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  1. I saw in this thread about a Landon minifigure, was this for real ?? Is it a new set for 2017 or 2018?
  2. Does anyone saw the summer sets in the Netherlands 🇳🇱? I don't know if I can ask this question in this thread.
  3. Can anyone tell me which serie number the "falcon" should have ?
  4. I think this is a great set. Nice minifigures and a good ship. Definitely a first day buy! Has anyone an idea when this is available?
  5. This year is the 40th anniversary of anh. I didn't saw a mynnock in anh, that's why I think it is odd.
  6. $600-$800 ? For the falcon, little overpriced I think ? I think Its odd that we get a mynnock....? I have my doubts if the rumor is true......
  7. Well thank you i found them. And yes they are really blurry
  8. Where can I find those images??
  9. Oh okay, they are already available in the Netherlands.
  10. Which lego sets will available in march ??
  11. Does any one know when the frigate is availabe for sale in the shops?
  12. Who knows when the new Lego sets from rogue one come out ?
  13. This is the biggest disaster of the year
  14. Is it possible that the May the 4th fig is Ashoka from rebels ;) ?
  15. Does vader has the new helmet in the a wing tie fighter set ?