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  1. Nathanael's Predator is an excellent car to build considering he is a former designer for the LEGO Technic team and his model follows all of the guidelines that are expected from an official model.. The best place to get parts from is or you can also order them from LEGO's Bricks & Pieces section on their Shop-at-Home page..
  2. Very Nice Job..!
  3. This has been an interesting read.. Here is my thought on this subject after having watched AFOL Technic building evolve online over the last 15 or so years... Build what you want, any way that you want, but just don't expect everyone to accept your final product with open arms... In the last few years, I have been trying to build about as pure as I can, (Mainly not using any chromed wheels for eye candy) and I still get hate because I don't like to motorize everything that I build.. Is this critique going to force me to change my style for future builds..? Absolutely not.. I like to build what I think is interesting...
  4. I think this model is also using parts that are not in the 42039 set.. For example, there are no 3L universal joints in the 42039..
  5. I think that It's cool to see guys modify mocs to fit their own preference.. I've been working on some of my own upgrades, such as new headlights, a black roof with removable T-Tops, a new lower Spoiler with 3rd brake light, different seats, and larger rear tail lights..
  6. There is also a light missing on top.. Probably got bumped around during shipping... You would think they would properly display their models at a prestigious show like this..
  7. Looks good..! Not a real big fan of a universal joint floating out there like this though..
  8. Unfortunately because the car has both front drive as well as steering, this is as far as the car can be steered before the cv joints begin to bind up within the hubs.. What he said..
  9. I am not throwing a party for the guy that built it, I just thought that it was interesting to see in white.. To be honest if it were not for all of the threads here with people using 3rd party parts in their models including non Lego tires, motors, stickers, and 3D printed parts, I would have never posted these pics in this thread.. I completely agree with you with not wanting to get non Lego parts mixed into my inventory as I only use Lego and no 3rd party stuff, but this is something that people are just going to have to look out for now since these knock off Lego sets are getting so popular.. Since you called me out on this subject, let me ask you a question.. Have you ever "Celebrated" a model that you've built that used a non-authentic Lego part..?
  10. Brendan Low managed to build the model in white using some help from a Decool Porsche set..
  11. You're right.. I am surprised no one has mentioned this before.. Instead of a black pin holding that 1 x 1 round connector in place, it should be a 3L dark blue gray axle pin so that the axle end of it fits into the bush end of the 3L black pin on the following page.. We added these parts( 1 x 1 round connector and black pin) at the very end(not even on my original build) because I was concerned that people may place the differentials incorrectly and then when they finished the model, nothing would be turning.. I am very surprised that no one has mentioned this before considering I have seen pictures of numerous completed models..
  12. nychase just informed me that there are orange #3 connectors in one of the new 2017 Nexo Knights sets.. So it looks like there will not be any type of shortage..
  13. You know that and I know that, but the average person(usually someone who knows very little about Lego) doesn't know this.. I can't tell you how many people that I have talked to at various shows that would ask: "Can you build me a 19XX >insert car name here<?" Then I say "Yes" And they say "How much would it cost?" Then I say "Well you're looking at least in the $400 range just for the parts and that doesn't count my time for the development" Then they say "That's Crazy" and walk away When I get emails about commissioned projects and reply back with the part cost, I usually never hear back.. But there are some people out there with the cash that don't care...
  14. Back when I was designing this model in the fall, I had no idea that the #3 orange connectors were going to be an issue.. When I checked bricklink back in like October/November, there were at least 150 sellers that had dozens of them, now there are under 80 sellers that have them.. Eric had told me that there was a kinetic sculpture that someone built and had instructions for that used over 70 of them.. I probably have about 50 or 60 new ones on hand, so if there is anyone in the U.S. that needs any, shoot me a message or email.. I can also help out my European brothers, but it may be cheaper to get them from a seller closer to avoid the shipping cost..