninhabited interior of Île de Zeus, in a rocky area near to Astrapi, an explorative expedition recently found a volcanic cliff with deep cracks and fumaroles: some of them developed wide sulfur encrustations that can be exploited (even if on a limited scale). Hammering sulfur concrections on a rickety footbridge, clinging to the rocks among suffocating fumes, is probably one of the most dangerous occupations, significantly more than working in the mines but, since the pay is relatively good, it's not hard to find someone mad enough to take this job. Rock scraps are later lifted (using a rudimental crane) to the top of the cliff, where they are put in barrels ready to be sent to Astrapi: there sulfur will be grinded, refined and converted into "the finest gunpowder of the New World", as the manufacturers say. The largest and purest sulfur crystals are accurately selected and packed diractly in the extraction site: bought at a high price by chemists and alchemists, they ensure an additional (and considerable) profit margin. To be licensed as a small factory; this building is freely based on Cortes expedition to Popocatepetl crater (conquistadores needed gunpowder for their cannons). C&C are obviously welcome