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  1. In Germany I suppose? Good thing ToysRus holland uses German prices. To the others regarding the spoilers: I think he meant the Snoke spoilers everybody is talking about.
  2. The 75191 Jedi Starfighter set just listed on The Netherlands. The price is a whopping €119.99.. Germany will probably have it for €109.99, but it should give you guys an idea.
  3. Ah so soon, but yes this entire wave is excellent :)
  4. Best set of 2016! Best playset of 2016! Best boxart of 2016! Best instructions of 2016! Or my most favorite: Most and best efficient packaging in a SW set of 2016!
  5. Thought I was on FB XD But yeah, it's okay if it's real. Don't really mind these collectible figs with stands as long as they give us more in the future (with uncommon figures).
  6. Well a Scarif trooper would be nice, but would rather see something more special. Couldn't find any news / rumors on the Scarif trooper though so I would like to see that picture.
  7. I know, but there weren't Super Hero sets when those came out and if you're mass producing them right now, why not put them in more themes.
  8. I think that Mysterio is a very likely option due to the fact that they can use the Ninjago Movie mold for the dome.
  9. It's supposed to be 20 pounds. Amazon UK has just posted the SW Annual 2018 book and it comes with an Imperial Gunner (the same as in the Battlepack and UCS Death Star). Release is oktober 5th for 7.99 pounds.
  10. Did you manage to modify 2 sets into 1? I'm actually thinking about doing the same so that it is more 'Minifig scale'. Would be cool to see if you already did it.
  11. Are there any people who have modified 2 castles into one? I've been searching for it online, but couldn't find anyone who tried to modify it other than putting in some lights and/or putting it on a baseplate with some layout.
  12. Ah yea, that one was highly improvised and only came as I wanted to at the very end (which is why it's not really on the pictures). I will try to make some better ones later this week, but it is indeed different than on the first pictures.
  13. Which section do you mean? The first 3 pictures are exactly how I did it :p