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  1. Now when you mention it, can't help to mention that a background story on Palpatine would be the greatest! It would be even darker than anything SW made before
  2. I don't get it, the only thing I can see is that he spell weird wrong so am I missing something? So far I'm pretty unimpressed by the TLJ wave, think the R1 last year was much better!
  3. last few pages have been hilarious, surley Im an SW fan like anybody else but this guy is not leaking fake stuff that destroy somebodies life. He feeds on peoples anger in situations like this, so just don't give him the attention please
  4. That sounds like a very optimistic calculation, by the odds, lego will likely redo a character
  5. Thanx a lot!
  6. Thanx for answering, well that was kind of what I thought. Well what they could do is like have a limit amount of purchase on special items, such as animals or mini figure related parts to avoid exploitation... But then, is this forum, updating you mini figures the main kind of "word of mouth" source around?
  7. Do anyone know the best way to keep an update on new pieces that comes on pick a brick? Not pick a brick, sorry bricks and pieces
  8. I'm not talking about eurobricks in general, just this specific thread, which is called "picture and rumors", not "anything you feel like"
  9. I think this threat would be better if each person hade a comment limit of let's say 20 comments a year (that's still pretty generous) because there is so much nonsense in this threat, I just wanna see leaks, that's all...
  10. Come to think about it, why wasn't the first one called friday awakens, and the coming one, last friday ;)-
  11. If the usual place is reddit, then no... check previous linking site from me
  12. There is two more pictures of the interior of the Resistance Bomber and the First order star destroyer
  13. Not the rob that is the main problem, it's the head