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  1. Ah, that slang.
  2. Can you, please, explain who are Boomie and Tweety?
  3. A Dimensions series? I've already though about it. It's good idea.
  4. Black Canary
  5. How many series are you going to make?
  6. You're welcome.
  7. I'm starting to think that you're better than actual LEGO Designers.
  8. September 2018 series can be also The LEGO Movie 2.
  9. Please, say only one thing: Will there be Disney S2 ever again? At least, say it when you will know it.
  10. And also witch from east.
  11. So possible series: The LEGO Ninjago Movie 2 The Simpsons 3 Wizard of Oz Minecraft and many many others.
  12. Could you say me, if there's a Story Pack for The LEGO Ninjago Movie? At least, please, tell me, when we'll be able to know it. Thanks.
  13. http://www.disneyclips.com/imagesnewb/tigger1.html
  14. Maybe Rabbit. Or a butterfly. But I think that Winnie the Pooh should have a honey pot as an accessory.