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  1. As a software dev myself, that isn't a thing and doesn't work that way.
  2. I take the wire going to the motor and simply cut it and strip the wires and reverse the two inner wires and use heat shrink tubing to ensure its a good insulated connection. It frees up room in the trains since i dont need a polarity switch.
  3. Its been in stock in the US for almost a month, i ordered 5 a few weeks ago and it still shows in stock
  4. That's what i thought, just wanted to make sure I didn't short something out. Thank you sir for the help!
  5. I bought a used set and the wiring on the train motor was ripped out it looks like, does anyone know where the wires went on the inside of the motor? I used my torx bit to take it apart but cant find a guide to which of the 4 wires go where. I see 2 contacts I can solder new wires onto but where do the other 2 connect?
  6. Not without lots of modification to the battery pack as you would need to introduce a charging circuit with protection. If you aren't experienced in this I would suggest against it as exploding batteries aren't much fun.