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  1. I disagree, I was wet from trepidation when Obi-Wan came out of hyper space near Kamino.
  2. For that pricing and mini-figs line-up they could have released Jango's Slave 1. The set looks like on what it's based on, the ship is nailed on and the stud shooters are easily removable. I get they had to include the ring for the piece count but that doesn't look too exciting IMHO. Didn't Obi-wan just had a star fighter set release though? It seems a bit redudant... Apart for the two battlepacks this summer wave is really boring.
  3. Poor pilot, he can't see a thing in that cockpit! :O
  4. I'm ready to beleive the theme will only last 2 years. Straight up removing the summer wave seems silly.
  5. I said my numbers were give of take 10$, which are similar to VaderFan. Both are plausible.
  6. This is adjusted by comparing DKK retail prices with US$. Take this with a margin of error of 10$. 75176 - 40$ 75177 - 50$ 75179 - 80$ 75187 - 90$ 75188 - 100$ 75189 - 110$ 75190 - 140$ This looks like one heck of an expesinve wave, similar to TFA. Strangely one of the constraction figure is going to be priced 5$ than the rest.
  7. Nope, themes lasts 2 years, sometimes even less. Sales must have been satisfying but not amazing. I'm really hopefull that something interesting will come out of all this.
  8. ''I really hope it's not an ESB reboot intensifies''
  9. I'm glad I only payed 40$ for Takodana, the figs are really nice but the build is really underwhelming.
  10. Brickpickers must be shitting bricks right now. Thanks a million for the info!
  11. UCS B-wing was 50% off the online Lego store when they decided to retire it. I also remember Toys R Us and Wallmart selling their remaining Tumblers and Ewok village at like 30% off. Currently Assault on Hoth is 10% on
  12. I finally got Battle on Takodana for 45$ CAN + taxes from amazon. I wasn't going to pay nearly 90$ for this.
  13. The Hobbit trilogy killed almost any hype in regards to the Tolkien universe in my opinion. It made an indecent amount of money at the box office but I don't know if the sets sold well, If I remember correctly they didn't stay on shelves very long. I guess the frustrating part is that what was offered from Lego in the original trilogy isn't really complete, and thus collecting everything is less appealing.
  14. ''Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Stash2Sixx the Moderator? I thought not, it's not a story shit posters would tell you. It's an Eurobricks legend. Stash was a moderator on Eurobricks, so powerfull and wise he could chamber users... to create clean threads. He had such knowledge of moderating that he could even keep the threads he cared about from dying. The ways of moderating is a pathway to many abilities some consider unfair. He became so powerfull... the only thing he was afraid of was losing the 2017 Star Wars Pictures and Rumors thread, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunatly he taught Eurobricks everything he knew, then the users shit posted him out of his position. It's ironic he could save save threads from death, but not hilmself.''