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  1. One of the unfortunate downfalls of the new style red clutch gear is that it is not compatible with the 16 tooth end of that differential..
  2. My Toys R Us has some of the 2017 sets on their shelves already..
  3. Awesome mini models..! Very nice work..!
  4. The Porsche had 1 x 11 orange liftarms in it.. I used some of the 1 x 11 liftarms from the Porsche in a new car that I recently built..
  5. Can't tell if those are silver or not.. Could just be LBG.. Speaking of rare parts, I noticed that the 42060 set has the very rare 9L orange liftarms in it..
  6. Got the video uploaded... Also added it to the first post..
  7. Looking good..! Lots of great ideas..! I had to put 1/2 bushings in as limiters on the axle my gear rack slides on so that it stops right before the point where the CV joints begin to fail when steered..
  8. Those areas are flat because they are supposed to be flat as they are either connecting another curved panel or are transitioning towards one.... You also said it had "A lot" of Vampire GT DNA, so that is why I asked what other areas besides the angled panels in the front you were referring to. You're right though, everyone has their own taste.. For example, there are a lot of build techniques that you and some other builders use that I would never do..
  9. You think the body design feels too easy..? Seriously..? The only area of this model that remotely has anything in common with my Vamp GT are angled panels in the front.. The entire rest of the car is completely different and is using parts that didn't even exist when I designed the Vamp in 2012.. As far as having 3 beams stacked in a few areas goes, would you say this is something that you never do on your models..? Like that Ferrari that you recently posted..? I didn't use the rarest orange parts like bushings, 3L pin with bushing, or any 9L liftarms.. As far as instructions go, I honestly don't know.. I'll have to see if Eric is up for it..
  10. Great work my friend..!
  11. It's been a busy 2016 for me, but I managed to get a supercar completed.. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think that it is my best work that I've done so far.. It is based around the sequential 4 speed AWD chassis that I posted last month which has been redesigned for this new model.. I tried to come up with some new uses for the new panels from the 42056 Porsche.. Everything seems to work pretty flawlessly..
  12. I would call it an 80 MPH RC car with a LEGO body.. If people are going to boast about their achievements with LEGO, then I would expect the conquest has been made entirely with LEGO(or at least the keys to that achievement have been accomplished with LEGO).. That LEGO air-powered-car is another fine example of tricking the masses considering the entire chassis and other parts of it are not made of LEGO...
  13. That there is pretty freaking awesome..!
  14. Nice job..! I've been trying to get a perfect working sequential shifting mechanism for about 2 years now.. And while I am not big fan of the bands, I just couldn't find a solution that gave a nice forceful snap back of the shifter like the silicon bands did..