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  1. Box art for the set is up on Facebook and shows the 2 sharks.
  2. Ah really nice work! Thank you for the pics :)
  3. Yea, that was a mistake haha. Didn't see it until I uploaded the pictures, but there were no issues with this variant. I like the way you built it better so I will change it back to the original build when I get home.
  4. Built my second AT-AT and modified both with some of the Sand Blue / DBG pieces. Now I need to build the third one pfff :p
  5. The Ideas sets: The winner: So the winner just got revealed. Didn't know where else to make the topic so feel free to replace it if needed.
  6. I've already mentioned this before but since the discussion is up again I will say it again: there is a MF UCS coming this year. The price point (from what I got as info) will be higher than the Death Star from last year (around 700€).
  7. As I've got a few questions about the sets and if I can say anything more specific thing about them. Well I don't want to do that direct, but I can tell you guys that everything BZPower says is correct and that the above quote should give you enough info about half of the wave. ;) On a personal note: The sets intrigued me so much that I'm even interested in buying older sets while before Ninjago didn't bother me at all.
  8. I can still see them as well.
  9. That actually looks really cool haha. I like how the playfeature is not visible. Also, yea that Rathar set just asks for modification which is disappointing as it is the 'biggest' SW set of the wave (not counting the Freemakers).
  10. Would be a good idea, but then you would need like 12 sets haha.
  11. Yea that would most likely be the case. THis should also give us the option to make it bigger by buying multiple sets.
  12. Took the time to take closer looks at the sets and watch some videos about it. Just2Good mentioned something that I didn't see before and that is the possible option to add on other or multiple of the same sets. This is interesting as you could buy at least 3 and make a 1/4 - 1/2 of the ship. What do you guys think?
  13. I would love to confirm everything, but I think we've already gave too much info that is/was clasified. I get that people would like to see more and get set descriptions etc. but those will come in due time. I think it's better to focus more on the summer sets and the images for that. All the speculation, questions and wishlisting will only get this thread derailed.
  14. There is a Poe Dameron set, so maybe you haven't seen it but there will be a set containing him and a vehicle. As for the Kylo Ren set: you people can guess what vehicle is in that set it's already been 'guessed' here and there were some (spoiler) pictures of it a while back. ;)