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  1. Something which I am working on as time permits - not much time though :(
  2. Anyone interested can grab the LDD file here: http://www.bricksafe.com/files/m2m/star-trek/TNG_Ten_Forward03.lxf
  3. That's great !
  4. Wow ! That's some great F1 cars. The stickers really let them stand out and make them perfect !
  5. I like the colors and the back of the concept more then the production version. It's however more difficult to build in Lego.
  6. Thanks for your opinion. I will have a look on how to lower. Getting rid of the half studs would definitely do something. But I had it without before and I felt it look to 'fatty' :-)
  7. I am not so familiar with brickset.com, so not sure how reliable they are but they list the baseplate as white and blue among other colors: http://brickset.com/parts/design-30029
  8. Let me check how to lower the hood, but it maybe difficult. Maybe I have to lower the air scoops too in order to accomplish. Regarding color: except for the air scoops (15547) which aren't available in blue unfortunately are there any other illegal colors. And would their be a tool to check a LDD file for this ? Thanks again !
  9. Thanks for taking the time to build and coming back with feedback. Concerning weak connections... yeah its always tricky when you build virtual with LDD and don't have the physical parts to validate. I updated the whole front (among other changes) and hope its a little sturdier. How about the roof ? I had some doubts if the roof would hold tight agains the chassis. I also added Speed Champions style doors (left one) and removed the seat in the LDD file - which I also attach: http://bricksafe.com/files/m2m/BMW_i8_02.lxf I welcome any feedback
  10. Thats two of these: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=50943#T=C
  11. Thanks for the nice feedback ! I edited the original post to include a link to the LDD file. Would love to see it IRL. If you build it send some pictures :)
  12. This is my BMW i8 in Lego LDD for comparing the original car; Hope you like it and feedback welcome. LDD file here: http://www.bricksafe.com/files/m2m/BMW_i8_01.lxf
  13. This ! Looks looks great !
  14. Thanks for the feedback. May adjust / enhance it as time permits. Great bridge by the way. Care to share the LDD file ?