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  1. Even if I think that the value indeed would increase, I very much doubt that the new version would reach the same secondary value as the last one, I think this will finally punctuate lego investment on a bigger scale, but updating (rereleasing) old USC, it sends a signal that buying lego to accumulate money is not safe, at least not in the long run. If I bought one like these purely for investment, I probably sell it after 5-6 years to be sure I would get rid of it before a new version came again... It will be interesting how much the value of 10179 will drop within a year from the new USC release
  2. Well I just have to save up to buy the Mynock (if it's included) on BL and eventually any exclusive mini figures if they look like they worth it, so 100 euros should due.
  3. So this counts as an absolute confirmation no?
  4. Question is if one can call lego and ask if they can hold an order and ship all together?
  5. Well, I think a Scarif Trooper battle pack will be likely for next year, so Im a bit hesitate to start army building them at the present price level at BL. BTW I saw that this thread was started 25th may last year, but did the first rumor come that very same day as well?
  6. Looks nice but I cannot figure what pieces you are using
  7. Well I think you get a bit biased depending on how long and how much you have collected, for me who have almost all minifigures and many of the more central vehicles in the star wars saga, repetition is not something I like
  8. 2017 does not seem to be a good year for lego so far, especially not in terms of giving us new mini figures, boring lego! At least as someone said earlier, they were kind to give us the best set very cheap, the bounty hunter battle pack
  9. Maybe not if you buy in a store, at least i know that the Stockholm brand store will give them out as long as they are in stock, so let's hope that not to many people will make purchases early ;)
  10. Yepp, there were more newer sets than would seem likely, I also thought they would do more clearance sells, but except the X-wing and Falcon, the rest are fairly new stuff. Buying a couple of battle on scarif seems like a nice idea, just sad the R3-M2 is not until the day after
  11. In France as well I saw on hothbricks, so then very likely the whole EU region
  12. what happened with the link from star wars celebration with the presentation from George Lucas?
  13. If it will, and the rest of the figures are not new except maybe a Hoth Leia, then the BL price will probably be at least 50 euro for a Mynock. And to army build Mynocks... If one is included that is...
  14. Do we? Two years ago it was only Sith Infiltrator, last year only the rebel frigate set
  15. We should get that Trump hair with a Kassius Konstantine figure