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  1. http://www.disneyclips.com/imagesnewb/tigger1.html
  2. Maybe Rabbit. Or a butterfly. But I think that Winnie the Pooh should have a honey pot as an accessory.
  3. No, I'm saying that it would be great if this was real CMF series. If this was real, not MOC, it would be great. it - situation if this was real
  4. If this was real, not MOC, it would be great.
  5. TLBM 2 is confirmed? I haven't observed any official confirmation.
  6. Oh yes, I know. And could you, please, say me, when will it be confirmed if there's Disney 2 or not?
  7. Please, say me only thing: Will there ever be Disney2 series or it will be never? I want to get true and veracious answer from the essential source. Please, only this information.
  8. Is it bad asking you when we can vote for this round?
  9. I need to clarify one thing: Disney 2 will be never or it's not going to happen in 2018? Or it's just a fake rumour like it was with ending of LEGO Dimensions?
  10. So when we can expect Disney 2?
  11. So what's the costume series? I think that LEGO Designers said that there's one regular series every year. Please, say, what's the layout?
  12. Does it mean, that it's confirmed, what will be in January 2018?
  13. Please, say when it'll be official.