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  1. This episode was really good, many cited the fact that empire based episodes are great, but also it's not a damn filler. My only nitpick is that why in hell didn't they beam pulled the escaping shuttle ( there was 3 ISD in the area ) and it was too short :(
  2. From an aesthetic point the theme drags a lot, an awefull lot of sets looks very similar with a few exception in year 2 ( 70353 and 70361 ), big wheeled vehicle with a color associated with the knight and their weapon. And to be fair year 2 Nexo Knights villains color palette is even more drab than Star Wars, I'm looking at you 70352. The quality is good, I don't know if kids love it or not, but I don't see this theme going full Ninjago on us, let's see if the sales justifies this theme going any further than after year 2.
  3. Lego's rendition of these guys are kinda meh, they really needed the side prints and kama cloth pieces. We'll probably see more RO sets in the future but it sucks that no summer sets are based on it.
  4. I went for the X-Wings series on PC and started with TIE Fighter: It's one heck of a badass game, and an extremly punishing one; TIE fighters only have one advantage and that's maneuverabilty, that's it! Even if they don't get shield Interceptors are so much better, insane speed, twice the fire power and can be equipped with missiles. I highly recommend it.
  5. Wow that preview is really nice! Hopefully it will be good, the concerned characters are interesting!
  6. The Lego Batman movie, it is incredibly good! Many laughs to be had when watching this!
  7. I really like the details and design of the rear part of the ship, especially the cabin area. The motherlode of cannons is also impressive but the masts and litteral shell of a structure really doesn't do it for me, especially the nose of the ship which is incredibly gappy. I'll want to see what the ship looks like in the movie but it looks like a case of poor source material. No reason to pop the rhum here for me. :(
  8. The tricky part is that Lego registers your VIP points once the order is shipped. I plan getting a bunch of sets when double VIP kicks in march 6 and the Y-wing and A-wing are already on back order.
  9. Anyone knows if VIP points are affected on back order items? What I mean by this is, if I buy an item during a period where VIP points are doubled, but the item gets shipped after that period, do I still get double points?
  10. I sure love Rebels' mandalorians, you can just stand your ground and shoot at their general direction to get rid of them. And what kind of dog shit plan Saxon just did when he changed the deal with the Wren? He got up there with what I'm assuming an escort of 4 dog shit mandos and threaten to take their daughter? While they offered 2 of the most wanted Jedi criminals the empire is after? You are really sure you have the high ground there buddy? Jesus Christ. That ending really sealed the deal with the blaster shot: I wouldn't have been mad if Sabine was shot dead, this would have enticed some kind of emotional drive for the rest of the crew, but no, bad guy dead, I must leave now to not become their leader, ''what are next''. I can't wait to see how they are going to mess up Thrawn, because apparantly he's only given something to do in the opening and finale. This show is the definition of frustrating at the moment.
  11. From all I've seen with these sets the most appealing stuff is the bounty hunter battle pack and the constraction figures. I also warmly applaud the Freemakers sets, as they take 2 big sets slots and managed to include at least 1 mini-fig that's gonna sell 25$ on the secondary market. At least the winter sets are nice!
  12. If Thrawn over looks the fact that they just killed the imperial Mandalorian leader and that house Wren defected he would be an absolute idiot if he's surprised for them to attack. Let's wait and see I guess.
  13. Yep, she leaves the crew and won't be their leader. What was the point of Sabine then? Even side characters are falling apart. Jeez I can't wait now that this 2 episode arc about an irrelevent character has ended, they'll be able to focus on Thrawn plotting his next plan to let the Rebels escape. Who the heck is writting this?
  14. Finn fighting in a floating wheelchair would be nice. He'll turn morbidly obese by episode IX and will demand to be called Baron Harkonnen. There's your antagonist for the next trilogy. In all seriousness though I really don't like the new box art; Force Awakens and Rogue One nailed it but this one is barely stylised... and white and red?
  15. I really wish Lego could finally come up with a light stone gray again, which some people mentionned in the other thread. It's really nitpicking but Fuppylodders is right about the cockpit section and lenght. It's sure nice for people wanting a UCS version of this ship without having to dish out the extravagant amount of money for it but here's a couple things going agaisn't this set. - Lego over saturated the snowspeeder market to a point where TFOLS and AFOLS are fed up with the design. Heck even kids back in 2014 could get one. - The new model sure is more streamlined but the old one aged very well, unlike the old Interceptor and the likes. I've got both models side by side on imgur and the difference between the two is quite minimal ( more greebling, changed the front part, less square? ( even though the ship has a square shape ). - It's yet another makeover. Let's sneak up 500 more pieces and skyrocket the price. ( Death Star anyone? ) It's a good looking set for sure, but anything since 2016 screams lazyness with UCS.