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  1. Another jump in prices for BPs is really not good news: they also started doing the same stuff with Lego City by reducing the number of figs included in their starter packs. The only good thing that could come of it is if they start doing more variety stuff like the god sent Bounty Hunter BP.
  2. It's a cheap way to get them but you can already get them cheap via bricklink. It's just superfluous. I'm going on a wild guess and say maybe some of the ''confirmed'' figs are LDD place holders for something else.
  3. Let's see how the movie holds up first before buying these, but the scout walker looks interesting! It really sucks we don't get Luke though... Kylo Ren's TIE is also very nice looking, and probably has the strongest mini-fig line up IMO.
  4. It's gonna be hard to top the original, easily one of the best SW constraction figure. I'm very happy we are getting Boba Fett, let's hope it's a bit more elaborated than Jango.
  5. Jesus Christ this thread....
  6. It wasn't a variant approved and officially used for the Imperial navy.
  7. The shot with Bib Fortuna in the turret genuinely made me laugh, nice job hahaha.
  8. It's not the hazard, Disney has an agenda to push. I'm up for ''diversity'' in movies, when it makes sense and the characters have a background and not forced. Unlike Disney is doing right now with God sent Rey.
  9. What is considered ''best mini fig'' anyway? Pure aesthetics? Source material? Popularity of the character?
  10. How about a 100$ they are going to shoe horn Emila Clarke as the de facto lead of the movie? Kennedy may be a control freak but I don't think she was involved alone in this, Lawrence Kasdan wanted them gone hard and probably pushed her. Screw Disney either way. @AyliffeMakit Oh my god that trailer, can they shove their agenda any deeper please? George must be laughing hard at his fans giving him shit for the prequels, look at this landfill...
  11. I'm extremly envious of the quality of sets Ninjago keeps scoring. Good for you guys! I'll return to mumbling in my corner because Bespin aint ever happenning.
  12. No.2 and No.12. Great work guys!
  13. Wulfwarro because of all the new Rebels characters he had to be immortalized in mini-fig form.