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  1. Not sure how I got dragged into this.. The only thing I see that Charbel's model has in common with the 42039 besides they are based on the same type of car is that they both have 4 wheels.. From what I can tell, his model is completely original right down to the suspension and gearbox.. Calling this a mod of the 42039 is an insult..
  2. Very Cool..! :thumbup:
  3. The ball was already set into motion loooong before anyone knew anything about the 42056 Porsche...
  4. Here are 2 pictures of the remote controlled "Shop Truck" that i did for them..
  5. Great model PaweĊ‚..! You are a master..! :thumbup:
  6. I have been sworn to secrecy.. In my opinion, the model is too modified with custom painting to be featured anywhere but maybe on an auto website.. I am not a guy that likes to paint parts for appearance.. Chrome wheels is my extent.. This was a special one-off project by myself and Count's Kustoms.. Those wheels were actually a darker chrome, but they do have a sort of blue tint to them.. Plus they were reflecting the blue color of the mat that the model was sitting on.. My own local news would not even cover it.. There seems to be much politics involved because of what stations own what shows..
  7. Thanks for making this thread, it's been pretty hectic this past few weeks and I've been absolutely slammed... If any of you guys want to see the episode that we filmed, Egor has it uploaded here. I had a lot of great guys from all over the world pitch in and help out with this special project, and I had to keep everything silent since last year(which was very difficult to do) This was definitely a unique project and amazing experience that helped get the Technic theme of building some deserved recognition...
  8. Models are fantastic and the parody video was a pleasure to watch.. :thumbup:
  9. I am still trying to pinpoint what is causing these problems between them.. it is very strange having two models built exacty the same right in from of you and both behaving differently..
  10. I bought myself and my wife 42056 sets and after completeing box 1 last night, I found different results between the 2 models.. We both did the anti-friction mod of using 2 bushings instead of the light blue gray pin connector and the gear swap mod in the back.. Here are the results: My model seems to have just a bit more friction when shifted into second gear than it does in first gear.. The other gears are just fine. My model shifts perfectly to 90 degrees everytime with the orange 2L liftarms and doesn't engage 2 gears at once My wife's model seems to have less or just as much friction in second gear than it does first gear(Actually her whole drive train seems to be smoother) My wife's model's shift is always off about 10 to 15 degrees with the orange 2L liftarms and occasionally engages 2 gears at the same time
  11. I wonder what Lego's logic for having D and R switched was.. I can see for a younger child saying, "Ok, forward is forward and backwards is reverse" but seeing as how this set ws targeted at older teens and adults, I really don't get it as it is unrealistic..
  12. Lego could have easily printed the sticker for the shifter the proper way for the model the way that it is.. I mean does it matter which way the engine is rotating for drive or reverse as long as they are opposite from each other..?
  13. I used to watch a series of videos on Youtube called "Will it Blend?" which was basically a scientist looking guy putting various items into an industrial strength blender and chopping them up.. The vids were actually pretty cool.. This one is a bit more disturbing when you see the individuals doing the destruction.. Of course what they are doing is perfectly legal, so unless they are using some copywright music or video, reporting them is unnecessary..
  14. They'll have 100,000 subscribers in a year making videos like this.. I blame AFOL with popular youtube channels who have made videos of themselves smashing and dropping built models onto the ground for giving them ideas.. The more their videos are shared, the more subscribers they'll get.. It's all a shock value tactic.. Which sadly is no different than what our own beloved media uses to make money..
  15. I am convinced at this point that even if the model had gears flying out of it while the user played with it that they would still stand by the design.. I guess they kind of have to since it has been hyped up so much and has the Porsche license attached.. They don't need to admit anything is wrong seeing how they know that the number of people that will never know anything is wrong will outnumber the amount of people who realize there are problems..