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  1. I also had that in mind, then made the fatal mistake of creating a mini-fig wish-list on bricklink and stumbled on a store with everything relativly cheap. ''Hello Pay-Pal my old friend''
  2. I saw an obscure toys r us add that it was a give away with 40$ purchase on Star Wars lego that lasts a week ( ending may 25th ) in Canada. I visited my local store and they didn't had any. In the US I believe you could get them at Lego Land. That hardly sounds widely available in NA, I'm gonna wait and see...
  3. Favorite 2016 set of the year would make the most sense I think. Maybe dividing it into 3 categories, constraction figures, battlepacks and regular sets ( UCS included ) and make a poll with elimination rounds.
  4. Erm I'm really hoping this finds its way on the official lego online shop; R3-M2 is still illusive for NA.
  5. Yeah I don't know about Slave Leia, it's still one of the most sought after mini-fig on average, Disney sure owns the general license but I don't think they would go after Lego if they wanted to remake the mini-fig and spit on some basically free cash. But hey, the bounty hunter BP hapenned so anything is possible :P
  6. Trust me when I say that I had those exact thoughts. Plus I wanted 2014 Jabba's palace and the Rancor Pit. I went with the third option, bricklinked a couple mini-figs of each sets to make up for it. Just remember that all of the starwars sets are bound to be remade at some point and are mostly better models than the previous, which mini-figs aside 6210 is an odd ball. I really doesn't like the nose of the 2014 barge.
  7. That set sure provides a really cheap way for a good Vader and Emperor figs. Mine would go for the Bounty Hunters BP, and the NOOOOO! set second. The rest of the wave is pretty boring, except maybe for hover tank for clone war enthusiasts.
  8. They did get back on track but generally speaking the only over the top detailed mini-figs from the top of my head are 2014 Luke, 2014 Veers and I still hate the old Obi Wan's face from 2014 onward.
  9. Jesus I'm glad they got rid of that Luke's face, it's I think that Dash Rendar looks awesome except for the hair color, it would look much better in light brown.
  10. Not considered ''Lego'' per say but I gave Brickarms a shot and bought some gun models + blaster pack. Let's see how it goes :)
  11. I get their criticism about certain aspects of Rogue One. I listenned to their live commentary track of it and they explain better their views on some criticism. Sure some of it is over cynical in the video but there are different ways of enjoying star wars. Rogue One put a lot of emphasis on ships, weapons and battle, a more technical aspect that I enjoy a lot. Their complain as more to do about some of the characters; Jynn doesn't get a proper back story in between she's a little girl and locked up, and how the story goes. The whole Eadu section could have been swapped for giving more time to the characters and Scariff could have been a plan to infiltrate the facility mission impossible style up until things go awry and cue in the Rebel Fleet and the on the ground battle. That would have been better, since honestly the Eadu act is somewhat of a drag.
  12. Thing is Vader isn't a new fig. I have to go with the Death Trooper specialist.
  13. I just got a look at the design of Kylo Ren's TIE and it's lazy! They basically copy pasted the cockpit of a TIE phantom and snapped the wings of the main line of TIE advanced from the EU. The ship looks good but damn...
  14. Some really good deals this year; I already picked up most of what I wanted earlier with the last double VIP but I picked up just enough to get the poly pag. ( Desert skiff + discounted imperial BP )
  15. Finally completed Tie Fighter on hard with most secret objectives. That game sure takes a while to complete, but man I love that game. The story and gameplay are both very compelling, but I wished they could remaster it, orchestrate the midi soundtrack, speed up the lasers and linking the damn ion and laser cannons on the gunboat and TIE Defender. I'm also a bit less pissed at Thrawn having the admiral ranking in mini-fig form; the guy was still a bad-megablocks back then. I'm gonna pray hard we get something Rebels related for Season 4 in Lego form.