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  1. Thanks, I hadn't seen that image before. The images I saw had the name chopped off.
  2. i can't tell - is it definitely Poe as the last figure in the bomber, or possible someone else?
  3. Dumb question, but I've lost track given all the different regions and releases. Is the A-wing with Lando a Toys R Us exclusive in America? I know it is also available through Lego Online but I want to spend TRU credit if that's that only other retailer that will carry it. thanks
  4. I thought about the resistance officer, but I don't think the hairline looks the same.
  5. Is that Krennic's shuttle in the advent calendar? I wonder if there will be any RO content? I'm wondering if the bare-headed figure on the left side is Cassian or someone else? Usually we get a few named figures in a calendar.
  6. thanks for the advice - I'm a moron btw
  7. What is the thread titled where you're seeing the advent image? I haven't found anything on reddit yet.
  8. I searched that I don't see anything. To be fair, I don't really understand how reddit works, but I'm not seeing it
  9. I know you can't post a link, but I'm searching and I can't find it. Any advice on what to search to see the advent calendar?
  10. Can we tell from the photos revealed so far if the Resistance X-wing will accommodate a standard r2 body?
  11. I think this might have been covered, but I'm wondering if there is a reason that the Resistance X-wing Microfighter wasn't released in January for America? Is it expected to release with the PT/OT stuff in March I believe?
  12. I've got a dumb question. Is there any chance that the winter sets will be release in December based on past release hiatory? I've got some credit that will expire on Dec.31st and I'd like to spend it on a few new sets if possible.