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  1. Yea, sort of, but having 'real' confirmation always makes people here happy :p
  2. CMF series 2 confirmed by SvL in the DC thread for January 2018.
  3. At least it's not something people are waiting for. I've never even heard of this character before but I guess it makes a good SDCC exclusive. Curious to see what this will be worth after the event.
  4. It's in a City set in the Winter Wave.
  5. Trying to make a park moc so was wondering if this set fits on a 32x32 baseplate? If someone already placed it on one, can you share the picture? :)
  6. Really digging all those new minifig pieces! Closeups look way better than in the first pictures.
  7. I like these kind of pieces. Gives you more ways to pose your minifigs :)
  8. The first 2 look really good, but don't like the Reverse Flash set. Great minifigs tho. Unfortunate no dual molded or printed legs for any expect WW. New pieces or just recolored?
  9. It has the same price here as the Phantom 2 so it's probably the same price as that one in dollars.
  10. These are exactly my thoughts expect for the fact that I already have Hux so I can skip that set. I maybe even buy the Speeder at a discount for the new Finn and Rose.
  11. It looked like that and now I'm seeing it again I still kinda like it, but the price is meh. €40 is a lot for such a small set.. Same goes for the First Order Heavy Scout Walker which is just horrendous and luckily doesn't include 'exclusive' minifigs (I know it technicaly does, but no new characters).
  12. It's €130 in the Netherlands :( Luckily I don't need it, but it's a shame that we never get a welcome suprise.
  13. Yea, most of the times the upcoming movies are blacked out (like the Justice League boxes on display last year at some convention), but I'm not the one who have seen the catalog (yet :p). Wouldn't count on seeing images for those until November/December (Infinity War that is, I would assume the BP sets come out in the winter as the movie releases early February). The SW Last Jedi sets were blacked out in the catalog that came out in January/February and I think the first leaks for that came in May/June. Still I would like to see some new Spiderman sets like the Ultimate Spider-Man subtheme we had, but then with the new series. I still need that Mysterio, Lizard, Kingpin, Big fig Rhino and some heroes. But yea, that's a discussion for another time..
  14. It's probably blacked out. Maybe the BP sets are in the retailer catalog, but I doubt it since they give away potential spoilers.