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  1. I'm never going to look at Baze the same way now, and that's all your fault :) These 6 wouldn't have been my picks except for Tom Savini but Bistan is pretty solid.
  2. Wow that's really great! I binge watched the serie not too long ago and it's loved it too. Your Captain Flint is pretty top notch, and I also like your clever use of slave Leia haha. You managed to make all the characters recognisable, great job! ''Easter eggs'' are always funny, Jack sparrow, sponge bob and patrick were a good idea.
  3. It had to accidentaly get it by the Death Star, there's no other way
  4. Yeah the Ghost's shield have mysterious ways: surviving a space bomb run from TIE bombers, getting shot point blank by 3 light cruisers and 2 two thunder strikes that took down 2 AT-ATs in a single strike.
  5. His intervention thwarted the capture of the rebels leaders at the trade off of a single a-wing. That's hardly fair to both sides.
  6. Overall a nice finale, it was a Rebel ship massacre; all they have left in the end is a couple fighters, the Ghost, a hammer head and a corvette. A couple things threw me off though, Bendu being the worst offender. I like how a being so old and considered ''grey'' gives a temper tantrum by getting called a coward, then proceeds to be a deus ex machina of insane proportions. Also Bendu can't be killed but getting AT-ATs firing at him sure as hell did the trick, only it's more conveniant to dissapear when almost dead. It's almost like when you grew up watching OT Yoda and see him fight in the prequels, it kinds of ruins the character. How in hell did they managed to destroy an Interdictor by landing troops and attacking it I have no idea. Constantine was the greatest idiot alive; yeah, let's intercept that big empty ship carrier that has no intention of crashing on us, the only reason they can't escape for the moment. What a retard. I thought governor Pryce wasn't a complete idiot until now, she completly botched the space battle and she lost Kallus. This episode would have been handled so much better if Kanan would have sacrified himself holding off the Death Troopers and Thrawn with some kind of buff given by Bendu, giving enough time for the others to escape under fire of the AT-ATs. Bendu wouldn't have been ruined.
  7. If I'm not mistaken the last 5 man BP Lego produced were in 2011, 853219 and 853301. 3 is not unheard of though, 853176, also in 2011, only included 3 figs for 15 US. But yeah this pack isn't that great, though it offers 3 different characters at least.
  8. Any big ships would be welcomed: something bigger than the Imperial Flagship, 2500 pieces, two row of 12 pounders on the hull and another one on deck. Kind of a Hunter class war ship. They could go spanish this time instead of red coats too. I really wouldn't mind paying 300$ upwards for something like this.
  9. BrickPicker was already going nuts after the Death Star, now this. Add the rumored Falcon and they are going on a nice streak.
  10. By no means is this a bad set, it's extremly detailled, the proportions are nice. It also deserves to get thast UCS stamping and make us forget that 2016 was absolutly terrible for the line. My complaints are geared at things surrounding the set: Lego pushed an absurd amount of snowspeeders throughout the years, making me absolutly sick of them and the price in CAN $ is quite high. It's also based on a previous UCS, which to be fair is 14 years old and is not interesting getting because of the after market price. I'm happy for people that this set makes their day but it's just not my cup of tea.
  11. I've had a similar experience ( still going ) but with Breath of the Wild, the game is really great.
  12. Yeah wave 1 is still widely available, at a discount too depending on your location. On a side note, like VBBN stated, the lego designers working on a potential model are probably frantically searching for any piece of concept art with Rey sporting a full mask helmet. The previous Rey model gives me the creeps.
  13. We'll know April first ( no jokes ) when Lego releases their online calendar for may.
  14. I may be wrong but don't Lego theme lasts 2 years in general, not 3?
  15. The design itself is not bad but there are several issues with it: - Lego fed us up with snowspeeder throughout the years ( one in 2014, yet another in 2016 and a UCS in 2017 ). - This is a remake of an existing UCS set. - I don't usually mind stickers, but that many on a UCS set is a let down. - Sick and tired of named pilots using the same face print. In a UCS set of all things. I'm eagerly awaiting what kind of May of the 4th fig we are gonna get...