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  1. @Stash2SixxDo you know when said threads will be put up?
  2. Yeah, the lack of a molded head for Snoke is disappointing. Sure, I guess it works on a minifig head, but for someone like Snoke I would've expected a molded piece.
  3. That Kylo fig is awesome. Love the new kind of chequered print on the torso, and his face print is great. Nice to see him with a proper cape now, too. I'm interested to see what Kylo's TIE looks like, odds are this is going to be one of the Day 1 purchases for me.
  4. Unless his face isn't pale like in the holograms, I feel this figure is really quite inaccurate. The scarring is well done, but the fact the fig has a flesh colour kind of ruins it for me. I dunno, maybe he genuinely does look like that, and Snoke in TFA was just kind of like a black and white hologram of how he's supposed to look, but at first glance this fig is one that isn't really high up on my TLJ wishlist.
  5. I feel with Battlefront II well on the way now, I think now would be the optimum time to make another Clone Trooper and Droid Battle Pack. There are 4 classes in the game, so that gives us a nice pack with 4 different troopers/droids. We haven't had one of these packs in a while, now would be a great time to do another one.
  6. After re-watching Episode I recently and watching the Battlefront II gameplay, it surprises me how they've barely covered Naboo. We've had more or less no sets on Theed, except for Duel on Naboo, and even then that's not really a set on Theed. They really should do a UCS on that. They haven't done a Trade Federation ship, either (you know, the ones with the big ball thing in the middle that made up the Naboo blockade, and also served as CIS control ships in the Clone Wars). Honestly, I feel it would make for a great UCS set. You could throw in Nute Gunray, the 2 Jedi and a load of Battle Droids, maybe a Vulture Droid or something, and have the rest be the ship. Honestly, with Battlefront II coming out putting the prequels back in the spotlight again, I feel this would be a great time to release such a set, since they never did it back in 1999 (which is understandable, since they didn't really have the parts to pull off a good model, but still).
  7. Snoke is big and friendly... ;) I'm interested to see as to how they'd handle a Chewbacca buildable fig, I could see it turning out to be big and clunky.
  8. I think we saw boxart and some of the builds at NYTF, yes, not sure if that was everything though.
  9. SVL is a reliable source of info, so if he says that, it's pretty likely it's true, or there abouts anyway.
  10. It looks very real but something sticks out at me that makes me doubt it. Not entirely sure what though.
  11. The two new sets sound promising. I can't say I care for the Boomerang set, since I already have him from the Killer Croc set from last year, as well as the Dune Buggy from the Ra's set which seems to have inspired the vehicle of this set too. The Egghead set sounds very promising though. Assuming the Egghead mech is the one we've already seen, then this should be a good build. The figures sound great, too. Egghead, obviously, is in there, which is great, but Condiment King is even better. I hope he is indeed in this set, because I can't wait to get my hands on him. As for this 2nd CMF series... I can;t believe it, as much as I'd like to. This would supposedly come out about a year after the movie came out, and with the Ninjago Movie hot on its heels, I would've thought they'd give the Ninjago Movie a CMF series rather than TLBM a 2nd one. If it is true, though, I hope for better figures in the second one. While the first one had some good ones, like Red Hood, Nurse Harley, The Eraser, Lobster Lovin' Batman etc, there were a number of figs that really didn't pique my interest at all.
  12. Even if it wasn't, if it's coming out with TLJ wave or in 2018 Winter, it would certainly have moved on from the Deathtrooper art.
  13. Yeah, I think that one is fake, especially if it is using the Rogue One box art - the Episode VIII sets have the image of Rey, Poe and Finn in the top right corner on the box art, not the Deathtrooper.
  14. Even just my local toy store had all the sets outside the Arrowhead and Hyperdrive Ring sets available. I think I'll save the Republic Tank for another time, not really that interesting of a set in my opinion, but not a bad set at all. Still umm-ing and ahh-ing with that Quadjumper, too. On the one hand, I want it, since it's cool, but on the other hand I'm not too keen on its price, nor am I too keen on its pretty boring minifig selection.
  15. Looks good. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the sets tonight.