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  1. I agree with Jurss, those new panels look a bit big as headlights compared to the rest of the truck. Other than that, it looks very promising Also, what is the 36z wheel behind the cabin used for? Steering?
  2. Nicely done! What will you use them for?
  3. A small advice Aleh: the hood would look better if you could add that chrome trim like in the original picture you posted
  4. I have the same problem with some quite common parts such as pins, 3L pins, 3L axles, 3 liftarms, etc, their drawers are full to the brim. I just just fill the drawers and the place the excess parts in an box which contains only repeated unsorted parts. There is no point in having all of them in the drawers since I will only use a few when I build. And when I'm done, I refill the drawers. Nice setting by the way!
  5. Looking good, I really like the new version? I'm just curious: have you tested the chassis to see how much it bends?
  6. Wow, having a dog makes it a lot funnier! And I guess you're right, better times will come. Thanks for the support! I usually build late in the afternoon when it's not that hot. Anyway, we each have our own preferences but the only thing that matters is that we keep building
  7. I think it looks pretty good, I really like the colour scheme. I especially love the crane. Good job!
  8. @Erik Leppen It seems that TLG does that on purpose as a business strategy. They release a few different parts of a new colour in different sets so that we have to buy more sets and spend more money in order to have a proper collection of a single colour. It's more profitable to them than if they released a single set with a bunch of parts in a new colour. It sucks but I kind of get it
  9. Ahahah @AVCampos I laughed so hard when I saw your comment! But I totally agree, so many shades of blue are incredibly annoying!
  10. My heart died a little bit after seeing this! I have the same shelf and I've checked and it's bending in the middle, maybe a warning about what is to come? Just to be safe I have removed my sets from it. Too bad about the broken pieces. Best of luck rebuilding!
  11. My thoughts were that TLG had originally planned to release 10 new sets per year and so assigned a given number series to each year (42001-42010 for 2013; 42011-42020 for 2014, etc.) and that they realised they messed up with 42011 and so skipped all the way to 42020 to start over. But then they realised that they could make a lot more money by releasing more sets each year and thus abandoned the idea altogether. I think they have skipped recent sets because they were not good enough and needed some improvements, like 42051/42068
  12. Proper dragster, really fast and capable of doing wheelies on it's own! Nice work! The only thing I can point is that I wish you had used the black wheels from the original model, but that's a minor detail
  13. I've got one of those drawers organizers and sort mine by type of part (shape). Plus I have a box where I keep my wheels and another for my PF parts
  14. You could try Bricksafe instead, it's a pretty good alternative and doesn't crash all the time
  15. Hi guys! Summer is coming, at least here in Portugal, meaning nice long sunny days are becoming an habbit. Which is a good thing since I love to open the folding table stored in the garage and buid under the shade provided by the trees in the garden. Last year, my last summer break from university, I did it almost every day from 5 p.m. until dinner (one time I was so focused I skipped dinner and only stopped MOCing when I couldn't see anything at around 10 p.m.) . Sadly I won't be able to do the same this year as I have to study for a massive exame in November Anyway, I was wondering, does anyone else like to build outside in the nature? Cheers!