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  1. It's always a risk to buy a set for a mini figure, they can always show up again and in multiples. I bought the first new Chewie on evil bay for like 20 euros, today when he's in like 5 different ones, u get him for a fiver. That's one reason why I often check this rumours forum, to avoid the sometime unnecessary extra cost of buying a single fig on BL.
  2. 4-lom and Bossk looks fantastic, i'm still surprised that it's gonna be a new head mold in a BP, it's the first time they do it right? But it's good to be unpredictable, more of this please!
  3. I liked it too, but for many other AFOLs I think they morn the development of USC turning from mostly display builds to playset, a development that I personally on the contrary encourage
  4. You can get it for around 4-5 euros from BL, then probably 1-2 euros extra with shipping.. that's pretty reasonable
  5. That's good to hear, after last years disappointment it terms of generic figure polybags, it's time to revive the likes of Yularen and Darth Revan
  6. Yes, they can't even say anything about the snow speeder yet (can't say or don't know, not sure) and that is going to be released within 2 months. Generally they don't seem to get much info at all at before hand or at least not be allowed to tell. In end of september, just like 2 days before force friday, I asked them to confirm the promo figure and the 3x VIP points, but they couldn't.
  7. Maybe he makes the kind of "face" more than once in his life... just saying...
  8. Hope not, at least not for now, it's already irritating enough that most of the PT and OT sets released this year are re-releases, at least not sets that are less than 8 years old...
  9. btw, true that as well!
  10. Why program a droid to have a gender? if it's not made to look like a humanoid, it feels pretty useless
  11. At least Hothbricks gave out a warning of purchasing it second hand for the expensive price it goes for right now and said it will be available through legostore soon, then how soon is the only question
  12. What I know in Sweden and probably rest of Europe,it's only TRU so in this case the A-wing, the rest you can find everywhere
  13. TLG is not consistent when it comes to brick build figures, sometimes they are counted as figures and sometimes they are not...
  14. And again, that depend on the taste, the movie at least got 6.5 on IMDB, but I think it should have been getting more, but a lot of people probably just want the normal shoot barfight duel kind of western at this movie was too advanced for them...