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    Big fan of superheroes. I know Marvel probably has better sets but I prefer DC because of the characters and classic stories. I also like Doctor Who but find it difficult justifying the Cyberman or other Dimensions pack. I stopped collecting Star Wars because I simply couldn't afford to collect them anymore. I miss the Harry Potter line but Star Wars prevented me from getting any of the larger sets


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  1. My God... Does that mean it's over? Finally over?
  2. I'm not sure. Here are the legs on Flash
  3. Yeah, that's what I meant
  4. That was only in America (and maybe a few other countries?)
  5. Apologies Captain, I did not intend on causing rampant wishlisting. I'll continue the discussion in the suitable thread Keep up the good work
  6. Yeah, I just meant the characters in the movie scene not the set as Dinah is in the CMF and I doubt we'll see WW, Flash, MM or Hawkman due to their unchanged appearances
  7. Huh? I was assuming that the party set was the D2C
  8. Sorry! My bad! Here are all the characters in the scene Released figs- Wonder Woman (2012), Superman (2012), Aquaman (2013), Flash (2014), Hawkman (2015), Martian Manhunter (2015) Unreleased variants- Cyborg (new variant, based off the 80s), Green Lantern (2015 with slight variation), Green Arrow (classic costume) Unreleased characters- Wonder Dog, Gleek, Zan and Jayna, Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, Samurai, El Dorado, Hawkgirl, Black Canary
  9. Wonder Woman is the same as her 2012 version, Hawkman I think is also the same as his original fig. While Cyborg is based off his classic costume from the 80s Edit- unless you meant which characters would fit in with the Super Friends aesthetic?
  10. So a JLA party set? That would make sense considering GA isn't in the CMF. I imagine we'll get most of the new heroes/variants here and the rest in the CMF. Hopefully there's more to it than the party though, I feel that for it to be a decent D2C it should include- The main entrance A decent exterior capturing the Fortress' iconic shape (might be hard to pull off but I have faith in the designers) The party room (obviously) The Atomic Cauldron (though, again, might be difficult to acheive) The crystal room (with a Jor-El sticker, though a print would be preferable) Several unique figs based off the party attendants
  11. Good call- A Gotham Energy D2C would be a good place to include them. If I remember correctly none of the remaining villains need new parts, only recolours
  12. Yeah, it'll be 20. There will certainly be less villains this time though. I'm thinking 5 Batman costumes again, at least 1 Batgirl variants (from the Bat Merch gun scene), Nightwing, Black Canary, Hugo, El Dorado, Samurai, Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, Killer Moth, Dr Phosphorus, Crazy Quilt, Clock King, Gentleman Ghost and The Wonder Twins but that's just speculation on my part
  13. Maybe they'll do what they did in the first trailer and give Captain Boomerang a gun
  14. I'm kinda glad we didn't get any Ubers aside from the Witch and her monkeys as they would take up space for actual DC characters. Still, maybe we'll see a couple of them in the CMF
  15. I would be certainly glad if Lego were to release their winter wave in December. It's a lot more convenient for Christmas shopping and considering my birthday is in October it's a shorter time to preserve my funds